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  • Cheesy But Entertaining

    Okay, maybe not cheesy. Airwolf when it first came out was excellent TV for its time. Without question the helicopter was the star, and Jan-Michael Vincent and Ernest Borgnine were merely the co-actors. Yet, even with some sorta lame stories, it did have its appeal that made action-sci-fi fans tune in weekly to see what The Lady could do.

    Seasons 1-3 were good forward movers. They help push the series on and kept Airwolf in the forefront of the ratings game, but like many series with power hitters for stars, money became an issue. Jan-Michael Vincent behavior added to the turmoil on set at times. Eventually it was decided to move the series to the USA network. That was the death nail for the series. It made a horrible turn south and never recovered.

    Airwolf is an entertaining and fun series to catch on DVD and comes recommended by this reviewer. Keep in mind that the series unfolds thru the season with a bad crash at the end. I recommend only season one, two and three. If you want to see Airwolf in action, get season four, other wise, you should pass on it.