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  • Great stuff, but uneven.

    I really liked this right from the first season (didn't see the movie/pilot until a few months in), and Jan Michael-Vincent's personal problems weren't evident in the episodes as aired. Even that fourth season from Canada grew on me--at least they got The Lady back into international intelligence work. Also, the fact that if the left hand of US intelligence had been willing to let the right know what it was doing, they could have gotten her back from the beginning--St. John was working for the CIA all the time! By the way, there was a scene near the end of the first cable episode that explained why Jason didn't take Airwolf away from the lair, even if it was a somewhat lame excuse. I'm not sure the claim about problems between Vincent and his wife during the Hollywood filming is accurate, as I know for a fact he got married between the last CBS episode and the first USA Network one--note the previously unseen band on the appropriate finger of his left hand there as corroborative evidence (I like to think that String had married Caitlin in the interim and she was up at the cabin during these events, she being the only one of the CBS regular characters not dealt with at all in this transitional segment).