Season 2 Episode 13

Eye Of The Beholder

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Dec 10, 1994 on CBS

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  • Jasmine saves the life of her beloved Aladdin.

    Princess Jasmine turned into a snake. She partly became a snake. Aladdin fell off of a cliff. She saved his life using her tail. Little did she know that her barbs are venomous. Aladdin was unconsious. She touched his heart and she protected him during his deep sleep. When he awakened she asked him if he could hear her. Mirage appeared and Aladdin got angry. Jasmine pulled him away from Mirage. She told him that he'll die if they touch eachother. She doesn't want him dead so her way of showing she cares is by abandoning the street rat. Then Jasmine coils up and hisses at her beloved telling him to go away. Then he turns himself into a snake. She turns around and says to him "Aladdin? No!" My points of view is that it should've happened another way. She should've gotten rid of her barbs and saved his life. She should've treated him like a son and raised him in the wild. But likely her maternal instincts were kicking in. She had to save her beloved's life. If Aladdin died then Jasmine would cry her head off. Instinctivly Jasmine did what needed to be done. She's the one who poisoned him without any intention of poisoning him and did not know her barbs were poisonous so she felt that it's her job to be the first face he sees when he wakes up. In this episode, it shows the sie of Jasmine we don't see often. It shows the kind, caring, and sensitive side. But in my opinion, the way it should've happened was that Aladdin should've gotten pushed off of the cliff by Mirage or something like that while Jasmine's still a half human half snake and is not yet poisonous. Then Aladdin might've thanked her for saving his life. Then she could've become a full transformed snake and shooed everyone away and not let anyone come near him or touch him or talk to him or interact with him at all except for her and Genie. It also should've been the way where Aladdin finds out that Genie and Jasmine are his real parents but had to put him up for adoption. Also he could've had the golden heart that nobody else has and everybody knows that he's the carrier of the legendary golden heart and that's why all villians are after him and unbenownst to him that he's the carrier of the golden heart. He doesn't know he's the carrier of the golden heart. The golden heart would be a powerful thing much more powerful than any magic or power of any kind put together.