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  • Honestly the Best Classic Disney Series EVER!

    I love this show from my childhood and it's a good thing that it's still on Toon Disney Channel, though I like the new line up unlike some whiny adults who keep complaining, I realise that Toon Disney is a kids channel and is showing what is appealing to them, and I am glad this is a part of it. This show had everything, excluding my favorite Disney/Buena Vista show Gargoyles, this show had everything, humor, action, drama, and some other stuff, I can see why this series was a popular favorite among many people kids though adults. I just know this will come out on DVD at some point like Gargoyles, DuckTales, and Rescue Rangers are.

    My top favorite character was the main one, Aladdin, he had a lot of heart, courage, and cunning, this character though while he also made many mistakes too, was the perfect character. While Aladdin was the best character, many of the other character were awesome too, Princess Jasmine, she is a very sweet person but is just as into adventure as Aladdin and she is just as brave and full of heart, except she and Al grew up in to different worlds, these things about them make them the perfect match. Abu and Iago were comic releaf characters, Both were greedy yet both were great characters to be part of the adventure, each one offered an important part every now and then, and also I like Iago because he's a former villain. Genie was the best humor releaf character, though he originally was to serve Aladdin, he they both became friend when they met and Genie returned to spend time with his friend on his freedom, though he no longer grants wishes, he is a loyal friend who loves to entertain and help his friends on their adventures. I also like Carpet, a living magic object of no words so he lets his actions do the talking, also a loyal friend and helps out just as much as Genie, he is way more then just an object.

    Though aside from the heroes, many of the villains were great too, my favorite one being Abis Mal, though he was a bumbling villain, he was the funniest yet a lot of times he was also able to pose a real threat oddly enough and I find that to be a great mix.

    All and all, this series is fasinating, absolutely brillient, there is no one I wouldn't recommend this series to, I enjoy watching it on the Princess Power Hour sometimes and now on the Weekday Bonus Stacks (which I deeply dislike but I love the show). Give it up for Aladdin, the best classic from Disney EVER!
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