Season 3 Episode 21


Aired Unknown Mar 22, 1986 on CBS

Episode Recap

Two hunters have shot a bobcat when a strange man threatens them and tells them to leave.  They leave, hinting that they'll return.


Hawke is competing with a paraplegic named Kirk in a canoe race and loses.  He is to be the safety man for a diverse group of paraplegics who are going to scale San Jacinto Peak.  The next day, all the wheelchair-bound men band together and leave their families to head up the mountain, with Hawke leading.  The trek proves grueling, as the men negotiate brush that turns over some of their wheelchairs.


While they take a break, the man, Paul McClelland – known as "The Catman," watches from a distance, until a shot is heard from the mountain.  Later, the two hunters have collected many trophy kills, and mock the Catman.  Soon, they're both speared by arrows, the Catman honoring his threat.  That evening, Charlie, a retired cop, takes turns with Hawke entertaining the boys by playing the guitar.  McClelland tracks them.


They all pack up the next morning, and Levitt starts to have a change of heart about making the remaining climb.  Meanwhile at the base of the mountain, his wife expresses to Caitlin that she's worried that he bit off more than he can chew.  Hawke checks in to let them know they're on schedule.  The Catman is catching up and has found their old camp site.


On the next ascent, Kirk asks Hawke to wait at the top so they can do it on their own.  They struggle, but they all make it to the top, including Levitt.  The Catman is closing in all the while.  While they take a break, Charlie is killed by an arrow.  Hawke scares off the Catman with gunfire, but in the shuffle to take cover, his radio is broken.


They decide to make a break for it down the mountain.  They have to stop when one of them almost goes off a cliff.  Hawke is hit with an arrow and goes tumbling down the mountainside, breaking his leg.  Dom is teasing Cate for worrying that Hawke hasn't checked in.  But when he himself can't raise him on the radio, he also gets worried and goes looking for him in a chopper.  The men have tied rope to Levitt's wheelchair and slowly send him down to retrieve Hawke.  After they get him to safety, Dom and Cate fly over in the chopper.  But since the guys are so low to the ground, their signals go unnoticed.


Dom and Cate get the Lady.  Hawke gets his leg splinted, and Charlie's gun has one good bullet left.  They decide to make their move to draw the Catman out.  Dom and Cate meet with the sheriff, who fills them in on McClelland and the possibility that he's tracking Hawke and the group.  They take the Lady up to go look for them.  Meanwhile, Hawke climbs to the top of a hill to draw out the Catman, while the guys start down the mountain.


Hawke finds McClelland and shoots his final bullet, but misses, and nearly gets hit again with an arrow.  Airwolf rises over the trees and Dom picks up Hawke on audio telling him to get the Catman.  He fires chain guns, and the dust it creates distracts him.  Some of the guys ambush him from their wheelchairs until Hawke gets there.


Back at the base of the mountain, a stubborn Hawke is nagged by Cate to have his wounds checked.  Levitt and his wife have a tearful reunion.  One of the men, who's fond of Cate, shows his minor wounds for attention.  They all come together to celebrate their feat in making it near the top of the mountain.