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  • Season 3 Episode 12: Half-Pint

  • In the battle scene, in a poor attempt to double an African-American, the pilot sitting in for Carson is actually a Caucasian man wearing a dark ski mask and shades.

  • When Hawke and Archangel are looking up McBride's military record on screen, it shows that he was awarded 2 silver stars. Yet Hawke, who appears to be reading from the screen, says that he was awarded 3.

  • String supposedly went alone to confront McBride and his men, but at the point of the battle scene when String nudges McBride towards the cliff, you can see Caitlin sitting in the back.

  • Season 3 Episode 11: Where Have All the Childr...

  • In the opening trailer, Hawke says to Dom, "..not slaves, Dom.  Disciples."  Though, this line never occurs in the episode.

  • When Hawke and Dom track down Sabrina and the children, Dom says that they are at Aero RESEARCH International. But the company's name is in fact Aero SPACE International, and that is what appears on Dom's screen.

  • As Hawke is driving into the town of Beaudy for the first time, it looks as though he is driving a right-hand drive car. Yet in the next scene, a frontal shot of the car shows him sitting on the left. This was obviously a flipped shot, as a similar scene is used later in the episode, but with Hawke sitting on the left.

  • As Hawke escapes from the jail, when the deputies go to chase him, the police car they race out of town has changed model when Dominic in Airwolf catches up with the pursuit (most identifiable by the different head-lights). But that's not the last of it - when Dom uses the Lady's fire-power to force the car off the road, it reverts back to being the first model!

  • Season 3 Episode 9: Jennie

  • When Raf saves Dr. Keith from the snake, a close-up shot reveals a fake snake held up by a wire.

  • Possible blooper: When El Goro is hit by gun-fire, he seems to fall in a different place than to in the next shots, when Hawke goes back for him (could just be down to camera angle).

  • Nitpick: At the climax of the story, when the village is under attack and Dominic and Caitlin arrive in Airwolf, see how Hawke suddenly changes into his Airwolf flight suit when he gets in – in the middle of such a fierce assult on the villiage, it's questionable that he would have time / bother to do so!

  • As with a number of third season episodes, there are several shots mixed in of Dominic piloting Airwolf, that are back-to-front.

  • Season 3 Episode 8: Annie Oakley

  • When Dominic goes flying off the cliff after Larson shoots out his tire, the Lincoln Continental that goes over is an older model that the one Dominic was driving.  Then, when Hawke and Caitlin arrive to help, they're in an open field - no cliffs around.  And, the car is suddenly a Dodge Monaco.

  • When Archangel comes to String's house to ask for his help you can see his eye through his eye patch.

  • At the start of the episode, when the men open the crate containing the Mongoose and tilt the lid towards the camera, you can see that "Mongoose" is misspelled. It actually says "Moongoose."

  • When Stern is demonstrating the freshly stolen Mongoose near the start of the story, the explosions are all stock footage of previously used sequences. In fact, in one sequence, as a car is blown up, if you look towards the bottom left hand corner of the picture, you can see the blades of a helicopter, that was in the original sequence that the footage is taken from!

  • Season 3 Episode 7: Eagles

  • Although Hawke and Roan are shown kissing during the pre-opening trailer, it never occurs during the episode.

  • The close-up shot of Roan's plane burning at the end of the story is also reversed – more back-to-front letters and numbers!

  • The shot of Roan's plane as she wins the race near the beginning is reversed – the numbers of the side can be seen to be back-to-front!

  • Season 3 Episode 5: Crossover

  • At the beginning of the episode, when String and Inga jump out of the 4x4, an early model Lincoln is seen going over the cliff.

  • Goof: At the end of the episode, as Inge is leaving, they cut to a shot of the limo being pulled around (not leaving) in front of the Santini Air hangar, and the hangar is out of if being prepared for shooting the scene.

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