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  • Great for the Bellsario seasons, but GOD don't touch Seasons Three and Four

    Airwolf is a classic, created by Don Belssario (prodcer of Battlestar Galactica, and creator of Quantium Leap and JAG), this series began as a social examination of the secret dealings of the cold war between the states and Russia, crafting characters who were'nt innocent nor guilty, but merly had agendas to follow and orders to carry out, even if that meant crossing each others' paths in a negative aspect.

    The series' earlier instalments were thrilling to watch in terms of the uneasy relationships that developed between Stringfellow Hawke, Dominic, and the Firm, if an oppertunity arose to recapture the stolen helicopter, they would often try and take it. Hawke and Santini even found themselves pitted against thier own personal demons (Hawke was once tricked into beleiving his brother St. John was alive, and divulged the location of Aitrowlf to spies, Dominic had an uneasy domestic life filled with bitter ex-wives and manaiacal neices ), and the helicopter itself (Moffets' Ghost)

    Eventually though, network executives forced Bellsario to make certain changes, like the accomedation of a female character, and a more streamlined, self-contained series that made things more lightened in tone, as a result, Bellsario left, plunging the series into a flat, generic action adventure series that failed to impress the hardcore fanbase, only Airwolf II is regarded as the third seasons' finest hour, even sadder, was that the series was cancelled amd picked up by Canada, who rehashed footage of the helicopter for the aerial fight scenes and subjucated the series to bad casting and storylines. A truly sad ending for a series with vast possibilitys