Season 4 Episode 19

The Golden One

Aired Unknown Jul 03, 1987 on CBS

Episode Recap

In Afghanistan, a man named Frank meets with a rebel leader named Mustafa to arrange a weapons transaction.  Mustafa orders the weapons he wants, but he wants something extra and exotic, and Frank throws down a photo of Jo.


While St. John and Jo fly Airwolf for a systems check, Mike receives a message at the hangar for Jo, with an invitation from Frank, who happens to be Jo's ex-boyfriend, to meet him at a hotel in Afghanistan.  Back at the hangar, Jo is blinded by romance, and St. John and Mike are concerned about her going, as the area is crawling with Soviet and guerilla forces.  Jo thinks she's safe, due to a current cease fire.


In the hotel in Kabul, Jo is furious that St. John followed her there.  He leaves her to go to the bar, where he meets an American journalist, James McKiddon.  St. John mentions Frank's name, and McKiddon says he wrote a story on his death a week prior.  St. John then rushes back to Jo's room to find her gone.  He goes back and phones Mike for a background check, then grabs McKiddon.  They go to Frank's supposed medic aid business down the street, and discover that he's indeed alive.  St. John sends McKiddon back to the bar to wait for Mike's call.


On an unrelated assignment, Mike and Jason are in Airwolf running the background check, and discover that Frank has faked his death a number of times across the world.  Back in Kabul, St. John gets caught nosing around by Frank and Habib, the 15-year old hotel bellboy.  Jo is brought to the rebel camp, where she's shown many exotic gifts and a hot bath – what she thinks are from Frank.  Meanwhile, Frank tries to befriend St. John when he finds that he's connected to Jo.  He offers to take him to Habib's village, where he's supposedly taking medical supplies.


The call comes in at the hotel bar, but McKiddon is getting wasted instead of paying attention.  With no answer from St. John, Mike and Jason continue on their mission, keeping the trip to Afghanistan in the back of their minds.  After Jo has her luxurious bath, Mustafa enters the tent and tells her they're getting married.  Frank's truck gets stopped by the Soviets, and they find guns in the back.  With the Soviets discussing when to kill the three, St. John takes one of their guns, shoots one of them, and knocks the other unconscious.  St. John forces answers out of Frank, and he tells St. John that the guns are going to the rebel camp where Jo is.  Now that Frank is revealed as a shady character, St. John and Habib agree to watch each other's back.


Jason and Mike receive an emergency signal from St. John in Airwolf.  Worried about Jo, Jason okays Mike to head to Afghanistan, since they've completed their mission.  At the rebel camp, Mustafa begins to work on breaking Jo's spirit.  Outside, Frank's truck arrives, and he and St. John get out, with Habib remaining hidden inside.  St. John demands to see Jo, but Frank turns on him and has the rebels whip him unconscious.  Inside the tent, Mustafa is gone and Frank unties Jo and feeds her an excuse that he didn't intend for her to be mistreated.  He admits to being a gunrunner and tries to convince her to help him out of trouble.


Habib sneaks into the tent where St. John is held, and cuts him loose.  They both then sneak out of the tent.  Mustafa returns to his tent, and Jo thinks that Frank is on the level.  But he betrays her and takes Mustafa's payoff and walks out.  Jason and Mike close in on the camp, lowering their visors.  Habib sees Frank leaving and tries to stop him.  Frank pushes him down and prepares to shoot him, until St. John blows his cover and throws a knife, striking Frank in the stomach.  The attack incites upheaval in the camp as Airwolf flies in.


Everyone in the camp runs for guns and starts firing at Airwolf.   After pulling a sword on Mustafa, Jo uses it to keep him at bay.  Mike begins firing chain guns at the rebels.  Jo is disarmed of the sword, and Mustafa slaps her down.  Before he can move in on her, St. John jumps him and they fight; Habib takes her to safety.  A rebel fires a rocket at Airwolf, and Mike returns fire with a missile.  Mustafa is about to kill St. John with a pitchfork, until Jo takes the dead rebel's rocket launcher and fires at him, killing him.  She and St. John run for cover as the camp is totally destroyed by Airwolf.  They make it to Frank's truck, driven by Habib.


Now Mike and Jason have to worry about two approaching MiGs. They release a sunburst to decoy an incoming missile, then destroy both MiGs with return fire.  On the ground, St. John offers Habib a trip to America for his help.  He opts to stay and help his people with the medical supplies.  St. John and Jo admire his maturity as they watch him drive away.


Back at Santini Air, Jo clarifies to everyone that she only meant to get away to recharge with no intention of making anyone worry.  All the guys blame each other for interfering with her personal affairs, but when she expresses thanks for it, they all try to take credit.