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  • Season 2 Episode 2: Firestorm

  • Hawke states that he can fly Airwolf alone, but needs someone to bring the munitions online. Yet in the episode "Sins of the Past", he is quite capable of single-handedly blowing the snot out of the casino. Either this is a goof, or Hawke told Eddie a little white lie in order to get him to believe in himself again.

  • When Hawke goes to get Airwolf from the lair, he is wearing his flightsuit as he takes off. In the next shot, however, and for the remainder of the flying scenes, he is wearing the shirt and jeans he was wearing when he went to the lair.

  • When Hawke, on his way to Eddie's cabin, forces the first of the two jeeps off of the road, look towards the bottom of the picture – there are three people in the middle of nowhere, that seem to be film crew!

  • Season 2 Episode 1: Sweet Britches

  • The bi-plane that we see Dominic working on when we first see him and Hawke in this episodes looks as if it's probably the same one used in 'To Snare A Wolf'. (As we never found out what happened to Toni, the owner of the plane, after that episode, it's not clear whether it's meant to be the same plane within the context of the series).

  • With the new season, Hawke and Dominic have new Airwolf flight-suits. More silvery-grey in colour that the bluey-grey ones of the first season, their other main distinguishing difference is the much higher collar. This style of fight-suit would be used for the rest of the show's run, including when Caitlin joined the Airwolf pilot crew, and onto the Canadian-filmed 4th season.

  • The two bullet hole cracks that Sheriff Bogan fires into the windshield of Caitlin's helicopter during the story's climax, seem to have disappeared in following shots.

  • Nitpick: At Santini Air, Dominic comments that it's been a nice quiet two months without any Firm/Airwolf missions, yet in the Lair as they retrieve Airwolf, he comments that "three months" doesn't seem to have affected her. (In fairness, it could just be assumed that he's just giving a rough estimate to how long they've been out of action).

  • In the opening scene, just before Jimmy's motorbike crashes over the ravine, as he looks over his shoulder at the pursuing Sheriff Bogan, it is concrete on the ground, not desert sand – the shot is taken from a few moments earlier, when he was on the road.

  • Season 1 Episode 12: To Snare a Wolf

  • The rocket launching the satellite at the beginning of the episode uses one of the same sound effects as used for Airwolf.

  • Some dialogue between Archangel and Hawke, from the scene where they meet for Archangel to warn of the danger of Bogard's satellite scan, is used in the opening trailer but is not used within the scene in the actual episodes. (Two lines - Hawke: "Maybe he will get me", Archangel: "(If) he gets you, he gets Airwolf")

  • The scene where Dominic picks Hawke up from the top of the B-52, where Hawke's just hidden Airwolf underneath the wing, is a good chance to spot a stunt double for Jan-Michael Vincent, and a pilot double for Ernest Borgnine.

  • The shots of the satellite in orbit are very unconvincing, using old methods of what looks like a cardboard / matte painting of the satellite in orbit of an equally unconvincing backdrop. (The shot is no doubt stock footage that is much older than this TV series!)

  • The rocket launching the satellite at the beginning of the episode uses one of the same sound effects as used for Airwolf.

  • Season 1 Episode 11: Mind of the Machine

  • The Airwolf model used for the simulation program, is actually the mock-up of the chopper used to film interior in-flight sequences for the series.

  • During the simulator-created shots of the two Airwolfs, a faint join can be seen down the middle of the shot, where two shots have been overlapped to create the effect of two Airwolfs.

  • While Hawke and Dom are "flying cold," Dom yells, "missile coming in!" There's no way to know that a missile is coming in if the systems aren't functioning and there's no way of seeing behind them.

  • Inaccuracy: Winchester tells Hawke that the telemetry pod has been in an F-15 at Mach 3. F-15 jets top out at Mach 2.5.

  • When Hawke and Dominic are in Airwolf chasing Alexei and Gloriana, Hawke's line "We'll play this one out even" stops dead, as if more dialogue followed it, but was edited out in post-production.

  • Unclear, but a possible blooper: When Alexei shoots Dr. Winchester, he appears to get shot on his left-hand side. Yet when we see Marella tending to his wound, it is on the right-hand side.

  • Season 1 Episode 10: And They Are Us

  • During the final battle, Airwolf is seen flying through explosions from cannons being fired by Butami's army on the ground.  But as the camera zooms out, smoke is seen on the ground from where the effects are really being fired from.

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