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  • Season 1 Episode 1: Shadow of the Hawke (1)

  • TRIVIA: Dr. Moffet's full name is not confirmed as Dr. Charles Henry Moffett until the second season episode 'Moffett's Ghost' (where, note, "Moffet" mysteriously gains an extra "t"). The Star novelisation of this Pilot story gave Moffet's full name as Dr. George Moffet.

  • GOOF: After Moffet steals Airwolf, the story jumps to Stringfellow Hawke's cabin and says "3 Months Later". As Gabrielle Ademaur explains to Hawke what happened to Airwolf she says that it was stolen 5 weeks ago.

  • GOOF: The computer shows a Mig 23 instead of a Mirage Fighter.

  • GOOF: Three of the production crew-members are visible in the end of the episode when Hawke first takes off in Airwolf from the Libyan summer palace. They weren't a part of the cast, they were there by a mistake.

  • GOOF: When Archangel is talking to Senator William Dietz at the Red Star Control, you can see apart of the microphone by the boom.

  • GOOF: While Moffet tortures Gabrielle next to the jeep, she has her shoes on. However, later, when Hawke finds her, she appears to be barefoot.

  • TRIVIA: A general note for bloopers and nitpicks in this guide: In countless episodes throughout the series, there are countless stock footage shots of Airwolf in flight, and numerous minor continuity errors regarding Airwolf (such as shots of the chain-guns and cannon already being released before Hawke has called for them to be released) and so on (often relating to the stock footage). Whilst this guide attempts to be a detailed list of bloopers & nitpicks, it generally concentrates more on the glaringly obvious bloopers and less common errors.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Shadow of the Hawke (2)

  • Although it is often cited that Moffet's full name, Dr. Charles Henry Moffet(t), wasn't established until the second season episode 'Moffett's Ghost'; in the scene in the courtyard where Major Ben-Kamal stops Hawke, believing him to be Moffet, he clearly calls "Charles". (In the Star adaptation of this Pilot, Moffet's first name is given as George).

  • When Hawke and Santini are dressed in the Airwolf costumes and heading across the courtyard to get into Airwolf, Major Ben-Kamal stops Hawke by calling to him "Moffet". However, Hawke is clearly wearing Gordon (one of the other flight crew)'s uniform, as evidenced by the name tag.

  • In the scene after Santini and Hawke have flown down into the darkness of the canyon where they plan to hide Airwolf, as the Santini Air helicopter comes to land on the jetty outside Hawke's cabin, reflections of several lighting rigs can be seen.

  • When Airwolf lands in the desert to retrieve the nearly-dead Gabrielle, the pilot is seated in the port (left-hand) seat, and the close-up shows JMV getting out of Airwolf on the port side. But when they first took off, at the palace, String was in the starboard seat (his usual position.)

  • When Airwolf lifts off out of Kadafis Palace, you can spot two sound men with a sound boom.

  • Season 1 Episode 3: Daddy's Gone a Hunt'n

  • Hawke's rank in Vietnam was Captain.

  • During both the scene of retrieving Airwolf from the lair, and during the climatic rescue, several stock footage shots of Hawke piloting Airwolf are recycled from the Pilot - notice that his uniform is suddenly different, and he has the 'Gordon' name tag in these shots.

  • In the opening trailer, the sequence where Nhi Huong says to Hawke "What would you do if it were your son?" is from a different take than the one used in the actual episode; in the trailer, she puts much more emphasis on "YOUR".

  • As Airwolf enters Russia, a shot of Dominic, as he sits back with his eyes wide open in amazement, is quite clearly shown reversed back-to-front (the slot for name tag on his uniform is on the wrong side, as are the controls behind him).

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Bite of the Jackal

  • This is the only first season episode where Marella does not accompany Archangel (for this episode, another Firm agent, Laura, takes her place instead). Deborah Pratt quite probably doesn't appear in this episode because she was away filming the 'Magnum p.i.' fourth season episode 'Rembrandt's Girl' (which was originally broadcast two days before this episode, and was produced at around the same time).

  • Uncommonly, Dominic does not wear his regular blue Santini Air jacket and red cap in this episode; instead he wears a brown bomber jacket and plain grey cap. This may be due to him flying a vintage chopper, and him feeling that the costume suited it more. (He is also seen out of regular costume in the previous broadcast episode, "Daddy's Gone a Hunt'n", but he was undercover as a janitor for most of that story.

  • The closing credits feature a brief sequence from during the Sikorsky's escape at the climax of the story, where Pheobe is seen to fire a flare gun at an on-coming enemy chopper. This sequence was not used in the actual episode.

  • When Airwolf is hit by the "leech" rocket during the climax, we see it pierce through into the back compartment, yet in following exterior shots, the rocket is quite clearly not present.

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