Season 4 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Feb 20, 1987 on CBS

Episode Recap

The crew has been tailing a man named Devereau for three weeks with no results.  They're trying to obtain a satellite circuit board, and have 7 hours to do so before a space shuttle launches.  Jason and St. John watch from a car, and see a man named Tatloff make contact with Devereau.  When St. John approaches him, he runs, but St. John is able to catch up and get him into their car to be questioned.


Mike watches from Airwolf, and splits off to follow Devereau to an apartment building, where Jo is undercover as a live-in maintenance person.  She uses a device to detect the titanium contained in the circuit board, but doesn't pick up a signal from Devereau.  Later, she tries her device as she nears her neighbor, Hannah Molnar, her dog, and Eric, the kid from upstairs, but finds nothing.  Mike turns on whisper mode and hovers outside Devereau's window.


Jason and St. John arrive at the Soviet Embassy so they can question Tatloff.  He says Devereau is working with someone in the apartment building, but that's all they get out of him before he's shot and killed by men in a passing car.


The crew is down to just over 3 hours before shuttle launch.  With all the guys now in Airwolf, they run a background on Hannah and have Jo check her out.  Once inside her apartment, Jo uses her device to locate the circuit board, but finds nothing.  The guys realize she's not working with Devereau.  Looking back into his apartment, he's checking his watch.  They later spot Eric trying to slip out of the basement window.  When Jo goes to check, he's upset and shouts that he hates the woman he lives with because she's not his mother.  Jo doesn't understand the comment.  Unaware to everyone, there is a bomb where Eric was standing, and Devereau has been tracking it.


Jo returns Eric to the woman, Ann Delaney.  While Delaney changes clothes, Jo tries the device again, and is caught by Eric.  He tries to tell Jo something, but Delaney runs him back into his room.  Jason tries to do a background check on Delaney, but nothing comes up, so he sends an Interpol request.  As Devereau leaves his apartment, the bomb goes off in the basement and sets off the fire alarm.  Devereau uses the chaos as cover.  The shuttle launch is down to 2 hours.


Jo's device detects the circuit board nearby, but she cannot pinpoint it with all the people and personnel moving around.  St. John drops down from Airwolf to back her up.  Devereau activates an ultrasonic frequency, which deafens Mike and Jason in Airwolf, and interrupts Hannah's pacemaker and causing a heart attack.  With everyone distracted, Devereau takes Hannah's dog, then a fireman walks over and hands him the circuit board.  After Devereau leaves, so does the frequency and Hannah is revived.


St. John gets back to Airwolf to review video of the firemen and sees that one has on sneakers; they know he's in on the scheme.  Checking his apartment window, Devereau appears to be asleep in his chair, but when Jo follows her device's signal to his apartment and enters, he's waiting for her in the dining room…..with a gun.  The guys continue watching Devereau's dummy in the window, unaware that he's holding Jo captive.  But when they switch to infrared scanning and see that it's indeed a dummy, they realize Jo could be in trouble.


Devereau discovers Jo's device and stomps it into pieces.  He takes her to the roof with intentions of making her jump.  Airwolf hovers over, and Jo fights Devereau when he's distracted, knocking him over the ledge to his death.  Somehow, the circuit board isn't found on Devereau's body, although Jo saw it when she was with him.


Delaney packs up Eric and Hannah's dog, with intentions of hiding the circuit board in its sweater when it goes through customs, and tells Eric to cooperate to ensure the release of his parents.  At the same time, Mike gets a response from Interpol on Airwolf's computer, displaying multiple aliases and a warning that she's dangerous.  Mike relays to the rest of the crew in the building, and they look for Eric.


Delaney is spotted in the alley, and the dog bites her and runs, followed by Eric.  Jo finds them hidden and coaxes them out.  Jason and St. John run past Delaney, who's hidden next to the dumpster behind them.  She aims to shoot them, but the dog knocks off her aim.  As they take Delaney into custody, Eric runs up with the circuit board.  Jason has Mike fly it to the launch pad, where the shuttle successfully takes off on its mission.


Later, with a comfy new chair as a gift, the crew visits Hannah at her apartment as she recovers.  They tell her that Eric was returned safely to his parents, and Delaney was put away.  They also give Hannah's dog a gift – an Airwolf collar.