Season 2 Episode 4

The Truth About Holly

Aired Unknown Oct 13, 1984 on CBS

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  • Great return of Caitlin

    Great seeing Caitlin now become permanent cast. I wish Ev's casting was more expanded. He's been the side mechanic for Santini Air, but this is the last episode he's seen. I really liked him because he was a great loyal employee.

    The only thing that I thought was odd was when the girl asked Caitlin to fly her to Hawke's cabin, Caitlin doesn't know where the cabin is to fly there.

    The opening kiss on the movie set between Hawke and Caitlin was certainly the first of many such flashfire emotions that they had for each other. It isn't until on a later episode that Caitlin's emotions for Hawke becomes evident.
  • Hawke saves a girl threatend by the mafia and gets an unexpected visit from the girl he saved a few jobs ago.

    Decent episode but the plot was fairly routine and by the books. This was still early in the season so it's kinda obvious that the writers wanted to bring in the fans slowly up to speed as to where the show was going.

    Basically Caitlin gets hired as a part time contracter. She in reality has the hots for Hawke. Hawke doesn't admit his attraction just yet but the two do share a few close moments.

    There was an interesting scene when this Holly person and Caitlin have a vocal fight about Hawke. She even pulls a gun on her on a helicopter. Unfortunately, this storyline is ended simply. It might have been more interesting to see a love trinagle but since this was an action show it makes sense that this wasn't pursued.

    This episode has more action than the previous ones and once again we see Dominic come to Hawke aid's (at the beginning when Hawke is infiltrating Holly's hideout).