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  • Season 1 Episode 10: And They Are Us

  • Vidor's armed, camouflaged helicopters used in this episode are the same ones seen in episode 'Bite of the Jackal' previously, and some stock shots of them from that episode are also used here.

  • During the scene where String and Vidor are talking and having a drink, if you listen closely, you can here someone's watch beeping (it could be either String's, Vidor's, or someone on the filming crew).

  • Season 1 Episode 9: Mad Over Miami

  • At the climax, seeing as Hawke fires a rocket at Sanchez's helicopter, which causes it to explode (model work), there is absolutely no wreckage on the ground in any of the following shots!

  • Season 1 Episode 8: Fight Like a Dove

  • The closing credits finish with a shot of Hawke and Sarah kissing; yet in the episode itself they never kiss.

  • Sarah LeBow somehow manages to track down Airwolf's location – though just how exactly is never explained in this episode. Seeing that the Firm, and countless other organisations are trying to find Airwolf, it seems curious that one woman alone could track it down. The only other time Airwolf's location would be unwantingly discovered by an outsider, was by sheer chance by a woman running from some killers, in the third season episode 'Discovery'.

  • Season 1 Episode 7: Echos From the Past

  • Nurse Susan gives the "real" date as Saturday March 3rd - This was actually the date this episode was first broadcast. (The date mentioned in the episode matches with the original date of broadcast once again in 'To Snare A Wolf' at the end of the season)

  • Goof: Michael Halsey's character in this episode is called Peter McGregor Moore, but at one point, Marella wrongly refers to him as Patrick McGregor Moore. (Interestingly, the DVD subtitles correct this mistake)

  • Normally when Airwolf's doors open or close, they give a loud hiss due to the pressurized cabin. Yet somehow, Dominic manages to open them silently and get the jump on Hawke's captors at the climax of this story.

  • The call letters for the faux TV station setup at the hospital, KSLH, in reality belong to an FM radio station based out of St. Louis, MO.

  • Goof: cinematography When Dominic deploys the drag chute to slow Airwolf's drop from the back of the plane, the shots cut back and forth between the chute opening and Airwolf in flight/drop. The scenes with Airwolf in flight obviously do not show a chute and the scenes with the chute were obviously shot separately and added in. This is a bit of a nitpick considering the 80s film technology doesn't allow for the advanced cutting and editing of today's films, which probably would have produced a more synchronized shot.

  • The footage of the chopper that Hawke is in crashing into the side of the mountain, is a stock sequence (one of the other places it can be seen used is in the second season 'A-Team' episode 'The Battle Of Bel-Air' (1984).

  • Continuity error: when Nurse Susan is in the elevator with St. John('s impostor), as she exits the elevator, we see a shot of her in which she says "Bye" to him as the elevator doors start to close; but in the following shot of St. John replying "Bye, have a nice day", the doors don't appear to be moving.

  • The shot as one of the heat-seeker missiles lands in the ocean is quite obviously stock footage – and the missle seems to hit by a boat or some sort of rig, something which quite clearly wasn't there in other shots.

  • Season 1 Episode 6: One Way Express

  • When Hawke is piloting the helicopter onto the back of the truck, at one point it seems directly over-head and about to touch down, but suddenly in the next shot (possibly over an ad break) is further back again.

  • As the robbers exit the chopper when it has landed on the back of the truck, its obviously a sound set – nothing (their hair, etc.) seems to be blowing as much as it should from the current of the helicopter blades.

  • At the climax, when Hawke and Dominic are in Airwolf forcing the robbers to land their helicopter, the escaping chopper several times banks sharply to the side. During the robbery we didn't see if the gold was strapped down or not, but even so, surely it would spill over or tip out with such severe manoeuvres.

  • Season 1 Episode 5: Proof Through the Night

  • This is the first episode where we see the Firm headquarters, complete with the familiar exterior shot(s). In fact, this episode has some of the most extensive and detailed shots of the exterior seen in the series.

  • On the opening teaser, when Airwolf is flying low to avoid the Russian jets, it hits some brush before Dominic asks "Can't we go up just a little?". In the actual episode, Airwolf doesn't hit any brush.

  • In the shot where we see Dominic, from behind, break the window with the rifle butt, it is quite clearly a stunt double – the wig doesn't even look semi-convincing!

  • In the sequence supposedly looking from the front of Airwolf as it flies low over the trees and brush to avoid the Russian jets, at the very end of the shot in the bottom left corner either part of a camera mount, or the front of the landing skid on the filming helicopter, can be seen.

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