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  • While there are many people who hated Disney's endeavors to turn their hit movies into television programs, I loved the idea and I believe that this series was just as good as the movies on which they were based.

    I enjoyed watching the Aladdin movies, but to be honest, I never really cared that much about them. What's really odd is the fact that I actually enjoyed watching the Aladdin TV Series more than I did the Aladdin movies, as I feel that the characters were portrayed in a better fashion throughout the course of the series. Unlike the movies, which were devoted towards a few villains and one large plot per movie, the series introduced a ton of characters and plots that really helped make the series memorable. Despite this fact, the series also tried to remain respectful to the movies and I felt that the characters remained true to their form, especially Iago; he was my favorite character in the movies and he remained my favorite character in the series, though I digress. All in all, Aladdin could have been better, but I honestly believe it was one of the best movie based cartoons that was ever created.