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  • Season 3 Episode 21: Tracks

  • This episode contains the last (rather short) newly shot footage of Airwolf (chasing the "Catman") in the series.

  • Absolutely nothing is blown up in this episode by Airwolf, or any other aircraft.

  • Season 3 Episode 19: Break-In at Santa Paula

  • Most of the aerial footage for this episode's final aerial sequence is taken from the episode Jennie (when Airwolf comes in to pick up String from the village).

  • Nitpick: When Hawke, visiting the prison camp pretending to be Terry's uncle, reveals to Terry who he really is, he says it loud enough for any of the surrounding prisoners to hear. Surely he'd want to keep it as quiet as possible – information like that would be valuable for the less desirable prisoners to bribe the guards with!

  • When Caitlin retrieves Airwolf from the Lair, when she engages the turbos, the turbos sound effect seems to kick in a noticeable split-second too early!

  • Season 3 Episode 17: Desperate Monday

  • This is the only episode of the original three seasons that Hawke does not pilot Airwolf in. Dominic is seen to pilot The Lady, while Hawke is seen at the controls of another chopper as they try to free the hostages from the seige.

  • GOOF: When Caitlin is set in front of the door by a hostage taker, she isn't wearing earrings. When the scene flips from Hawke back to Caitlin, she mysteriously has earrings on to send her Morse code message.

  • Season 3 Episode 16: Little Wolf

  • The story in this episode is a reach for Airwolf. What makes it worse (and rather unrealistic) is that they have a baby inside Airwolf during the aerial battle. Those Mach1+ g-forces that come along with String's maneuvering would seriously injury the baby easily.

  • Season 3 Episode 15: Day of Jeopardy

  • The sequence where Airwolf comes under attack from two choppers is much recycled footage from the Pilot – including a couple shots of Hawke and Dominic; if you look carefully, you can see their first season style uniforms (particularly as Dom gives Hawke thumbs up for destroying one of the choppers).

  • After Airwolf has destroyed the attacking choppers, we see the chain-guns and cannons to be folding back in – but in the very next (stock) shot, they're out!

  • When Airwolf comes under attack from the two jets whilst under auto-pilot control from the Firm, Dominic and Hawke desperately try to release the chain-guns and cannons – yet in all exterior shots, they are out!

  • Season 3 Episode 13: Wildfire

  • When Dominic finds and unties Little Cec, he tell Dominic that Flowers and Moose left in a 4x4.  This doesn't make sense, when he was thrown into a trailer and couldn't see what they left in.  Further, Flowers and Moose were away from the refinery when the 4x4 picked them up.

  • Obviously at this point, Airwolf's top secret status has become either a decreased priority, or a writer's oversight, because the Airwolf crew enlist the assistance of a friend to help do maintenance on it, which normally would strictly be String and Dom's responsibility.

  • Season 3 Episode 12: Half-Pint

  • In the battle scene, in a poor attempt to double an African-American, the pilot sitting in for Carson is actually a Caucasian man wearing a dark ski mask and shades.

  • When Hawke and Archangel are looking up McBride's military record on screen, it shows that he was awarded 2 silver stars. Yet Hawke, who appears to be reading from the screen, says that he was awarded 3.

  • String supposedly went alone to confront McBride and his men, but at the point of the battle scene when String nudges McBride towards the cliff, you can see Caitlin sitting in the back.

  • Season 3 Episode 11: Where Have All the Childr...

  • In the opening trailer, Hawke says to Dom, "..not slaves, Dom.  Disciples."  Though, this line never occurs in the episode.

  • When Hawke and Dom track down Sabrina and the children, Dom says that they are at Aero RESEARCH International. But the company's name is in fact Aero SPACE International, and that is what appears on Dom's screen.

  • As Hawke is driving into the town of Beaudy for the first time, it looks as though he is driving a right-hand drive car. Yet in the next scene, a frontal shot of the car shows him sitting on the left. This was obviously a flipped shot, as a similar scene is used later in the episode, but with Hawke sitting on the left.

  • As Hawke escapes from the jail, when the deputies go to chase him, the police car they race out of town has changed model when Dominic in Airwolf catches up with the pursuit (most identifiable by the different head-lights). But that's not the last of it - when Dom uses the Lady's fire-power to force the car off the road, it reverts back to being the first model!

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