Season 4 Episode 10

Stavograd (2)

Aired Unknown Mar 27, 1987 on CBS

Episode Recap

The news travels around the world about the crisis at Stavograd.  The rad count still rising, Bronski and Kirov fear the worst about the reactors.  Arkov grabs Jo from confinement and takes her to the infirmary to help out.  Meanwhile, Jason gets through Russian customs posing as an athlete scout.


Kirov pours pressure onto Bronski to do something about the deteriorating reactors.  Since Bronski seems to be indecisive, Kirov arranges for his own pilots to go up.  St. John and Mike watch helplessly from the locked office.  Jason begins a long, cold trek to find Stavograd on foot.  He soon sneaks a ride from a passing truck.  When the truck breaks down, the driver catches him in the back.


Since Arkov saw no proof of betrayal in the call St. John made to the Company, he helps St. John and Mike escape to reach Airwolf.  The driver has willingly given Jason a ride to get him closer to Stavograd, and they part ways on good terms.  At Stavograd, Kirov has discovered that St. John and Mike are gone, and send soldiers after them.  They make it into the hangar, and before they're about to distract the guards, St. John is attacked by Jason, until they realize who the other is.  Kirov finds them and escorts them back to the control center, not realizing they left Mike behind.  Mike is then caught by two Russian fighter pilots.


Dr. Rostov and St. John try to convince Kirov that they can help seal the failing reactor.  Agents catch Arkov trying to help Jo escape, but they knock them both unconscious and make a run for the hangar.  Mike convinces the two fighter pilots to let him knock one of them unconscious, so it looked like an attack and he can go up in his place.


Arkov gets Jo to Airwolf and prepare it for takeoff.  Mike and the other pilot fly towards the reactors as it reaches critical overheating.  Bronski begs to have them turned back around, and Kirov complies, but Mike and the other pilot have disabled their communication.  Jo and Arkov take photos of the facility to be broadcasted for the world to be informed.


One of the pilots gets too close when he fires a missile at the reactor and crashes into a mountain.  Kirov sees Airwolf on video and wants it shot down by the remaining jet.  But his command isn't followed, as Mike is the surviving pilot.  Once back on the ground, Arkov calls Kirov's bluff on his unauthorized plan that got the pilot killed, and he backs down, allowing Arkov to take over the operation.


They plan to collapse the first reactor, seal the second, and cool the third.  St. John and Jo go up in Airwolf to carry out the plan.  The rad count is becoming critical.  St. John fires a missile head on to collapse the first reactor, which works.  They have trouble on the second reactor, so St. John decides to melt it shut with the laser.  With Airwolf's temperature reaching its max, St. John successfully seals the second reactor.  The temperature and rad count return to manageable levels and the crisis is averted.


Later, as the crew prepares to leave, Bronski, Rostov, Arkov and the surviving fighter pilot all say their heartfelt goodbyes, and part ways from the near disaster as friends.

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