Season 2 Episode 11

Random Target

Aired Unknown Dec 08, 1984 on CBS

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  • Nothing In The Desert, But If You Look Carefully, There's Gold...

    Dom and Hawke are helping a friend of Hawke's do some arial stocking filming in the desert. After Hawke's friend gets killed and several other criminal activities, Hawke and Dom looks over the filming they did of the desert over and over and over. They find nothing. They fall asleep. They're bored. But nothing. Only after a more careful review do they find it.

    This episode, ironically, is exactly the same. This episode is pretty much a desert in terms of story plot. But the hidden gem is not in found in the up-front story plot, but in the smaller substories. Like the fact that Caitlin is receiving more training in flying Airwolf. And while Caitlin is anxious to be a co-pilot of Airwolf, Dom stresses to her that she is 3rd string behind Hawke and Dom.

    This is also the first of many more appearances of Anne Lockhart. In this episode, she and Hawke are beginning to warm up to each other. In another episode, she is casted as an old flame of Hawke.

    Unfortunately, there isn't much character development of the bad guy in this episode. The main focus is on the investigation itself and the growing romantic tension between Hawke and Lockhart's character.