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  • Season 2 Episode 9: Flight #093 Is Missing

  • What body of water is there between Los Angeles and Dallas where the plane crashed? 114 W Longitude and 27 N Latitude, where they found the plane underwater, is actually on the southern part of the Baja peninsula near Playa Oceano Pacifico. Kind of out of the way for a flight to Texas.

  • When String and Dom are in the hurricane getting readings, it is quite interesting that in close-ups, they show the water chruning, yet shots with Airwolf flying, the water is calm and peaceful, with the sun reflecting on it.

  • GOOF: Funny how water was leaking into the plane at quite a fast pace and yet it was never more then ankle deep after all those hours, and also there was still plenty of air to breath.

  • Season 2 Episode 8: HX 1

  • In the beginning of the episode when they steal HX1, when Mace sits in the chopper, you can clearly see they used the interior of Airwolf. Many of the buttons Mace are pushing is used in several episodes from Airwolf. Not to mention the seat Mace is sitting in is the same seat Hawke always sits when he flies Airwolf, they just added a blanket over it so we wouldn't recognize it... This was either done because they didn't have the time to shoot interior scenes in HX1 because of a time schedule.

  • During the final moments of the climatic battle between String and Mace, Dom deployed the cannons to fire, yet every subsequent exterior shot as they chased the HX1, Airwolf's underbelly showed the cannons retracted.

  • In the beginning of the episode, when Hawke has flashbacks of the day he last saw St. John, and when St. John shouts, you can see a microphone in the top left corner of the screen.

  • When the helicopter lands in the beginning of the episode and they cut the power you can see shots of the propellers slowing down. However, when the chopper lands you can see them moving at full speed again.

  • One of Airwolf´s actual pilots on the show, Peter McKernan, Jr., can be seen as Hawke´s co-pilot in the flashback scene saying "Go! Go Hawke! The ropes are full. We can´t take any more."

  • Season 2 Episode 7: Fallen Angel

  • At the beginning of the second segment, the caption states that Kruger's castle is in "Magdenburg," Germany.  If not a misspelling, it was a play on Magdeburg, Germany.

  • This is the first episode in which Caitlin rides in Airwolf. This is also the first episode in which all four primary characters (Hawke, Santini, Caitlin and Archangel) ride in Airwolf (Towards the end).

  • When Hawke shoots Maria you can see he has bandage on his hand. However, when they are flying away later and Hawke is using the turbo, the bandage is mysteriously gone.

  • Towards the end of this episode, Airwolf hovers down in front of a statue in the courtyard, in that shot you can see a black filming camera on the ground unattended, facing upwards.

  • Season 2 Episode 6: Sins of the Past

  • The officer that is taking Dom's mug shot tells him to turn and face the wall. Not only does he not face the wall, but has his back to the wall, the officer does not say anything and proceeds to take the picture.

  • When Vincent gets out of the Jeep and walks into the church for the funeral, you notice he does not use his right arm to climb out of the vehicle and open the church door, as his right arms appears limp.

  • Watch Jan-Michael Vincent's stunt double slip and nearly fall and hurt himself during the fight at night as he purses the intruder outside!

  • After Vince takes a swing at Hawke and falls off the bar chair, watch Hawke's arm as he reaches down to pull him up – it's actually a "double"s arm, due to JMV having a broken arm, and isn't wearing the bracelet that Hawke is wearing!

  • As mentioned under Notes, Jan-Michael Vincent broke his arm off-set during the filming of this episode. Watch when Hawke goes to leave Archangel's office – he opens the left-hand double-door, but he doesn't (appear to) touch the right-side one – it opens itself (presumably it was opened by some other means, to try and cover the fact that he couldn't use his right arm).

  • When Dom's ex-wife Lila drops the locket that he has gone to collect, in the close-up of it falling to the ground, the chain lands in a different position to than in the next shot, as Dom bends over to pick it up.
    (Also, in the close up, the carpet seems to be a different shade, but this is probably just due to the different lighting on the shot)

  • As Airwolf takes off from the Lair, there is a shot of Dominic in his usual place in the rear of the chopper, yet just a couple of shots later, as the Lady is still rising from the Lair, he is seen seated next to Hawke (where he remains for the rest of the flight). The first shot seems to be taken from slightly later in the story, when they go on the secret mission for the Firm.

  • Season 2 Episode 5: The Hunted

  • This is the only episode where we get to see Caitlin's apartment.

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