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A young poor boy named Aladdin falls in love with a beautiful princess named Jasmine. He wants to impress her, but he's not fancy and rich so when an old merchant (Jafar in disguise) tells him about a magic lamp Aladdin goes to the cave of wonders and gets it. There he meets Genie and Carpet and Aladdin realizes with the Genie he can get Jasmine so his first wish is to become a prince which dosen't impress Jasmine, then Jafar tells the guards to drown Aladdin so saving his life is his second wish, and Aladdin gets a little sidetracked with his third wish which fits perfectly in Jafar's plans. Because of Aladdin's irresponsibility Jafar gets ahold of the lamp and makes Jasmine and the Sultan his slaves, but Aladdin bounces back and tricks Jafar into becoming a genie. After all this Aladdin finally tells Jasmine that he likes her and she likes him too, and that's where our story begins....


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  • One of the best Disney movies ever.

    I have recently began watching this movie again and with it my love for it has returned. This is a very cute movie that is a true Disney classic. It is not as good as \"Hercules\" but it is still one of the better movies Disney came out with. For me \"Beauty and the Beast\" and alot of movies in the 80\'s weren\'t the best of their age. \"Aladdin\" has made me love Disney again! Even though I wasn\'t born yet when those movies came out I still didn\'t like them that much. Back on topic now. This movie was really funny, still not as funny as \"Hercules\", but funny all the same. Genie and Iago made me laugh and they are two of the funniest characters Disney ever created tied with Hades, Pain, Panic, Timon and Pumbaa.moreless
Frank Welker

Frank Welker

voice of Abu, Raja

Guest Star

Bruce Adler

Bruce Adler

Narrator / Merchant

Guest Star

Charlie Adler

Charlie Adler

Additional Voices

Guest Star

Jim Cummings

Jim Cummings

voice of Razoul, Additional Voices

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • On the carpet ride, Aladdin and Jasmine fly past a full moon. A moment later, they see a half moon reflected in the water.

    • Although the script on the scrolls appears to be Arabic, the Sultan and Jafar's eyes move from left to right as they read it, not right to left as they should have.

    • When Jasmine first went into the market place and the guy tried to cut off her hand for stealing, Aladdin stopped him and gave the sword to Jasmine. She then put it behind her back but, when she bowed to Abu she didn't have it.

    • When growled at by Raja, Aladdin says "Good tiger, take off and go," but everyone thought that he said "Good teenager, take off your clothes."

    • Why is it that Jasmine is angry at Aladdin when he is pretending to be Ali and she discovers the truth? When Jafar told her that Aladdin had been killed she had been crying her eyes out. But when she realizes Ali is actually Aladdin she gets angry at his trying to deceive her. If she had been crying over him earlier, she would have been more like "Oh....You weren't killed after all!" instead of "Why did you lie to me!?"

    • Prince Akmed's pants (but not his boxers) are torn when he storms out of the palace yet immediately after this Raja has a piece of Prince Akmed's boxers (but not his pants) in his mouth.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Razoul: (catches Aladdin again) We just keep running into each other. Don't we, Street Rat?

    • A Whole New World
      Aladdin: I can show you the world; Shining, Shimmering, Splendid. Tell me, princess, now when did you last let your heart decide? I can open your eyes! Take you wonder, by wonder: Over, sideways and under on a magic carpet ride! A whole new world, a new fantastic point of view, no one to tell us no, or where to go, or say we're only dreaming...
      Jasmine: A whole new world! A dazzling place I never knew, but when I'm way up here, its crystal clear, that now I'm in a whole new world with you. (Aladdin(Accompanying): Now I'm in a whole new world with you!) Unbelievable sights... (bird squawks in shock) indescribable feelings, soaring tumbling free-wheeling through and endless diamond sky! A whole new world... (Aladdin (Accompanying): Don't you dare close your eyes...) A hundred thousand things to see (Aladdin (Accompanying): Hold your breath if its better!) I'm like a shooting star, I've come so far, and I can't go back to where I used to be, (Aladdin (Accompanying): A whole new world...) every turn a surprise.
      Aladdin: With new horizons to pursue...
      Aladdin and Jasmine: I'll chase them anywhere, there's time to spare, let me share this whole new world with you...
      Aladdin: A whole new world...
      Jasmine: A whole new world...
      Aladdin: A thrilling chase...
      Jasmine: A wondrous place...
      Aladdin and Jasmine: For you and me...

    • Genie: So what'll it be, master?
      Aladdin: You're gonna grant me any 3 wishes I want, right?
      Genie: (imitating William F. Buckley) Uh, ah, almost. There are a few, uh, provisos. Ah, a couple of quid pro quo.
      Aladdin: Like?
      Genie: (normally) Uh, rule #1, I can't kill anybody. (cuts his head off) So don't ask. A-rule #2! (fixes his head) I can't make anybody fall in love with anybody else. (smooches Aladdin) You little punim there. RULE #3!! (turns into a slimy Genie, and imitating Peter Lorre) I can't bring people back from the dead. It's not a pretty picture. I DON'T LIKE DOING IT!!!
      (he returns to normal)
      Genie: Other than that, you got it!

    • Aladdin: Provisos? You mean limitations? On wishes? Some all-powerful Genie. He can't even bring people back from the dead. I don't know, Abu. He probably can't even get us out of this cave. Looks like we're gonna have to find a way out of here.
      (Genie stomps his foot)
      Genie: (imitating Robert DeNiro) 'Xcuse me? Are you lookin' at me? Did you rub my lamp? Did you wake me up? Did you bring me here? And all of a sudden, you're walkin' out on me?! I don't think so! Not right now! (points his right index finger, screaming) YOU'RE GETTIN' YOUR WISHES, SO SIT DOWN!!!!!!
      (Aladdin and Abu sit down on the carpet, and Genie takes a seat there as well)
      Genie: (as a flight attendant) In case of emergency, the exits are (multiplies his arms, pointing each index finger outside the carpet) here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, (stops) ANYWHERE! (arms return to 2) Keep your hands and arms inside the carpet!
      (the carpet rockets up in hyperspeed)
      (the carpet pops out of the cave with the passengers aboard and flies back to Agrabah)
      Genie: OUTTA HERE!!!

    • Aladdin: (singing) Riffraff. Street rat. I don't buy that. If only they'd look closer, would they see a poor boy? No, siree. They'd find out... there's so much more... to me.

    • "One Jump Ahead" Song

      Gotta keep
      One jump ahead of the breadline
      One swing ahead of the sword
      I steal only what I can't afford
      That's everything!

      One jump ahead of the lawmen
      That's all, and that's no joke
      These guys don't appreciate I'm broke

      Riffraff! Street rat!
      Scoundrel! Take that!

      Just a little snack, guys!

      Rip him open, take it back, guys!

      I can take a hint, gotta face the facts
      You're my only friend, Abu!

      Oh, it's sad, Aladdin's hit the bottom
      He's become a one-man rise in crime
      I'd blame parents, except he hasn't got 'em!

      Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat
      Tell you all about it when I got the time!

      One jump ahead of the slowpokes
      One skip ahead of my doom
      Next time gonna use a nom de plume

      One jump ahead of the hitmen
      One hit ahead of the flock
      I think I'll take a stroll around the block!

      Stop, thief! Vandal!



      Let's not be too hasty

      Fat Ugly Lady:
      Still I think he's rather tasty

      Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat
      Otherwise we'd get along


      One jump ahead of the hoofbeats
      (Guards: Vandal!)
      One hop ahead of the hump
      (Guards: Street rat!)
      One trick ahead of disaster
      (Guards: Scoundrel!)
      They're quick, but I'm much faster
      (Guards: Take that!)
      Here goes, better throw my hand in
      Wish me happy landin'
      All I gotta do is jump!

    • "Friend Like Me" Song

      Well, Ali Baba had them forty thieves
      Sheherazadie had a thousand tales
      But, master, you in luck 'cause up your sleeves
      You got a brand of magic never fails
      You got some power in your corner now
      Some heavy ammunition in your camp
      You got some punch, pizzazz, yahoo, and how
      See, all you gotta do is rub that lamp
      And I'll say

      Mister Aladdin, sir
      What will your pleasure be?
      Let me take your order
      Jot it down
      You ain't never had a friend like me

      Life is your restaurant
      I'm your maitre d'
      C'mon, whisper what it is you want
      You ain't never had a friend like me.

      Yes sir, we pride ourselves on service
      You're the boss
      The king, the shah
      Say what you wish
      It's yours! True dish
      How about a little more baklava?

      Try some of column "A"
      Try all of column "B"
      I'm in the mood to help you, dude
      You ain't never had a friend like me

      Can your friends do this?
      Do your friends do that?
      Do your friends pull this out their little hat?
      Can your friends go poof?
      Well, looky here
      Can your friends go, abracadabra, let'er rip
      And then make the sucker disappear?

      So don't you sit there slack-jawed, buggy-eyed
      I'm here to answer all your midday prayers
      You got me bona fide, certified
      You got a genie for your charge d'affaires
      I got a powerful urge to help you out
      So whatcha wish? I really want to know
      You got a list that's three miles long, no doubt
      Well, all you gotta do is rub like so - and oh!

      Mister Aladdin, sir, have a wish or two or three
      I'm on the job, you big nabob
      You ain't never had a friend, never had a friend
      You ain't never had a friend, never had a friend
      You ain't never had a friend like me!
      You ain't never had a friend like me

    • "Prince Ali" Song
      Servants: Make way for Prince Ali!
      Say hey! It's Prince Ali!

      Genie: Hey! Clear the way in the old Bazaar
      Hey you!
      Let us through
      It's a bright new star!
      Oh come!
      Be the first on your block to meet his eye!
      Make way!
      Here he comes!
      Ring bells, bang the drums!
      Are you gonna love this guy!

      Prince Ali! Fabulous he!
      Ali Ababwa
      Genuflect, show some respect
      Down on one knee!
      Now try your best to stay calm
      Brush up your sunday salaam
      Then come and meet his spectacular coterie!

      Price Ali!
      Mighty is he!
      Ali Ababwa
      Strong as ten regular men, definitely!
      He faced the galloping hordes
      A hundred bad guys with swords
      Who sent those goons to their lords?
      Why, Prince Ali!

      He's got seventy-five golden camels
      Purple peacocks
      He's got fifty-three

      When it comes to exotic-type mammals
      Has he got a zoo?
      I'm telling you
      It's a world-class menagerie!

      Price Ali!
      Handsome is he
      Ali Ababwa
      That physique! How can I speak?
      Weak at the knee
      Well, get on out in that square
      Adjust your veil and prepare
      To gawk and grovel and stare at Prince Ali!

      He's got ninety-five white Persian monkeys
      (He's got the monkeys, let's see the monkeys)
      And to view them he charges to fee
      (He's generous, so generous!)
      He's got slaves, he's got servents and flunkies
      (Proud to work for him!)
      They bow to his whim, love serving him
      They're just lousy with loyalty to Ali! Prince Ali!
      Prince Ali!
      Amorous he!
      Ali Ababwa!

      Heard your princess was a sight lovely to see
      And that, good people, is why
      He got dolled up and dropped by

      With sixty elephants, llamas galore
      With his bears and lions
      A brass band and more
      With his forty fakirs, his cooks, his bakers
      His birds that warble on key
      Make way for
      Prince Ali!

    • Genie: Say, you're a lot smaller than my last master. Either that or I'm getting bigger. Look at me from the side, do I look different to you?
      Aladdin: Whoa, wait a minute. I'm...your master?
      Genie: That's right! He CAN be taught!

    • Guard: He's got a sword!
      Razoul: You idiots -- we've ALL got swords!

    • Sultan: Jafar! You vile betrayer!
      Iago: That's Sultan Vile Betrayer to you!

    • Genie (as a flight attendant): Thank you for choosing Magic Carpet for all your travel needs. Don't stand till the rug has come to a complete stop. Thank you, good bye, good bye, thank you, good bye. (normal) Now, how about that, Mr. Doubting Mustafa?
      Aladdin: Oh you sure fooled me. Now about my three wishes.
      Genie: Dost my ears deceive me? Three? You are down by one, boy!
      Aladdin: Ah no, I never actually wished to get out of the cave. You did that on your own.
      Genie: Oh. Well, I feel sheepish. (turns into a sheep) Alright, you baaaaaad boy, but no more freebies.

    • Iago: (spits out the cracker) I can't take it any more! If I gotta choke down on one more of those moldy, disgusting crackers, BAM! WHAP!
      Jafar: Calm yourself, Iago! Soon I will be sultan!
      Iago: Yeah, and then I stuff the crackers down his throat!

    • Sultan (takes out a cracker): Have a cracker, pretty Polly? (stuffs the cracker in Lago's mouth)
      Jafar: Your majesty certainly has a way with dumb animals!

    • Aladdin: Morning, ladies!
      Woman: Getting into trouble a little early, aren't we, Aladdin?
      Aladdin: Trouble? No way, you're only in trouble if you get caught.
      Rasoul: (grabs Aladdin from behind) Gotcha!
      Aladdin: I'm in trouble!

    • Seller: Look at this! Yes! Combination hookah and coffee maker. Also makes julienne fries! Will not break. Will not (it breaks) it broke.

    • Iago: (imitating Jasmine) I will have the power to get rid of you. Oh, that's it! We've got to keep kissing up to that chump daughter for the rest of our lives.
      Jafar: No. Only until she gets a chump husband. Then she'll have us banished - or beheaded!
      Both: (Hold their necks in disgust) Ew!

    • Iago: And then, we throw Papa-in-Law and the little woman off a cliff! (jumps off Jafar's snake staff and falls to the ground) YAAAAAAAAAHHH! Ker-SPAT!
      (Iago and Jafar laugh)
      Jafar: I love the way your foul little mind works!
      (Jafar and Iago take turns laughing)

  • NOTES (5)

    • Aladdin sets the genie free at the end of the movie; in the next movie and the rest of the series, he is a prisoner again.

    • Awards and Nominations:

      - Won the 1995 ASCAP Award for "Most Performed Songs from Motion Pictures"

      - Won the 1993 ASCAP Award for "Top Box Office Films"

      - Won two 1993 Oscar Awards for "Best Music, Original Score" and "Best Music, Original Song"

      - Nominated for three 1993 Oscar Awards for "Best Effects, Sound Effects Editing", "Best Music, Original Song" and "Best Sound"

      - Nominated for the 2005 Saturn Award for "Best DVD Classic Film Release"

      - Won three 1993 Saturn Awards for "Best Fantasy Film", "Best Performance by a Younger Actor" for Scott Weinger and "Best Supporting Actor" for Robin Williams

      - Nominated for the 1993 Saturn Award for "Best Music"

      - Won the 1993 Annie Award for "Best Animated Feature"

      - Nominated for two 1994 BAFTA Film Awards for "Best Score" and "Best Special Effects"

      - Won the 1994 BMI Film Music Award for "Most Performed Song from a Film"

      - Won two 1993 Golden Globe Awards for "Best Original Score - Motion Picture" and "Best Original Song - Motion Picture" for song "A Whole New World"

      - Nominated for three 1993 Golden Globe Awards for "Best Motion Picture - Comedy/Musical", "Best Original Song - Motion Picture" for song "Friend Like Me" and "Best Original Song - Motion Picture" for song "Prince Ali"

      - Won two 1994 Grammy Awards for "Best Instrumental Composition Written for a Motion Picture or for Television" and "Best Song Written Specifically for a Motion Picture or for Television"

      - Nominated for the 1994 Grammy Award for "Best Song Written Specifically for a Motion Picture or for Television"

      - Nominated for the 1993 Hugo Award for "Best Dramatic Presentation"

      - Won the 1992 LAFCA Award for "Best Dramatic Presentation"

      - Robin Williams won the 1993 MTV Movie Award for "Best Comedic Performance"

      - Nominated for two 1993 MTV Movie Awards for "Best Movie" and "Best Movie Song"

      - Nominated for the 2005 Golden Satellite Award for "Best Youth DVD"

      - Won the 1993 Special Award for "Outstanding Family Entertainment of the Year"

    • In preview screenings for the movie, nobody was applauding after the big song numbers. The animators wanted applause and therefore somebody stuck the Genie with an "Applause sign" at the end of "Friend Like Me." The joke worked and the "Applause sign" was kept.

    • Not only is the plot similar to The Thief of Baghdad, but character names Jafar and Abu were apparently borrowed from the script by Biro Lajos. The characters in the silent original, The Thief of Baghdad, were not given names.

    • The lyrics of the opening song, "Arabian Nights", were changed for the video release due to pressure from groups who were offended by the original lyrics. The original lyrics were: "Where they cut off your ear if they don't like your face." The new lyrics are: "Where it's flat and immense and the heat is intense".


    • When Aladdin and Jasmine are flying by the building in A Whole New World, it is the building from Hercules where Zeus's statue lies.

    • The Lion King

      When the sultan is stacking the animals he is replicating a scene from The Lion King when Simba is singing "I Just Can't Wait to Be King."

    • Aladdin was nominated for Five Academy Awards: Best Music, Original Score (Alan Menken) Best Music, Original Song --- "A Whole New World" (Alan Menken, Tim Rice), Best Effects, Sound Effects Editing (Mark A. Mangini), Best Music, Original Song --- "Friend Like Me" (Alan Menken, Howard Ashman), Best Sound (Terry Porter, Mel Metcalfe, David J. Hudson, Doc Kane) .

    • The stack of blocks that the Sultan plays with is sitting on a toy of the Beast from Beauty and the Beast.

    • Genie's head transforms into Pinocchio's when he doubts Al.

    • When Genie is looking in his recipe book, he pulls out Sebastian from "The Little Mermaid".

    • The genie appears in the following guises: a nightclub entertainer, a Scotsman, a Scots dog, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Señor Wences, Ed Sullivan (I), a slot machine, Groucho Marx, a boxing trainer, a fireworks rocket, a French maître d', a roast turkey, a pink rabbit, a dragon, a certificate, a pair of lips, Robert De Niro, a flight attendant, Carol Channing, a sheep, a hammock, a muscle man, Pinocchio, a magician, a Frenchman in a beret and striped shirt, a chef, Julius Caesar, Arsenio Hall, a tailor, a game-show host, a drum major, Walter Brennan, a little boy, a fat man, TV parade hosts, a tiger, a goat, a harem girl, Ethel Merman, Rodney Dangerfield, Jack Nicholson, a teacher, a talking lampshade, a bee, a submarine, a one-man band, a script prompter, a ventriloquist, a Fantasia-like devil, William F. Buckley, Jafar, cheerleaders, a baseball pitcher, a tourist with a Goofy hat, and the moon. For release in India, Disney replaced the game show host with a cricket commentator.

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