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  • I was growing up when I was watching "Aladdin", and I still find this show quite entertaining.

    "Aladdin" started off as a movie released in 1992, which made the top three highest box office for an animated movie. The movie is, in general, about a man named Aladdin who encounters a blue genie (Robin Williams) and wishes that he would become a "prince" so that he can win the heart of Princess Jasmine, daughter of the Sultan for Agrabah (I think?). In the end, Aladdin tells the truth that he's not a prince, but Jasmine still loves him anyway because of his rescuing her. Aladdin ultimately becomes the prince of Agrabah by permission from the Sultan.

    But the show did not continue from the first movie. It, indeed, started when the second movie "Aladdin II" came out.

    The show is about the life and adventures of Aladdin and Jasmine, along with friends Iago, Abu, and Genie himself, after their encounters with Jafar.

    I find "Aladdin" a great show to say the least. It's got that element of adventure kids has been wanting. The movie ultimately influenced children of many ages, and this show promises that they will keep influencing fans of the movie, young to old.

    "Aladdin" is a great show for the whole family, and has that cartoonish style that I've grown up with in the 90's. I hope I'll see reruns of this show every week, just to refreshen my memory about this show.