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  • Looks intresting.

    i just finished watching Airwolf , i like it because it have lots actio. Jan-Michael Vincent live in a beautiful cabin by lake and his dog is very funny when Ernest Borgnin try put his helicopter down when I look Biography i did not know he pass alway he is funny man think you Netflix
  • AIRWOLF : Season 1/2/3/ universal Studios : Starring Jan Michael-vincent - Ernest Borgaine- Alex Cord- Jean Bruce Scott (1983-1986- 56 episodes total)

    AIRWOLF starring Jan-Michael-vincent + Ernest Borgaine + Alex Cord + jean Bruce Scott* UNIVERSAL Studios * 3 seasons best hi - tech helicopter action drama series with hawk lives in a beautiful cabin by lake and Dominic own Air rental helicopter Buisness SANTINI AIR & stringfellow Hawk & Domnic hides AIRWOLF most expensive hi-tech Helicopter in valley of God's mountains & work with Archangel: THE FIRM. (1983-1986)*** I (1987) 4th series AIRWOLF When it got a new cast new entire story hawk brother took over Airwolf + UNIVERSAL STUDIOS Droped series cost to much make and went to cable network the series lasted only 22 episodes spin off got Axed due fans prefer ORIGINAL AIRWOLF /1983-1986 Universal Studios \ONLY I only brought season1-2-3- AIRWOLF star Jan-Michael Vincent & Ernest Borgaine lead star UNIVERSAL Studios best SEASON ever 5*** stars series 1/2/3 - 56 episodes total equal ORIGINAL David Hasselhoff : KNIGHTRIDER + THE ATEAM + THE INCREDIBLE HULK + MAGNUM . + six million Dollar Man . 10/10 hit series universal studios classic 80's series.
  • This chopper armed to the teeth was my hero.

    Imagine this: An almost indestructible helicopter armed with powerful weapons like: .50 machine guns, rockets, and heat seeking missiles. This helicopter is extremely fast and has special boost that would make it go even faster. That's all this baby has and much more.

    I loved how the guns would come out of their hiding places like a lion showing up its sharp teeth under threat. Other ultra cool thing I liked was the mountain where they parked this machine of destruction, it would open its false rooftop and Airwolf would descend down its throat into a cavern packed full with electronics and weapons to keep this animal in perfect shape.

    Love the show.
  • Probably one of the most gifted action shows ever made, that fell so drastically fast. But still in 2005, one of my favorite shows ever!

    "Airwolf" is really the forgotton show of the popular mid-80's action shows of the time. Although not as a highly-rated, most cult viewers of the time, regarded "Airwolf" on the same level as it's sister shows, "The A-Team" & "Knight Rider". Although not scripted as good as "The A-Team", "Airwolf" easily won out over script quality over "Knight Rider", even in "AW"'s darkest times, circa '86 & '87. "Airwolf" had the action of "Knight Rider", but kept a seriousness about itself, where it didn't cross over into that 60's "Batman" area of cheese, like "Knight Rider" did.

    In it's 1st Season (1984), "Airwolf" showed tons of promise to be one of the greatest action shows ever made. Each episode was superb in writing, and most episodes kept you on the edge of your seat. It's obvious now that shows like "Airwolf" set the mold for shows that we see today such as "24", with the foreign intrigue element, but also lots and lots of action, with the budget of a film, but on a TV show. However, "Airwolf" did not keep this quality past it's 1st Season, sadly, and when it fell, it fell fast! However, Season 1 remains probably one of the best quality seasons of any show ever to me, to this day, albeit the fact it only contained 10 episodes and a two-hour movie.

    Season 2 (1984-85) saw many changes, mainly to the show's formula. A female character was added to give balance to the show, a balance that wasn't really needed, and it was obvious to viewers that gradually the international intrigue stories that were so so good in the show's 1st Season, were being phased out for more domestic-oriented stories here in the U.S., due to pressure from the CBS suits. The quality of the show also seemed to start suffering. Although the beginning of the season started somewhat strong, by mid-season, certain elements of the show seemed to start showing 'rushing to the network', and the show also started suffering from production delay's due to a variety of issues, which also caused the budget for the series to skyrocket. It's almost strange, the first several episodes to Season 2 are very familiar to the viewer, showing the same kinda stuff from Season 1, but by the end of Season 2, it's almost a completely unrecognizable show, other than Airwolf itself still being on it. It's like the show went an overhaul within only one season. I don't know, it just feels like a completely different show watching say, "Sweet Britches" and then watching "Short Walk To Freedom".

    Season 3 (1985-86) saw the biggest change to the series at this point, and also proved to be the last on CBS. The show's writing staff & producing crew was pretty much turned over from Season 2. Don Bellisario stepped down as Executive Producer from day-to-day production, but did keep a distant eye on the show, but not much, deciding to hand the reigns over to veteran TV director, Bernard L. Kowalski. The season saw weird highs & lows. For example, the first four episodes almost seem like they each are from an entirely different show, with the Airwolf helicopter & the characters being the only recognizable things. "The Horn of Plenty" is some goofy attempt at a brainwashing episode that, granted sees great performances from both Jan-Michael Vincent & Jean Bruce Scott, but mainly seems like something out of "The Six Million Dollar Man". "Airwolf II" then becomes one of the greatest episodes of the series, my personal favorite myself, as we get to see Airwolf finally meet it's match by taking on it's successor, Airwolf II: Redwolf. "And A Child Shall Lead" then seems like some 'very special heartfelt episode' of "Highway To Heaven" with Airwolf thrown in for action measure, and then after that, we get "Fortune Teller" which was like "The Man From U.N.C.L.E." meets "Airwolf". Season 3 was plagued with problems like this. But the overall quality still remained as soemthing good enough to watch on Saturdays at 8pm, when nothing else good was on. Sadly, the show never had a chance to rebound, although the show still consistantly won it's timeslot & CBS Saturday nights, it was canceled at the end of it's 3rd Season, due to too high production costs.

    Someone at Universal decided in order to make the show more marketable in 2nd-run syndication, it needed another full-season of episodes, in order to make the package more attractive to syndicators. Universal then teamed up with the fledgling USA cable network, and decided to produce 24 additional episodes on a shoestring budget up in Canada ... enter ... the infamous Season 4 (1987).

    Season 4 premiered on a new network, on USA (so it's now a cable series) in January of 1987. To the shock of audiences the entire cast had completely been changed. In the story, **SPOILERS**, Dom had been killed & String badly injured from a helicopter explosion, Archangel was re-assigned perminately to the 'far east', and Caitlin just vanished and was never mentioned again, as was St. John's supposed Amerasian son, Le Van (who popped up as a recurring character in the second-half of Season 3), who was also never mentioned again, and just vanished. St. John was rescued from Burma (apparently he got moved around alot since becoming an MIA in Vietnam so many years ago), and Archangel's replacement, Jason Locke, now composed an entirely new Airwolf crew, with St. John, a new agent Maj. Mike Rivers, and Dom's niece Jo (who was never mentioned ever before, until now, but we were led to believe she was a regular friend of their's). The show was also shot in Canada on a shoestring budget (the budget-quality of the show dropped to something of "MacGyver", when it 'was' something of "Airwolf"). The show also was so poor 'financially' by this point, that they didn't even have the real Airwolf. They just recycled stock footage from the previous three seasons of "Airwolf" for all of their aerial scenes. Despite all of this, the writing actually improved, on a story point. Alot of the international stories that made the 1st Season so good had actually returned, but by this point most people didn't even recognize the show anymore, and there were so many continuity errors from the CBS seasons to the USA season, that the show was barely recognizable other than Airwolf.

    Overall, despite all of these issues, and the sudden plummet of a series that started promising into the trashcan in only a couple of seasons, was a disappointment. But I grew up with this series, and it's one of the first shows I can remember, so despite all of it's flaws in the later years, it's still a personal favorite, even Season 4. I'd still take 'flawed' Season 3 or 4 "Airwolf" over some of the things on TV today.
  • Looks intresting.

    I have never seen this show before, but it looks like something worth watching if it is level fifty on It is truely a shame to be born in the nineteen eighties and miss shows that you think are intresting to watch. But that is just how God wanted it to be. Oh well. I might find a DVD of it somewhere.
  • When this show was originally on the air, I thought it was one of the greatest shows ever. The helicopter was really cool and so was Stringfellow Hawk.

    I have recently seen this show again. In comparison to modern shows, Airwolf leaves a lot to be desired. While the premise is original and has not really been duplicated (except for Blue Tunder, a much worse show), the stories are the standard 1980s fare. Nothing really original in the actual episodes. There is a challenge the heros must overcome. Most of the time, they win out. I still like the show but not nearly as much as I did in the 80s.
  • One of the finest action-adventure series ever created on American television from the mid-1980s about a sleek, awesome, Mach 1+ chopper that could "kick butt", that is AIRWOLF.

    Airwolf was a futuristic action adventure from the mid-1980s about a sleek, awesome, Mach 1+ chopper that could "'kick butt" (via 14 firepower options), and its loner, cello-playing, hotshot pilot, Stringfellow Hawke (played perfectly by Hollywood hellraiser, Jan-Michael Vincent) who lives in a mountain cabin with Tet, an old BlueTick Hound.
       When the hi-tech helicopter (a real wolf in sheep's clothing) is stolen by its deviant creator, Dr Moffet (a gloriously slimy performance by David Hemmings - recently seen again in Gladiator) and flown to Colonel Kadaffi's (note spelling, perhaps for libel reasons?) sand-pile in Libya to indulge in his favourite pastime of raping and torturing young women, the Deputy Director (Alex Cord) of an agency within the CIA ("the Firm") that developed Airwolf asks for Hawke's assistance in recovering the helicopter, in return for them finding Hawke's brother, St John, still MIA from the Vietnam war. Hawke asks for help from his old friend and mentor, Dominic Santini (played by veteran Oscar-winning actor, Ernest Borgnine) and together they try to recover Airwolf from Moffet and the Libyan military.
       Airwolf was part Blue Thunder, part Knight Rider and far superior to both from the very start, featured magnificent, feature film production values within most of its 55 episodes and especially with its lovingly shot aerial hardware. The subsequent three seasons (forgetting its awful final fourth Canadian-based season) resembled the intentions of the Blue Thunder and Firefox films from two years earlier, but its macho solemnity ultimately gave it the edge and allowed it to still acknowledge and explore the muddier areas of international politics and officialdom's often questionable behaviour - as Hawke and Santini skimmed around the skies as a sort of blackbird of death amalgam of Lone Ranger, Mighty Mouse and God, dispensing instant justice in the name of fair play and apple pie. There were no wimpy sirens or formalities like arrests and trials (most of the time) where Airwolf was concerned; neither the CIA nor vigilantes require such minor details of inconvenience.    With a concept such as Airwolf, an element of tongue-in-cheek was almost mandatory to get such a provocative premise on the air (the initial outcry against the mercenary heroes of The A-Team had only been dissipated by the series' stubborn refusal to take itself seriously - as the critics had), but in Airwolf the self-parody is deliberately almost subliminal to enable the series to play both sides of the fence. It was a show that still stands the test of time today - even most of the technology and look of the show hasn't aged at all - with its real world (mostly Right-wing) politics, a reality that extends to its story locations, with stories set in real countries including: Libya, Laos, Nicaragua, Cuba, Mexico and Russia.
       The recently release 1st Season Box Set by Universal includes a bonus version of the 'pilot' episode for the series (the \"Film/Movie version\") and is about 14 minutes shorter than the original TV version of the pilot, due to its creator, Don Bellisario (Magnum PI, Quantum Leap, JAG) wishing to make this version of the opening episode self-contained for a limited theatrical and future video release worldwide. It is an (18 / R) certificate release and features dialogue overdubs with more adult swearing and scenes cut from other first season episodes, but contains different (and superior) orchestral and music cues than the TV version. The Special Limited Edition 2CD soundtrack (critically acclaimed by the fans and a highly-desirable and valuable collectible in its own right -- it holds the World Record for a Television soundtrack!) for the show is available directly (and only) from
       The superb music for the show - created by Hungarian composer, Sylvester Levay - is one of the most recognisable and superb pieces of television music ever created and adds even further to the show's feature film production values during the aerial action sequences. Some of the music cues are different in the Film version to the TV "Pilot" version, although I personally feel they are superior.
       In my personal opinion, this is one of the finest action-adventure series with the highest production values ever created on American television, pandering to the darker instincts and making for very satisfying viewing.

    Mark J.Cairns
  • This is one of my many personal Favorites, I love the original Characters

    The Original Cast made for a great TV show. Airwolf was the next best thing to Star Trek: The Next Generation at the time. Since it had not come out. What really Suprised me when the new cast came in one of the cast of the Lead role person in Forever Knight a another Guilty Pleasure show. But back to Airwolf, the helicopter was something from you would think Gene Roddenberry would think of or the creators or Knight Rider would come up with. Jan-Michaeal Vincent and ArcAngel (can't remember his name), Not to mention Dominic was great together.

    The new cast which had Barry Van Dyke which I had forgotten was in it and really didn't pay attention to the other pilot (Forever Knights lead charcater before he went to it)

    All in all a great show.
  • awesome series

    I have been looking long and hard at finding another Scale helicopter Kit that looks good, but also at a reasonable price. I have previously had a Moskito R22, Hirobo Lama and a still ongoing Hirobo KV-107II (early Chinook). Price is important to me, so after looking around for a while I finally decided on a Century Kit. But which one, well I wanted one with retracts, the Airwolf & Bell 222 fitted this well, but which one. I eventually went for the Airwolf as it was a bit different, and a fellow member at the club mentioned he wanted one. The next decision was whether to go for the ARF [CN1070A] (Almost Ready to Fly) or the assembly kit [CN1070]. Well I wanted a different colour scheme than the original Airwolf which I find a bit drab so I decided on the Assembly kit
  • one of coolest flight movie i've watched at the time!!!

    Air wolf, the best action packed adventure flight, TV series i 've watched at the time., i could not wait for the continuing episode, sitting on the edge of the seat waiting for wats going to happen next., looking back i am still loving it ! jean Bruce (Jessica Blake Fallon) was hot and dominic was kinda funnt at times too . . . . i dont think they are making anything like those anymore, more of the Sci Fic type these days ., the copter was a neat piece of high-tech machine, with heavy weapons load out. Great Show! :)
  • Canceled ahead of it's time

    A show about a Helicopter. But not just any Helicopter, this was a advanced, war machine helicopter. To be honest it was canceled ahead of it's time. There should be a good reason for that, though! Airwolf came to my town when I was younger. A bit over rated but I'll remember it for the rest of my life. There was other story lines and decent actors but I watched it for the action and maneuvers of AIRWOLF. Good theme song as well. I have to rate it as great because back then when I was a kid everything is great.
  • Great stuff, but uneven.

    I really liked this right from the first season (didn't see the movie/pilot until a few months in), and Jan Michael-Vincent's personal problems weren't evident in the episodes as aired. Even that fourth season from Canada grew on me--at least they got The Lady back into international intelligence work. Also, the fact that if the left hand of US intelligence had been willing to let the right know what it was doing, they could have gotten her back from the beginning--St. John was working for the CIA all the time! By the way, there was a scene near the end of the first cable episode that explained why Jason didn't take Airwolf away from the lair, even if it was a somewhat lame excuse. I'm not sure the claim about problems between Vincent and his wife during the Hollywood filming is accurate, as I know for a fact he got married between the last CBS episode and the first USA Network one--note the previously unseen band on the appropriate finger of his left hand there as corroborative evidence (I like to think that String had married Caitlin in the interim and she was up at the cabin during these events, she being the only one of the CBS regular characters not dealt with at all in this transitional segment).
  • The Next Generation of ordinary Superheros who take to the skys.

    Yeah okay so maybe I am talking about the fourth season of Air wolf which everyone but me seemed to have hated but what can I say I was a bit too young to really enjoy the show until they four of them came along. I loved Sinjun, Jo, Mike Rivers, and even the sometimes annoying guy they got to replace the Archangel. Not that the actor himself was annoying but rather the character's often misguided loyalty to the firm. What do I care if I am the only one who loves this season it was and still is my favorite no matter what anyone says?
  • Season one people that's where they really started TV for me

    If you ask any action TV fan what the first season of Airwolf is to him he would probably say the beginning of the action era I mean I know there were action shows before but one that gave us a glimpse to future television twisted plots an amazing ending REALLY special FX Airwolf was the one when I was little the show was all about how they fight in the end gotta admit even now their FX were cool but I recently re watched the show and to my surprise I was amazed as to the context the plot and the twists to quote Arcangel "you're unbending always seeing black and white where we see the gray area"
  • One of the best action/adventure series!

    There were so many good things about this series. Alex Cord, Jan-Michael Vincent and Ernest Borgnine were very good in their roles (the lovely Jean-Bruce Scott joined them in season 2)and very convincing.

    The plots were good. Throughout the series Airwolf went to battle against rogue dictators, wicked scientists and bad guys who wanted their hands on Airwolf. The action scenes were always fantastic. The music accompanying the action was brilliant. There was always an action scene at the end where Airwolf went to war against the bad guys who usually had their own helicopter/plane.

    It was a typical 80's show which aired when the cold war was still very hot. No-body knew who to trust. Even Michael Archangel played by Alex Cord seemed to have his own agenda. Stringfellow Hawke also had his own agenda. He was holding onto Airwolf until the government found his missing in action brother. Until that time Hawke flew Airwolf on missions to protect the free world.

    A fantastic series.
  • A show about a super helicopter!! Wow! The infinite plot possibilities! (As long as it takes place outdoors, with no power lines, or tall buildings around) A great companion to Knight Rider, Street Hawk and Automan.

    I remember watching this show as an eight year old and thinking, "Gee, this is like a Knight Rider rip-off". I thought the same think about Street Hawk. Apparently, the writers never really thought this concept through. I mean, this helicopter can pilot itself, to come rescue its pilot, which is no small feat for a machine with rotors, but at the same time, it completely limits the action possibilities. What happens if the pilot is locked up in a basement. What's Airwolf gonna do now? Anyway, I'm sure she was converted into a sightseeing chopper somewhere in LA.
  • A friend always called this show AIRWOOF.

    If you set aside the unreality of someone stealing such a powerful helicopter and then evading the prying eyes of military/CIA satelites for several years, then it wasnt a bad show with some good storylines. It was kind of like Knight Rider with a helicopter.

    It was standard 80s type fare where the heroes would ride to the rescue of the downtrodden from malevolent forces.

    After awhile it got boring and fell off the cliff when they replaced the cast at the end of series then Jan Michael Vincent turned into a drunk and a drug head. He went from highest paid actor to direct to video B movie has-been. Its a real shame the way he tanked his career.
  • Airwolf or The Lady is one hell of fast helicopter like no other. It can go roughly between speeds of mach 1 and mach 2 max speed. Like a cool looking machine Airwolf was painted Phantom Gray Metallic on top and a custom pearl gray almost white on bottom

    The weapons this beauty has were sweet enough. Going from all types like AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles, AGM-45 Shrike missiles, M712 Copperhead shells, AGM-114 Hellfire missiles to a Red laser cannon. This helicopter had a pretty good defense to protect itself to. From sunburts to a radar jammer. It also had a bullet proof armoured fuselage and also had different stages of flight in different modes. So in other words its like the machine itself Airwolf is learning. The creator of Airwolf Dr. Charles Henry Moffett is one evil character who is hell bent on useing his own invention to destroy anything in his path. To get Airwolf back from Dr. Moffett The Firm hires Stringfellow Hawke for a mission to fly out to Libya to recover Airwolf. He then sets himself up to meet with his old friend Dominic Santini to help get back The Lady and get it out of Libya and away from Moffett. Hawke and Santini have plans of there own to hide The Lady until The Firm recovers Hawkes brother. They eventually work out a deal to Work for Uncle Sam to do missions with The Lady.
  • Airwolf was one of the better of the 80's shows that involved a supped-up vehicle.

    The action scenes were always fantastic. The music accompanying the action was brilliant. There was always an action scene at the end where Airwolf went to war against the bad guys who usually had their own helicopter/plane.

    It was a typical 80's show which aired when the cold war was still very hot. No-body knew who to trust. Even Michael Archangel played by Alex Cord seemed to have his own agenda. Stringfellow Hawke also had his own agenda. He was holding onto Airwolf until the government found his missing in action brother. Until that time Hawke flew Airwolf on missions to protect the free world.

    A fantastic series.
  • A CIA attack heilcopter piloted by two war vets.

    This is another of Don Bellsario's classics that was trashed by another network.

    Airwolf was the story of chopper pilots Stringfellow Hawk and Dom Santini and how they preform mission for the CIA and reported to a one-eyed spy named Arch angel. What did they use on this missions a attack heilcopter called Airwolf. The show was a charater based action show. Each week Hawk and Santini would get there mission and fly the chopper an beat the bad guy. Once in a while Airwolf would be shot down and someone would help them out just in the nick of time. The other plot line of the show was Hawk's search for his MIA brother. This was a good idea until it was decided that Hawk's brother would take over and Hawke went MIA himself. Santini was killed and then his daugther took over.All be it this when the series was moved to an other network. The result was a show that was not up to par with the first four season.I recommend that you get the frist three seasons and skip the rest.
  • Would Be Nice To See It Back

    Airwolf is the most sophisticated helicopter imagainable (flies half way around the world, out runs jet planes). Stringfellow Hawk is it's pilot, essentially blackmailing a secret US agency into finding his brother (lost in Vietnam) while he flies dangerous assignments for the Firm, with orders coming from Archangel who wears a pair of glasses with one lens black.
  • I know it ended a long tinme ago, what I mean it should have ended long before it did.

    The final season sucked, there's no avoiding it,t he budget was non-existent, the characters sucked and the plotline stank.


    The series before were all brilliant, thoroughly entertaining and a riot to watch. I loved the characters, even though I tended just to watch the series at about three in the morning. Waking my mum up when I went to bed and feeling her rage was well-worth it just to see the helicopter with its weapons and stuff. While the special effects were somewhat primal towards the beginning of the show, it was still brilliant to watch. Airwolf has to be one of the most influential TV programmes I've seen in a long time, provided you ignore the last series. Sorry.
  • An excellent adventure driven show.

    This is an excellent adventure show with a bulletproof supersonic helicopter. This show was at the time unique, only matched with blue thunder. I really love this show, unfortunately Jan Michael Vincent had drinking problems that caused him to leave the show for its last season. It made the show look bad with a new pilot. But it was good while it lasted. Ernest Borgnine proves to me a funny co pilot sidekick. Each episode is so exciting, you're just waiting for air wolf to take off from the devils mountains and go supersonic. It's a very cool concept, and a very entertaning show to watch.
  • another 80's action show

    these shows were a dime a dozen. a team, magnum pi, knight rider, hardcastle and mccormick. some lasted a while some did not. jan michael vincent was a good actor when he was not all doped up, beating his wife and stomping puppies. any way this show was a take off of the movie blue thunder if you ask me. they did a show about the movie and it never took off. but somehow airwolf did, go figure.
  • Petition to bring the remaining seasons of Airwolf out on DVD.


    I have been a member of for quite some time. We the faithful fans of this beloved TV show were overjoyed when Season 1 was released on DVD. However, since then there has been no talk about the remaining seasons being released on dvd. Unlike the other shows of its era (A-team, Knight Rider, etc) it seems as if Airwolf is being overlooked by Universal for reasons unbeknownst to us. Therefore, a few months back I started a petition on behalf of the members of to Universal to release the remaining Airwolf seasons on DVD. I hope that all of you here support what we have done and sign this petition. Tell all of your friends to sign it as well. With perseverance, our voices will be heard and Universal will release the remaining seasons on dvd. We appreciate your support.
    See the link below. If the link does not work, please visit us at and you will find the petition link on the main page.
    Take Care,
  • hi my name is kristian and airwolf is so good

    so what can i say about airwolf well i look at the show when i was litle it is a wonderfull show and funny but i must say that i think that the show was to short only 3 years but i love this show i want to see more
  • A good show

    Airwolf, this show was classic.

    Unfortunatly it came it out during the mid eighties when every tv show had vast ammounts of fire power, shows like The A-Team, Knight Rider, and the less known helicopter series Blue Thunder.
    As the various series fell, so too did Airwolf.

    Rumors of reviving the series as an update under the name of Airwolf 2000 have came to nil probably due to the operation cost of the helicopters.
  • Cheesy But Entertaining

    Okay, maybe not cheesy. Airwolf when it first came out was excellent TV for its time. Without question the helicopter was the star, and Jan-Michael Vincent and Ernest Borgnine were merely the co-actors. Yet, even with some sorta lame stories, it did have its appeal that made action-sci-fi fans tune in weekly to see what The Lady could do.

    Seasons 1-3 were good forward movers. They help push the series on and kept Airwolf in the forefront of the ratings game, but like many series with power hitters for stars, money became an issue. Jan-Michael Vincent behavior added to the turmoil on set at times. Eventually it was decided to move the series to the USA network. That was the death nail for the series. It made a horrible turn south and never recovered.

    Airwolf is an entertaining and fun series to catch on DVD and comes recommended by this reviewer. Keep in mind that the series unfolds thru the season with a bad crash at the end. I recommend only season one, two and three. If you want to see Airwolf in action, get season four, other wise, you should pass on it.
  • A realistic (at least, relatively so) show based around a "futuristic" helicopter, its pair of pilots, and the action, drama, and adventure that accompanied them. It was certainly a good show for its time...

    As a six-year-old kid who was an aircraft enthusiast (railroading/trains were always first, but aircraft, a close second), I was always fascinated and interested in watching Airwolf. Granted, even then I knew the premise of a Mach 2+ capable helicopter was a far fetched fantasy, the show was nonetheless a classic.

    While he was rather rigid and dull at times, Jan-Michael Vincent did a pretty good job of portraying the reclusive, somewhat troubled star, "Stringfellow Hawke" (not to sound insulting, but for JMV, this really did not require too much acting, for it was not exactly a stretch from his own life). Though the character (or perhaps, the person doing the acting) was a bit over-the-top, Ernest Borgnine fit well in his role as Dominic Santini, the experienced, well-traveled helicopter connoisseur and owner of Santini air.

    What seemed to set the show apart from others of the time was its combination of the fictitious with easily believable (and in some ways, potentional) worldly events and situations.

    As was mentioned, when the network executives took it upon themselves to micromanage the show, which led to Donald Bellisario's departure, the downhill slide began, which culminated in the awful fourth season, which undermined fans' intelligence and expectations for the show, and was nothing more than an attempt to milk more money out of the show and its success.

    Now twenty years later, it is rather sad to look back at Jan-Michael Vincent as he was on the show, compared to the broken, shell that remains today. Of course, it is a bit ironic that the other star of the show, "Airwolf" (the helicopter), suffered a similar fate. "Airwolf," actually one of the Bell Model 222 prototypes, was sold to HSD Luftrettung & Blue Helicopter Alliance, a German helicopter charter company, in 1987. Unfortunately, while in service as an air ambulence, flying from Berlin to Cologne, it crashed into a mountainside during a severe thunderstorm outside of Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Germany) on 9 June 1991, killing all three passengers on board.
  • Great for the Bellsario seasons, but GOD don't touch Seasons Three and Four

    Airwolf is a classic, created by Don Belssario (prodcer of Battlestar Galactica, and creator of Quantium Leap and JAG), this series began as a social examination of the secret dealings of the cold war between the states and Russia, crafting characters who were'nt innocent nor guilty, but merly had agendas to follow and orders to carry out, even if that meant crossing each others' paths in a negative aspect.

    The series' earlier instalments were thrilling to watch in terms of the uneasy relationships that developed between Stringfellow Hawke, Dominic, and the Firm, if an oppertunity arose to recapture the stolen helicopter, they would often try and take it. Hawke and Santini even found themselves pitted against thier own personal demons (Hawke was once tricked into beleiving his brother St. John was alive, and divulged the location of Aitrowlf to spies, Dominic had an uneasy domestic life filled with bitter ex-wives and manaiacal neices ), and the helicopter itself (Moffets' Ghost)

    Eventually though, network executives forced Bellsario to make certain changes, like the accomedation of a female character, and a more streamlined, self-contained series that made things more lightened in tone, as a result, Bellsario left, plunging the series into a flat, generic action adventure series that failed to impress the hardcore fanbase, only Airwolf II is regarded as the third seasons' finest hour, even sadder, was that the series was cancelled amd picked up by Canada, who rehashed footage of the helicopter for the aerial fight scenes and subjucated the series to bad casting and storylines. A truly sad ending for a series with vast possibilitys
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