Season 1 Episode 6

Do the Rat Thing

Aired Unknown Sep 08, 1994 on
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Do the Rat Thing
When Aladdin rescues a rat who snuck into the palace, in danger by a tiger and a rude, stuck up suitor (Prince Wazoo) for Jasmine, Jasmine is curious why he saved the creature. When he tells her the rat is no different than him, Jasmine is confused and Aladdin says she's a princess and doesn't understand what being a street-rat is like. Angered, Jasmine takes the guise of a street rat and heads to the thief guild. There she meets a thief convinced she is a lowly beggar. To save her and Iago, she says she can prove she is a thief. She steals a mirror, telling Iago she'd secretly pay the man later. Afterwards, Fashir the blind fortune tells her wrongdoers gets punished by mysterious forces, then vanishes. Jasmine runs into the thief again. Once she proves herself, she looks in the mirror and says "I AM a street-rat." Iago responds, "Ha if you're a street-rat, I'm a frilled lizard." Afterward, Jasmine clutches herself, feeling strange. POOF! She becomes a rat and Iago a lizard. Unfortunately the mirror broke. Jasmine finds Aladdin and thinks he recognizes her but he doesn't. She and Iago have to find a way to get back to the palace and have Genie change them back, dodging Prince Wazoo, and other obstacles!moreless

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  • Iago as a

    OK, here's the 411, Aladdin thinks that Jasmine can't survive in the streets so Iago and jasmine go into the streets and steals a magic mirrior which turns them into animals. This is one of the more creative episodes that I've seen, not that the series is'nt creative, I'm just saying things could be better
Jim Cummings

Jim Cummings

Prince Wazou/Razoul/Additional Voices

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