Season 2 Episode 13

Eye Of The Beholder

Aired Unknown Dec 10, 1994 on

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  • My all time favorite episode I have every seen! Just wish it turned out a little differently...

    I really love the whole concept that Jasmine transformed to a Naga. Even at full Naga she is still quite attractive in that form. I'm glad that Aladdin loves her, in in that form.

    Too bad Jasmine near the end of her full form grew poison barbs which nearly killed Aladdin when Jasmine went to rescue him.

    After that Jasmine knew Aladdin could not touch her or he would die. But Aladdin used the lotion to become a Naga himself to leave with Jasmine.

    Mirage the Cat pretty much lost the whole concept that love is weak.

    Then the blind guy grew back the tree so Aladdin and Jasmine would become human again, just the way Disney wants it.

    Personally, it would of been cool if Jasmine stayed a Naga and there was a way to remove the poison and the poison barbs away from her. Jasmine in her Naga form is quite usefully that she is a little stronger and slightly bigger and pretty much defend herself. And Aladdin would still love her and would eventually marry her, even in that form and have possibly Naga kids.

    Sadly, that is more in the realm of fanfictions. Disney would never accept that idea and the series already ended more then 10 years ago. But it would be fun if some would make a fanfiction based on this episode for fun with the alternative and still happy ending.
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