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  • One of Disney's best cartoons

    A show between movies in the Aladdin universe. Various episodes centered around action, adventure, fantasy, and some comedy thrown in the mix. It's about Aladdin when he lives in the palace before he marries Princess Jasmine and Iago is reformed. Plus the list of new characters is a great bonus too. Some are on par with the greatest of Disney villains.
  • Just as good as the first film.

    I just loved the series.
  • One of Disney's Best Films Given a Great Series

    The 1992 Disney Adaption of Aladdin gave us one of the best Disney heroes of all time. Aladdin was agile, handsome, pure hearted, intelligent, and a diamond in the rough. It was given a sequel, The Return of Jafar, and while the animation was inferior to the first film, it was still pretty good. The series finally concluded with Aladdin and the King of Thieves, but between the two sequels, we got this television series.

    Aladdin now lives in the palace with his fianc, Jasmine. While the two lovebirds do have a few rocky moments at times in the show, the two stuck together and were still so much in love. Aladdin still has his team of friends to allows help him save the day. The Genie, who had incredibly powerful magic. Iago, Jafar's parrot, turned Aladdin's ally, was a greedy parrot, but very intelligent when it came to magical items and history. Abu, Aladdin's pet monkey was a skilled thief and still had his lockpicks. CArpet was a sentient magic carpet and was used as transportation. Jasmine herself has become a force to be reckoned with. Studying Aladdin's combat style, she herself became a skilled fighter and just as agile as Aladdin himself.

    With the death of Jafar, Aladdin had a few new recurring villains to fight, many of which are now considered classic Disney Villains. Abis Mal, who first appeared in the Return of Jafar, was an incompetent but still dangerous thief with an obsession for hats. Mozenwrath was a power hungry sorcerer that was the same age as Aladdin and had similarities to Jafar. Mirage was an incarnation of evil that sought to destroy Aladdin and Agrabah simply to be evil. Mekanicles was the greatest of the great Greek geniuses and germophobe who used the best technology at the time to clean the world at the cost of the environment or people's lives.

    Now like the two sequels, the animation of the television is inferior to the first film, but it was still very great. In fact this show is worthy of a 10 out of 10 except for one thing. It's still not out on DVD. This was one of the best shows I had growing up as a kid and I'd like to relive it.
  • Want to get into

    1st ep (10)
  • About the show

    This series has great Music Direction and Composition in seasons 1-2, Film Sound Editing in seasons 1-2, and Sound Mixing in seasons 1-3.
  • Another one of Disney's best brought, masterfully, to life

    Aladdin has to be among Disney's best characters. He's been one of my favorites for a very long time. And Disney did a great job of bringing him to life in this adaptation. I can barely notice the difference between this series and the movies. Jasmine is still the extremely hot and rebellious princess who knows just when and how to follow her heart. Abu and Iago are still dumb should-be farm animals whose greed, stupidity, and constant feud often leads to problems on the largest scale at the worst possible time. And Aladdin is still the cool, adventuresome (if not sometimes stupid and unfair) protagonist whose overall good-hearted nature makes the show shine like gold. I give it an 8.0 because it isn't in HD.
  • While there are many people who hated Disney's endeavors to turn their hit movies into television programs, I loved the idea and I believe that this series was just as good as the movies on which they were based.

    I enjoyed watching the Aladdin movies, but to be honest, I never really cared that much about them. What's really odd is the fact that I actually enjoyed watching the Aladdin TV Series more than I did the Aladdin movies, as I feel that the characters were portrayed in a better fashion throughout the course of the series. Unlike the movies, which were devoted towards a few villains and one large plot per movie, the series introduced a ton of characters and plots that really helped make the series memorable. Despite this fact, the series also tried to remain respectful to the movies and I felt that the characters remained true to their form, especially Iago; he was my favorite character in the movies and he remained my favorite character in the series, though I digress. All in all, Aladdin could have been better, but I honestly believe it was one of the best movie based cartoons that was ever created.
  • Aladdin was Disney's greatest and beloved characters ever adapted. It all began in 1991, when Aladdin, the feature film, was released in theaters. It became a major blockbuster and grew to be so popular that a year later Disney decided to make a sequel.

    I loved this series when it was on television as a child. I used to wait and watch it everyday and when they started moving the time around, I try to watch when I could catch it. I loved all the characters from the series to Aladdin all the way down to every villains that came on the series. Anyway, it was a shame it had to go but I just everything have to come to an end. I am happy that I was around to see this vision of the movie in a television series that many children loved or will love.
  • I love Aladdin. Although I prefer the original movie the series is still really good. Please check out my profile some time.

    OMG! I love Aladdin. But then again I love all the disney movies. Genie is my favorite character. In chior I get to sing all the songs in one big medly with my besty Adrian. But check out the series and the movies they are awesome. It may not air on tv any more (At least I'm not sure if it does or not) but you can still buy the movies and other things. Out of all the disney movies Aladdin is my number 3. Nothing can beat the lion king 1 and 2. But anyway I love Aladdin and the shows.
  • alddin is cool i have all ways wacht it a how lot and it is the best show ther is so i hop that some day alddin will have new epsords and new advichers case i love his shows and all of the moves to so i hop that he cums out with new ones sone i hop so

    aladin is cool i love it it is a good show to wach it is the best show i have aver seen i wish that aladin could come out with new shows and new ep case i love it i love the epserd win alddin and morzin raff shich bodys and be cum one with e cuther its like talking to a meara and i love it win geeny meets his new girl friend genny it is so cool i love it a how lot so i hop that he cums out with new ones a gine i so hop so
  • Really good cartoon mixed with all the right ingredients ..

    I used to watch this show when I was a kid on saturday mornings...I also watched the movies and thought that they were really great. Aladdin is a homeless boy but with a golden heart. He is always accompanied by his monkey pet and friend Abu. However, Abu very often has his eyes bigger than his belly and is often taking things that doesn't belong to him and getting both in trouble. One day, Aladdin helped Princess Jasmine and fell in love with her. Together, they go through different adventures and fight the bad guys with the help of Genie, Iago and magic carpet.
  • i used to watch this show all the time

    i loved watching aladdin! i even have a few episode moives, yes, VHS! i have the first aladdin and aladdin and the king of thievs. it has been forever since i watched this show, but if i had the chance to see it again some time, i would definitely watch it! i miss this show, it's great. i loved genie. he was/ is hilarious! iago, too. he is always getting into trouble; trouble that abu starts, of course. it's amazing how one kingdom can have so many monsters attack it but yet it look "perfect." aladdin was difinitely a favorite of mine.
  • I remember this used to be my favorite show when I was like 5 years old.

    One boring Saturday afternoon, I was at home, watching tv, and just flipping through the channels, then I saw Aladdin on toon disney. I was like "Oh my gosh! I remember watching this show when I was younger!!" So like I started to watch a little bit of it and got some memories of when I used to watch it. It felt so wierd. But then, like five minutes later, I got bored and watched some other show. Well, that was a really wierd 5 minute experience. I had just felt like sharing my childhood memory now, lol. Aladdin is a cool show, but for kids only. The end!
  • A mostly charming continuation of the movie.

    Aladdin is one of several Disney "film-to-series" that actually works. As you may already know, it revolves around the adventures of Aladdin and his cohorts Abu, Iago (who, after the movie "Return Of Jafar", is with our heroes now), Jasmine, Carpet, and Genie. The characters are just as wonderful here as they are in the movie, and the series develops them a bit more as well. Aladdin and Jasmine have such an interesting relationship -- it's nice to see a couple capable of being loving without descending into sappyness. Genie and Iago are usually capable of getting a laugh with me, and Carpet is a personal favorite of mine's. Of course, as good a show as this was, it wasn't perfect (bad animation in some of the episodes, some flat-out dumb episodes ["Stinker Belle", "Poor Iago"], and more could've been done with some of the villains like Mirage), but it's still pretty entertaining.
  • this is best arab cartoon series

    this is show should be on for ever and ever and i just want them to do a new series of aladdin and a new movie to come to the big screen. i watch this show everyday 6am but it comes on 9am so i get a 3 hours ahead and how it use to be on 6am.
  • It is nice!

    When I was young, I loved this shoe too much. Aladdin has to be among Disney's greatest and beloved characters ever adapted. It all began in 1991, when Aladdin , the feature film, was released in theaters. Within its first week, it became a major blockbuster and grew to be so popular that a year later, in the summer of 1993, Disney decided to make a sequel to Aladdin featuring the return of the evil villain from the first film in The Return Of Jafar . Continuing on with Aladdin 's popularity and the demand for more adventures, Disney created the Aladdin TV series a year later, in 1994. The show had 2 seasons and it become so popular and so high in demand that it exceeded the normal 65 episode limitation of a Disney cartoon series. With that, Disney made a 3rd season of Aladdin in 1995 which contained 8 additional episodes.
  • Mindblowing!

    Aladdin has to be among Disney's greatest and beloved characters ever adapted. It all began in 1991, when Aladdin , the feature film, was released in theaters. Within its first week, it became a major blockbuster and grew to be so popular that a year later, in the summer of 1993, Disney decided to make a sequel to Aladdin featuring the return of the evil villain from the first film in The Return Of Jafar . Continuing on with Aladdin 's popularity and the demand for more adventures, Disney created the Aladdin TV series a year later, in 1994. The show had 2 seasons and it become so popular and so high in demand that it exceeded the normal 65 episode limitation of a Disney cartoon series. With that, Disney made a 3rd season of Aladdin in 1995 which contained 8 additional episodes. After the last episode of Aladdin aired, Disney wrapped up the tales of Aladdin with the 1996 film Aladdin and the King Of Thieves
  • A great classic.

    Alladin Was My Personal childhood favourite. The stories of aladdin were the best aspect of aladdin. The jenie in the cartoon was the most comic part and always the most reasoned part cause if anything used to happen it was somewhat related to jenie. Though the star of the show was Aladdin. Aladdin with Jenie, Jasmine, Abu, Kalim And Iago goes on great adventures and together all of them conquer the most impossible things. As per the story Jaffar the main enemy never enters the show.The starting music is also great. Jasmine looks beutiful in her yellow clothes, Abu with his cap is more busy in steling things, iago always like to rest and Jenie and Kalim always compete against each other to prove who? is the best.
  • This show was really good! This was DEFINATELY one of Disney's greatest spin-off cartoons from a movie!

    I miss this show! It brings back memories for me. Out of all the Spin-off shows, this was one of the best, along with Timon and Pumbaa!

    I like all three Aladdin movies, but the first one was the best and original one!

    Disney actually did a good move to make a spin-off from such an excellent film! Now Disney sucks, coz they now show really stupid shows!
  • nobody really talks about alladin anymore but good show still.

    alladin movies inspired the series and alladin all together was pretty popular when it first came out but now you never hear about it anymore's still a good show's pretty much like the movies just it's more following alladins adventures more than jasmine's were as in the first movie jasmine was basicly the point of the movie,still has jasmine in it though.this show is a good watch especially for kids around the age of 5-8 who still have that real magigical adventure type thing in there's good for kids of all ages though,good just like the movies,it's the perfect show to watch on a saturday morning with your brotheres and sisters while you eat your breakfast.
  • A boy living on the streets falls in love with a princess. With the help of magical creatures and his pet monkey, they overcome adventures in order to stay alive and capture the heart of the girl.

    This was one of my favorite shows and movies when I was younger. The main reason that I stopped watching it was that it was taken off the air where I am located. It is a great show full of humor and it will forever remain one of the best tv shows for the family to watch.
  • Aladdin the series is just as good as the movies.

    A good follow - up to the Aladdin movies, Aladdin the series is definately worth watching. I am pleased to see that Disney still keeps it in it's line - up although it's only being played on the Weekends. And with 86 episodes it will take almost a year to see them all assuming that your willing to get up at 6:30 AM on Saturdays and Sundays. Disney should consider playing the episodes more often and at different times.
  • Taking place between the assorted Disney Aladdin films, it traces the lives of the characters we have all come to know and love!

    I always loved watching this show! It made me smile and kept the characters exactly as they were in the movies plus added interesting new ones! The voice actors were amazing and the show remained enjoyable no matter how old I got. This show is SORELY missed, it was one of the great ones!
  • Awaiting the DVD

    Good show I watched growing up. As a teenager, I still love everything Disney, and Aladdin is one of my favourite movies. I have two of the VHS released of the TV show, and now that it's only on when I'm at school, I'm waiting for a DVD release (they recently started releasing Disney Channel cartoons in box sets, I'm hoping Aladdin is next), and I heard about a possible Broadway show!
  • ok, first of all I love aladdin and just about anything that can relate. but this show I feel didn't have something

    I love the movie aladdin! it was one of my favorte disney classics. I love aladdin and the king of theves too! but this show just didn't seem to well, I mean genie was pretty weird, and aladdin wasn't much of a hero, and jasmine seemed pretty greedy. but however, I still love the movie and I always will. just like the lion king.
  • My Favorite Disney Movie had its own tv cartton.


    This show was made after the Aladdin movies came out. The movies were funny and cool, and action packed. And they kept that with a cartoon i use to watch it every day and i still do watch it at times on Cartoon Disney. This show brings back all your favorite characters all packed into 30 minutes of showtime.This also introduces new good guys and villans. Also the opening seen comes from Aladdin 2. This show was put on at the right time when almost everyone liked Aladdin because of the movies. This was a great show!
  • Great Show!

    A great series for a Disney Classic! Aladdin will always be remembered as a great series to many fans, and it had one of my favorite Villains, Mozenrath! The episodes are pretty dramatic and funny at the same time. I wish there are more episodes though. I always watch the episodes when I\'m bored!
  • I was growing up when I was watching "Aladdin", and I still find this show quite entertaining.

    "Aladdin" started off as a movie released in 1992, which made the top three highest box office for an animated movie. The movie is, in general, about a man named Aladdin who encounters a blue genie (Robin Williams) and wishes that he would become a "prince" so that he can win the heart of Princess Jasmine, daughter of the Sultan for Agrabah (I think?). In the end, Aladdin tells the truth that he's not a prince, but Jasmine still loves him anyway because of his rescuing her. Aladdin ultimately becomes the prince of Agrabah by permission from the Sultan.

    But the show did not continue from the first movie. It, indeed, started when the second movie "Aladdin II" came out.

    The show is about the life and adventures of Aladdin and Jasmine, along with friends Iago, Abu, and Genie himself, after their encounters with Jafar.

    I find "Aladdin" a great show to say the least. It's got that element of adventure kids has been wanting. The movie ultimately influenced children of many ages, and this show promises that they will keep influencing fans of the movie, young to old.

    "Aladdin" is a great show for the whole family, and has that cartoonish style that I've grown up with in the 90's. I hope I'll see reruns of this show every week, just to refreshen my memory about this show.
  • Honestly the Best Classic Disney Series EVER!

    I love this show from my childhood and it's a good thing that it's still on Toon Disney Channel, though I like the new line up unlike some whiny adults who keep complaining, I realise that Toon Disney is a kids channel and is showing what is appealing to them, and I am glad this is a part of it. This show had everything, excluding my favorite Disney/Buena Vista show Gargoyles, this show had everything, humor, action, drama, and some other stuff, I can see why this series was a popular favorite among many people kids though adults. I just know this will come out on DVD at some point like Gargoyles, DuckTales, and Rescue Rangers are.

    My top favorite character was the main one, Aladdin, he had a lot of heart, courage, and cunning, this character though while he also made many mistakes too, was the perfect character. While Aladdin was the best character, many of the other character were awesome too, Princess Jasmine, she is a very sweet person but is just as into adventure as Aladdin and she is just as brave and full of heart, except she and Al grew up in to different worlds, these things about them make them the perfect match. Abu and Iago were comic releaf characters, Both were greedy yet both were great characters to be part of the adventure, each one offered an important part every now and then, and also I like Iago because he's a former villain. Genie was the best humor releaf character, though he originally was to serve Aladdin, he they both became friend when they met and Genie returned to spend time with his friend on his freedom, though he no longer grants wishes, he is a loyal friend who loves to entertain and help his friends on their adventures. I also like Carpet, a living magic object of no words so he lets his actions do the talking, also a loyal friend and helps out just as much as Genie, he is way more then just an object.

    Though aside from the heroes, many of the villains were great too, my favorite one being Abis Mal, though he was a bumbling villain, he was the funniest yet a lot of times he was also able to pose a real threat oddly enough and I find that to be a great mix.

    All and all, this series is fasinating, absolutely brillient, there is no one I wouldn't recommend this series to, I enjoy watching it on the Princess Power Hour sometimes and now on the Weekday Bonus Stacks (which I deeply dislike but I love the show). Give it up for Aladdin, the best classic from Disney EVER!
  • One of Disney's best

    Aladdin is my favorite disney animated movie, Its got action, adventure and Romance and humor, one things disney is famous the other their cartoon movies are musicals i don't really like musicals but the disney movies are different. You got the main character Aladdin a once lonely street-rat who fell in love with a beautiful princess, goes on all sorts of wild adventures, and of course who couldn't forget the Genie. Aladdin is a classic disney cartoon.
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