Season 2 Episode 3

Moffett's Ghost

Aired Unknown Oct 06, 1984 on CBS
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In the midst of it's key part in delivering and collecting a leading American scientist to top secret sanctions aimed at cooling international tensions with Russians, Airwolf develops a seeming computer virus in it's systems, which periodically takes pilot control and makes it a potential killing machine in the air. The systems have been taken over buy a "time-bomb" left by the chopper's evil creator, Dr. Moffett, who has programmed it to begin the deadly behaviour if not given it a recognition code by him at that time.moreless

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  • Another great story plot

    Once again, this episode was just loaded with so many little golden caveats.

    First, Moffett\\\'s computer bug wasn\\\'t isolated to Airwolf, but also infected NORAD. Airwolf alone couldn\\\'t have triggered NORAD computer\\\'s bug of signalling false bleeps because Airwolf\\\'s computer isn\\\'t tied to NORAD\\\'s computer.

    Second, Archangel to plan a seize or destroy plan with the computer whiz but sneaking past Hawke and Santini, as well as Hawke\\\'s and Santini\\\'s distrust of Archangel reaffirms that their friendship that have for one another is all within the confines of their \\\"deal\\\" they have with each other. Outside of their \\\"deal,\\\" they are willing to backstab each other. So all their pleasant greetings, invitations to the cabin, knowing each other personally, etc. means nothing in the end for all of them. Such a sad meaning of real relationships, but so real to what the real world is like.moreless
Jan-Michael Vincent

Jan-Michael Vincent

Stringfellow Hawke

Alex Cord

Alex Cord

Michael 'Archangel' Coldsmith-Briggs III

Ernest Borgnine

Ernest Borgnine

Dominic Santini

Robin Riker

Robin Riker

Dr. Karen Hanson

Guest Star

Donald Hotton

Donald Hotton

Dr. Roger Burton

Guest Star

David Hemmings

David Hemmings

Dr. Charles Henry Moffett

Guest Star

Deborah Pratt

Deborah Pratt


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Moffett's full name (ungiven in the Pilot) is confirmed here as Dr. Charles Henry Moffett.

    • As Airwolf shuttles the U.S. scientist to the secret meeting in Siberia, Russia, you see them leave the frozen tundra of Alaska, then see the ice cliffs of Siberia, only to view them land on a warm sandy beach, with no ice or snow, obviously filmed on a southern Californian coast.

    • When Dr Hansen is watching the video clip of Archangel, she's using a 5.25" floppy disc. There's no way a disc of that capacity could hold a full screen 30 second video!

    • Right at the end after the crew believe they've rid Airwolf of Moffett's Ghost, you see the Auto Pilot light begin to illuminate - but the panel doesn't have any snow and ice on it like everything else in the cockpit.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • (Watching Moffett's final will and testament on Airwolf's computer)
      String: [Can't] we shut him off?
      Dr. Hansen: Moffett foresaw that he might lose control of Airwolf. He protected himself like this. He really was a genius, you know.
      String: [pause] Twisted genius.
      Dom: Gives me the creeps. [It]'s like a ghost. Whoever heard of a "haunted" helicopter?

    • (after failing to fix Airwolf's computer in the lair)
      Dom: I'm sorry, String. I'm over my head with this.
      String: You're okay, just....
      Dom: Old-timer? Come on, why don't you finish the sentence?
      String: Hey, you worked the keyboard just fine. Especially for a guy who crank started his first car.
      Dom: I'll crank start you!
      String: [laughs] You know I can't even type a letter. [both laugh]

    • (Moffet's program takes over Airwolf, and it fires upon an aircraft)
      Dominic: We just killed that crew, String!
      String: It was a drone - a target plane.

  • NOTES (3)