Season 2 Episode 4

The Truth About Holly

Aired Unknown Oct 13, 1984 on CBS

Episode Recap

Hawke and Dom go to Taxquetl, Mexico to rescue Dom's niece, Holly, from wealthy crime boss Ed Aarons's well-fortified estate.  Hawke gets inside and sneaks Holly out, with the housekeeper's help.  Outside, they trip an alarm, and Aarons's armed security chases them.  Dom provides cover in Airwolf and they make their escape.


The following morning at Santini Air, Holly gives her statement to LAPD while Dom tries to make a case to Lt. Grodin to have Aarons arrested.  Due to jurisdictional constraints, it's a small possibility at best.  Later, a slender lady in cowboy boots comes to Santini Air to speak to Hawke.  It's Caitlin, and fascinated by Airwolf, she immediately asks where it is, immediately followed by Hawke's denial.   She tells him that she brought back his friend Jimmy's body.


Dom is treating Holly to lunch, and she runs when she thinks she sees Aarons walking towards them.  Back at Santini Air, Aarons's men muscle the mechanic, Everett, for Holly's whereabouts.  A funeral is held for Jimmy, and after the service, Dom hires Caitlin for a movie stunt.  While on set, Hawke rolls up and says that someone had been calling Santini Air but not talking.  Later, he and Caitlin have to kiss as part of a scene, and this seems to make Holly jealous.  Caitlin then takes up a Hughes chopper to perform the stunt, and a nut comes loose on the controls, sending the chopper out of control.  After she safely lands, she's upset, but Hawke and Dom don't have much time to talk about it, because Everett runs over and points out Aarons's men on set and they chase after them.  They get away in their car.


At Santini Air, Holly receives a gift containing a tarantula and a sick note.  They decide to get her away from town and Hawke takes her to the cabin.  There, they spend time talking, until Holly kisses him.  Hawke pushes her away and she immediately becomes jealous of Caitlin again and runs outside; Hawke apologizes if he somehow led her on.


The next day, Caitlin is about to take off from Santini Air, but forgets something and asks Dom to start up the chopper.  He's unaware that there's a leak that catches fire, and Caitlin gets him out just before it explodes.  Later, Hawke and Dom are pushing Lt. Grodin for an arrest, but his hands are tied without evidence.  Aarons calls Dom to arrange a meeting and they head out.  Holly catches wind of it and gets paranoid.  Then strangely, she makes up a story about her and Hawke making love and getting married, creating and awkward moment for Caitlin.  She wants to go back home to Buenos Aires, but asks to stop by Hawke's cabin first, and Caitlin agrees to take her.


In Airwolf, Dom and Hawke meet with Aarons.  He tells them how Holly gets insanely jealous, along with a long list of crazy things she's done, including mailing herself a dead cat, which seems to sound familiar to Dom.  As they part ways with Aarons, Dom punches him for negative comments he made about Holly.


Caitlin is flying the Santini JetRanger over the water, and flies into a restricted area.  The Air Force captain watching radar tells Caitlin to change course, but in one of her paranoid delusions, Holly pulls a gun on Caitlin and forces her to fly through.  Meanwhile, Dom radios his hangar from Airwolf, where Everett tells him that Caitlin took off.  They kick in the turbos and go after her.


The captain and his major fear the worst, and get orders to scramble jets to ID the chopper.  Then, Airwolf suddenly appears on their radar and the major wants them both shot down.  The jets move in and fire a heat seeker at the JetRanger; Hawke turbos into a climb while a sunburst is released and destroys it.  They fire another one, and Airwolf moves between them and decoys it.  The missile misses and hits the water, which distracts Holly; she and Caitlin struggle over the gun.  Another missile is fired at Airwolf, and Dom drops another sunburst, which misses.  Hawke does a 360 loop, fires a Hellfire and hits the missile.  Caitlin tries to regain control of the JetRanger after having her hands off the controls, but she manages.  They all quickly disappear off radar, baffling the captain and major.


Later at Santini Air, Holly says goodbye to Hawke, and is driven away with her therapist, to be united with her grandmother in South America.  Afterwards, Dom holds back on hiring Caitlin full time at the hangar, until she offers to be paid cheap.  Dom doesn't hesitate to take her on.