Season 4 Episode 4


Aired Unknown Feb 13, 1987 on CBS

Episode Recap

A woman named Lorrie Grant is snooping around on an Indian burial ground at night when she hears strange sounds and sees a bright light.  The next day, St. John and Mike are practice shooting in Airwolf when Jason calls them in and sends them to Devil's Ridge to check on her.


Lorrie goes to a hotel bar and harasses a Native American named Charlie Rising Moon about seeing the strange sightings over the burial ground.  A man named Strafe taunts her, and everyone is fed up with her rants, and the town deputy wants to take her in for trespassing on the burial grounds.  St. John shows up just in time to walk her out.  A man named Nokomo is driven in by Bronson, a town local.  Nokomo plans to buy the old silver mine near the burial ground.


While they drive her back to her home, Lorrie, a former Company agent, resents being retired due to her perceived emotional instability.  When they get her home, she explains the strange happenings that occur at the burial ground at night.  They go visit Charlie, who says she's crazy and should vacate the grounds.  That night, the lights and noises return, and Lorrie even thinks she sees a wolf and shoots at it.  She wanders outside, where Charlie begins chanting to make the stirring go away.  Lorrie trips and falls down a hillside unconscious.


St. John and Mike visit her in the hospital the next day and she's upset when it seems they still don't believe her story.  They have a look around in the JetRanger and snap photos.  They take photos of the old mine shaft, unaware that a man is standing there.  Back at the hospital, Lorrie has left.  She stole a car to get around, and the sheriff has had it.  St. John and Mike take her back home.


In town, St. John develops the photos and sees the man standing inside the mine shaft.  Meanwhile, Mike and Lorrie are talking when the lights and stirring start up again.  St. John returns to Lorrie's house to find them gone, but sees Charlie running away.  He chases him down and demands to be taken to the burial grounds.  They go there and find nothing, so St. John wants to see the mine.


At the mine, Bronson is waiting when some sort of craft lands and a strange man in a helmet walks towards him.  It's Strafe, and he wants to ensure that Lorrie is out of the way.  At sunrise, Jason and Jo take off from the lair in the Lady, while St. John and Charlie sneak into the mine.


Strafe is nervously waiting for the arrival of Nokomo, and has Mike and Lorrie tied up.  Bronson arrives with Nokomo, and they're both surprised to see that Strafe has witnesses to their transaction.  Nokomo isn't there to buy the mine, he's there to buy the Scorpion, a hi-tech chopper similar to, but more advanced than Airwolf, which was stolen by Strafe after it crashed.


Nokomo insists that Mike and Lorrie be killed.  St. John jumps in and fights him, while Charlie covers him with a rifle.  Nokomo is sent falling from the skywalk to his death, while Strafe makes a getaway in the Scorpion.  St. John and the group drive off in the jeep, and Strafe fires upon them.  They take cover behind some rocks, but Charlie is seriously hurt by rock fragments when Strafe fires a laser on them.


Airwolf flies in, and Jason can't believe it when he sees the Scorpion.  Strafe comes after them, but misses each shot.  Jason fails at an attempt to pick everyone up, so they lure Strafe away so St. John and Mike can get Charlie to safety.  Strafe hits and damages Airwolf with the laser, making it vulnerable.  Jason waits until the right moment, then does a 360 degree loop, getting behind the Scorpion.  Jason fires a missile and destroys it.


Later, the crew goes to visit Charlie in the hospital.  Lorrie is deemed fit to return to Company duty.  While talking with Charlie, they all feel that they nearly went down for the count in this adventure.