Season 1 Episode 11

Mind of the Machine

Aired Unknown Apr 07, 1984 on CBS

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  • Seems to get better with every episode.

    As the first season of Airwolf winds down, it seems that the production staff, writers and cast are hitting full stride.

    Instead of a well written flying shoot 'em up, we get a well written storyline, plus a terrific shoot 'em up finale. The plot has Hawke testing an Airwolf simulation pod for training purposes. The wrinkle comes when a mole at the test facility plugs into the real Airwolf's computer system and copies every bit of data from its memory. Now a foreign power will have the capacity to clone the super helicopter.

    As the enemy agents attempt to escape the U.S. with the computer tapes, Hawke chases their chopper down in Airwolf. Although vastly inferior to Airwolf, the enemy's aircraft can, by interpreting Airwolf's data, anticipate Hawke's every tactical move and beat him to the punch--until Stringfellow performs one task that gives him the edge. A fun and exciting skirmish which in the end leaves our favorite combat helicopter "hoisting the trophy." Great viewing!