Aishiteru ze Baby

TV Tokyo (ended 2004)


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Aishiteru ze Baby

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Katakura Kippei: Big time player at high school. Disinterested with classes and responsiblity and just wants to have a good time with the girls.

One day though, a call from his older sister brings him straight home after school, only to find that he is now in charge of his little cousin, Sakashita Yuzuyu. Yuzuyu is only 5 yrs old, and has been abandoned by her mother to the care of the Katakuras.

Kippei must now learn to care for the little girl who just needs a mother. Lucky for him, cute, little Yuzuyu has immediately become enamoured with her new "Kippei-onii-chan", and is happy just to be near him, even if he can't even make her packed lunches right.

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  • While I like action programs as much as the next guy, simple family and romance stories will do just nicely.

    I saw all episodes of this series last year. It's a pretty great heartwarming series. Besides, I can sort of relate to Kippei. My niece brings me that same happiness that Yuzuyu brings him.

    Plus, since I'm one for a good love story, Kippei's affection for Kokoro was pretty well done. Plus, I thought Kippei, Kokoro and Yuzuyu had a really nice family chemistry.

    Two of my favorite humorous moments include when Kippei was checking Yuzuyu's shirt for a tear and she shouted pervert (funny in a "kids say the darndest thing" way). My second favorite moment is that flashback to Satsuki's birth (both creepy and funny at the same time).

    I'd have to say in all honesty though that the manga is a better way to observe this series. The manga is merely 7 volumes, plus you get the finale of the story. Besides, as of this review, the anime isn't available in the US yet.moreless
  • Great family story. It's not a major adventure story. There's no magic, no spaceships, no daring deeds, etc. It really is a family story. Yuzuyu is absolutely adorable, too!

    If I ever had a little cousin like Yuzuyu, I'd have to insist that she stay that way forever. Yuzuyu is absolutely adorable! I think the character interaction between Kippei and Yuzuyu (and later adding Kokoro into the mix) is amazing. Everything is very realistic. The character's actions are all very believable.

    I definately think this show is underappreciated. What's happening with Yuzuyu is so awful, but the story that forms around it is great. Lots of good themes and good issues to touch on.

    I would recommend this series strongly if you're especially just looking for something to "awwww" to. ^_^ And one more time: Yuzuyu is so adorable! Hehe.moreless

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