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Akazukin ChaCha

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Cha Cha is a cute and innocent broom-riding little girl who is training to be a good magician. She doesn't know who her real parents are. She was raised by her teacher Seravi, who is considered the world's greatest magician. Cha Cha almost always gets strange or disastrous results whenever she uses her magic, so she practices a lot. The early part of the series shows Cha Cha's daily life in magic school and her adventures with friends. In the later part, it is revealed that a powerful enemy is after Cha Cha. Cha Cha is given the power to transform into a grown-up magical princess in order to defeat the enemy and his minions. Cha Cha then embarks on a quest with her friends to find out about her real identity and her real family. Akazukin Chacha is a magical girl TV show based on the manga of the same name by Ayahana Min which ran in the monthly magazine Ribbon. The basic story is the comical, magical adventures of the little witch Chacha, who usually wears a red riding hood, and her friends. It is one of the most FUNNIEST and best anime for all ages. Cha-Cha, Riiya, Shiine, Yakko, Orin, and other less important students are in the Banana class and their teacher is Rascal. Unfortunately Ma-rin (who loves Riiya) is not in the same class as Riiya, she is in the APPLE CLASS while the rest of the main characters are in banana class. NOTE: In Urara's Magic School teachers have to catch their students for them to be in their class. The Love/HATE CHAIN In this series there are lots of CRUSHES and all that stuff, it makes the show more funny. Here's the list -Ma-rin LOVES Riiya -But Riiya doesn't like her (SO he hides from her by turning into this wolf, but he looks like a cute puppy)(Ma-rin does like chase him and try to hug him and stuff, so that's why he hides) -Riiya and Shiine both LOVE Cha Cha and try to fight for her attention. -Cha Cha is naive and just considers them friends. -Yakko and Ma-rin both hate Cha Cha because she is around their love. -Dorothy and Seravi both hate each other. -Yakko Loves Seravi -Orin loves or maybe likes Shiine -Shiine doesn't dislike Orin that much like Riiya to hide, but he only considers her a friend. Character PROFILES: Must read to understand some of the episode summaries Cha Cha-She is the blonde one with the red hood. Cha Cha lives with her Teacher Seravi in his cottage at Mochi-mochi Mountain. Seravi is like a second family to her. Cha Cha's magic usually misfires. She has gotten a few spells right before though. She once got a tree when she tried to make a flower bloom. Cha Cha has an extreme fear for mice and rats. She's even afraid of toy mice. She recognises any rodent as a rat. When she sees a rat, she goes into a wild frenzy, yelling that she's seen a rat. Her natural reaction is to beat up the poor animal. Cha Cha isn't very good at flying on her broom either. It's okay when she only carrying herself. The danger comes when she carries a passenger. Her broom will spin out of control and she has no idea on how to stop it. Cha Cha wears the Princess Medallion which she uses together with Riya's braclet and Shiine's ring to change into Princess Holy-up. Shiine-Shiine has brown hair and wears a blue robe. He is an apprentice wizard under the tutelage of Miss Dorothy. He loves Cha Cha very much, but doesn't get much of her attention. He is very jealous of Riya for being Cha Cha's favourite. Shiine lives with Miss Dorothy on Mt. Urizuri. In the manga, they moved their house over to Mt. Mochi-mochi after Seravi and Dorothy rekindled their friendship. Of the three of them, he's the most level-headed and he thinks before he acts. He doesn't get fooled easily. He plays big brother to Cha Cha and Riya. Sometimes, he amazingly surprised at how simple-minded the two of them are.Shiine wears the Ring of Hope which he uses to help Cha Cha change into Princess Holy-up. Riiya-Riiya has green/blue hair and he wears orange pants plus the bracelet thing for holy-up transformation. He's a mountain wolf boy whose home is on the top of Mt. Mochi-mochi. Riya can change into a super cute little white wolf. Cha Cha loves to cuddle him really tight. Riya likes it when Cha Cha cuddles him. Shiine on the other hand is not very appreciative about Riya's wolf form, and oftens calls Riya a dog. Upon hearing that, Riya will always shout,"I'm not a dog!" Riya's pretty sensitive about being called a dog when he's really a mountain wolf. Riya is extremely strong and can lift boulders or other large objects a lot heavier than himself. He can punch a hole in a wall! Riya lives with Seravi because because he thinks that Seravi's cottage is his home. He's not as smart as Shiine. He's adorable because he's so silly.Riya is also a very big eater and he's always hungry. This is also his setback because some enemies have bribed and baited him with food. Riya wears the braclet of courage which he uses to help Cha Cha change into Princess Holy-up. Ma-rin-She's a pretty mermaid with pink hair, she wears an orange dress with blue pearls in her pink hair. Marin is mermaid whose tail can change into legs when it's dry. When her legs get wet, they turn into a tail again.Marin studies in Urara's school of Magic together with the rest of the gang. Marin is self-centred and selfish. She also has a temper. This make her rather unpopular. But if you overlook that fact and see her antics, you'll find her very adorable. Her bossy behaviour gets people's backs up, she can actually get work done. The way she chases Riya is extremely hilarious! In the anime, she has this magic wand that she uses to cast spells. Her magic only works for sea stuff. The most incredible thing she does with her wand is to magic an enormous shell to hide herself in. She does this everytime the enemy wants to get her. Marin doesn't want to believe what others tell her. Riya has told her outright that he doesn't like her and that she is scary. But she has that die-hard lover attitude. Despite being rejected by Riya over and over, she still comes after him. Yakko-She has purple hair, wears a dark robe, and she has these earrings. She's a magician. Yakko is sometimes known as Kurozukin Yakko (Black-Hooded Yakko). Her magic is in the many potions she carries with her. She is known to screw them up ocassionally, like making the monster big instead of making the monster small. Like Dorothy, Yakko has a temper, she can be very scary at times. But compared to Dorothy, Dorothy is a lot fiercer. Orin-She is short, has like blondish hair. This is one character that is so adorable. She's a cute little ninja who is very shy. Orin (aka Suzu in CN Asia) is really fast when it comes to fighting. She owes her skills to her grandfather, who is the World's Greatest Ninja. Most of the characters call her Orin-chan. Orin can do magic as well. Her's is a special brand of ninja magic which uses leaves or instruments to cast spells. She can teleport away from danger, make objects materialize and undo other people's magic. Dorothy-She has pink hair and wears a purple outfit. Dorothy is Seravi's rival for the title of the World's Greatest Magician. She's also his childhood friend and always tries to beat him at any opportunity she gets. She dreams of defeating Seravi and become the World's Greatest Magician, something like rule the world?! Dorothy is probably the most hot-tempered person in the entire story. She's simply incredible whenever she flares up. She once ATE the hearts Yakko poured out for Seravi. Whenever she wants to attract Seravi's attention, she'll sit at the table and munch food (usually cookies) and sips her drink really loud. I find this method very cute. However, it hardly works. Seravi-He has green hair and blusih white robes, he carries a doll around with him named Elizabeth. He's the World's Greatest Magician. It was pretty surprising to know that he'd never knew any magic when he was young. He casts spells by using various handstrokes. He'd learn these handstrokes from the people who used them. In other words he learned through copying others. He is also Cha Cha's handsome teacher and a very popular hearthrob. He's a very calm and carefree person. He can look solemn when something serious comes up though. He's practically an ace in everything. He cooks great food and does all the housework. Dorothy hates him because of this. Seravi is always there to help Cha Cha and her friends whenver they're stump. He always comes in painfully-obvious disguises. Elizabeth is also there disguised as well. The best part is that Cha Cha CAN'T recognise him. :P However, there were instances when Riya and Yakko did.moreless
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