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  • A CIA attack heilcopter piloted by two war vets.

    This is another of Don Bellsario's classics that was trashed by another network.

    Airwolf was the story of chopper pilots Stringfellow Hawk and Dom Santini and how they preform mission for the CIA and reported to a one-eyed spy named Arch angel. What did they use on this missions a attack heilcopter called Airwolf. The show was a charater based action show. Each week Hawk and Santini would get there mission and fly the chopper an beat the bad guy. Once in a while Airwolf would be shot down and someone would help them out just in the nick of time. The other plot line of the show was Hawk's search for his MIA brother. This was a good idea until it was decided that Hawk's brother would take over and Hawke went MIA himself. Santini was killed and then his daugther took over.All be it this when the series was moved to an other network. The result was a show that was not up to par with the first four season.I recommend that you get the frist three seasons and skip the rest.