Season 1 Episode 2

Shadow of the Hawke (2)

Aired Unknown Jan 22, 1984 on CBS

Episode Recap

Hawke is serenading the eagle again, and Gabrielle is impressed.  He explains that he's trying to get the eagle to trust him, which seems to be the same message he's sending to Gabrielle.  They then kiss and go inside.  Later, Dominic arrives to deliver groceries, then he and Hawke leave.  They fly to the Valley of the Gods to find a hiding place for Airwolf once they retrieve it.  They locate a hollowed out mountain and hover into it.


Back at the cabin, Archangel is eating a leftover steak when Hawke arrives.  He informs Hawke of the destroyer being attacked, and wants to hurry Hawke to Libya.  But not before Hawke unleashes his frustration by punching Archangel for trapping him into the mission by taking his paintings and using Gabrielle.  At a Paris airport, Hawke arrives to transfer flights, and the FIRM contact informs him that the original operative in Libya died, and another one has replaced her:  Gabrielle.


Moffet and Khadafy see Gabrielle dancing in the club and set their sights on her.  Hawke later arrives and Gabrielle tells him about the fate of the other girl, as well as where Airwolf is located and how he'll get to the palace where it is kept.  She tries to convince Hawke to let her go along, but fearing for her safety, he tells her to leave Libya.  When he leaves the club, he's surprised to run into Dominic, who's there two days early.


Inside the club, Gabrielle has been discovered, and Moffet makes himself known.  He taunts her with water out in the desert.  Meanwhile, at the summer palace, Hawke and Dominic arrive in a delivery truck and attempt to gain entry posing as oil company workers.  Dominic manages to get by a guard, although his lading bill has the wrong delivery date.  They catch a glimpse of Airwolf as they roll by.  They make it to the pool area and subdue Moffet's cohorts.


Gabrielle is blistering, incoherent and deteriorating.  Moffet plays Russian roulette with her and the revolver dry fires.  Wearing Airwolf flight suits and helmets, Hawke and Dominic approach the chopper, but Khadafy passes by and notices that it's strange that they're wearing helmets in the heat.  Hawke sends Dominic to start the engines, while Hawke tries to avoid contact with Khadafy.  Unfamiliar with Airwolf's layout, Dominic finally manages to find the startup button.  Noise from the engines starting up provide a distraction outside that allows Hawke to take out Khadafy and the guard.


Once inside Airwolf, Hawke takes it airborne, and unloads some of its armament onto oncoming guards and tanks.  Once he clears the palace, Hawke goes looking for Moffet and Gabrielle.  Since Dominic doesn't know how to work the computer, they have to rely on tire tracks to find them.  Moffet sees Airwolf flying by and takes off.  While crossing the desert, Dominic prides himself in getting to know the controls, until he sees a dreadful sight on the monitor:  Gabrielle's near-lifeless body on the desert sand.  Hawke lands Airwolf nearby and runs to her side.  But it's too late.  Gabrielle murmurs a few words about the eagle at Hawke's cabin before succumbing to her torture.


Hawke sees tire tracks leading away from the area, and Hawke follows them in Airwolf.  They encounter enemy choppers and tanks along the way, successfully evading missiles and destroying the choppers, while Khadafy watches from a control center.  Moffet continues his getaway in his jeep.  A surface-to-air missile is fired and catches up to Airwolf.  Hawke can't shake it, and it seems to strike Airwolf as it clears a sand dune.


Thinking Airwolf is destroyed, Moffet arrogantly stops his jeep and takes a breather.  Airwolf rises from behind a dune, Hawke's finger semi-relaxed on the trigger.  Moffet focuses in on the fuel intake and aims his revolver to shoot.  Hawke fires a missile, hitting his target dead on.  In a fit of blind rage, Hawke mindlessly fires missile after missile, emptying the ADF pod onto Moffet, leaving no sign of survival.  Even after this, Hawke is still pulling the trigger and has to be told to stop by Dominic.  They leave in Airwolf after Hawke's revenge is complete.


Hawke returns to his cabin to find his artwork returned and Archangel waiting.  As long as Hawke has Airwolf, the government has to find his brother, while also trying to get the chopper back from him.  So, Archangel proposes helping Hawke not get caught in exchange for supplying classified information and funding for the use of Airwolf on official missions.  He leaves Hawke to think about it.  That evening, Hawke plays his cello on the lake in hopes of seeing the eagle.  It finally appears after a few moments.  Now in tears, Hawke continues playing, symbolic of his moving on after accepting the loss of Gabrielle.