Season 2 Episode 6

Sins of the Past

Aired Unknown Oct 27, 1984 on CBS

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    Great acting by the actress of Caitlin. Her anguish at Dom\'s arrest and from talking with Dom during visitation was well enacted.

    And so was Dom. The emotions of losing a daughter by death and the thrown in prison would send shock to anyone. Dom truly expressed that shock.

    I truly loved how the episode showed the process of Dom\'s arrest in the police station - mug shot, finger print, etc. And you can sense the LT\'s friendship and wanting to help but really couldn\'t.

    The entire San Remo investigation was like a \"Murder She Wrote\" or \"Perry Mason\" or other 80\'s/90\'s mystery movies. It certainly was a different style compared to the previous Airwolf episodes. Hawke had never taken on a P.I. role like in this episode.

    As for someone\'s comment as to how the right-side door opened up when Hawke opened the left door, and explaining it is something about JMV\'s right arm being injured, there is something more common and simple than that. The double-door was a standard lock system where the latch (usually on top and/or bottom of the door) was unlatched. So if either left or right door is opened, the other one will also. So the opening of the right door may or may not have anything to do with JMV\'s right arm being injured.

    This is also the episode where Dom gives Caitlin the permission to now all him \"Dom\" rather than \"Mr. Santini.\"