Aladdin - Season 1

(ended 1995)




Episode Guide

  • The Return Of Malcho

    The Sultan and everyone else are going on a little trip except for Aladdin, Iago, and the Royal Guards. The Sultan tells Aladdin to take charge of the kingdom while he's away. All goes well until Malcho comes back from the frozen north to get his revenge on Iago. Now Aladdin and the Royal Guards have to protect Iago and the kingdom against him.

  • Destiny On Fire
    Destiny On Fire
    Episode 64

    Aziz is back, and he's turned the Sultan, Jasmine, and the rest of Agrabah into slugs while Aladdin and the rest of the gang are on vacation. Rasoul is the only one from the palace who's managed to escape, and get rid of Aziz. Aladdin and Rasoul must find a way to work together to finally beat Aziz without fighting each other in the process.

  • From Hippsodeth, With Love

    Queen Hippsodeth has fallen in love with the Sultan of Agrabah, but King Pecter has fallen in love with her and so this deadly love triangle means trouble for the Sultan and Agrabah.

  • Seems Like Old Crimes (2)

    After telling the story of how he met them, Aladdin and co. go find their headquarters to put a stop to them once and for all.

  • Seems Like Old Crimes (1)

    When Aladdin finds out that 3 thieves from the past have somehow turned into powerful magical creatures he tries to stop them. Before he can do so all of Aladdin's friends (except Abu) ask him who are these old thieves, so Aladdin tells him how he knows these thieves.

  • As The Netherworld Turns

    Iago and Abu are looking for a magic glass ball in Jafar's old lab because they hear that it let's you walk through walls. Once they do, they both rub it, and sure enough, they can walk through walls, but there's one catch, they are sent to the Netherworld, the land of the dead. Aladdin and the others can't hear them either, and what's really bad, is that Ayam Aghoul is trying to make them permanent guests.

  • The Lost City Of The Sun

    Mozenrath enslaves the sprites to find a lost city that contains an enormous amount of power. Some sprites escape, and inform Aladdin and friends about whats going on. He comes to the rescue a stops Mozenrath.

  • Vocal Hero
    Vocal Hero
    Episode 58

    Butterfingers has some tricks up his sleeve and he's after the Sultan who's been turned into a miniature gold statue.

  • Love At First Sprite

    Playful creatures named the sprites always want to have fun, so when they spot Aladdin and co. they teach them how to fly and carpet feels left out. But when the sprites want to play all the time the seem to good to be true and carpet teaches them a lesson they'll never forget.

  • Black Sand
    Black Sand
    Episode 56

    Each one of Aladdin friends get replaced by undead mamluks, and whose doing it, why Mozenrath of course and he's using his magical powers and black sand to do it.

  • Shark Treatment
    Shark Treatment
    Episode 55

    Saleen turns Aladdin into a shark, so she can have a new sea animal to play with. However, she has difficulty attempting to turn him back, and things get complicated when Jasmine and Genie get involved when they're trying to find Aladdin.

  • Armored And Dangerous

    A rampagous monster named Dominous Tusk becomes a threat to Agrabah, so the Sultan decides to do something for a change. He gets an old armor from an ancient warrior and uses it to beat him. He's successful in doing so, and now Agrabah wants him as they protector, but the more he uses that armor the more possessed he gets with the spirit of that ancient warrior.

  • When Chaos Comes Calling

    Aladdin gets overconfident, and thinks he can overcome any challenge, so Chaos (the lord of randomness and spontaneity) gives him a real challenge.

  • The Love Bug
    The Love Bug
    Episode 52

    Some types of mechanical termites are tearing down Thundra's rainforest. When Aladdin and co. tell Thundra that they've found out that Mechanickles is doing this Thundra decides to take care of him herself.

  • Heads, You Lose
    Heads, You Lose
    Episode 51

    Aladdin and friends are tricked into finding an evil wizard's head, and when they do the wizard attaches his head to his body. Then he unattaches Aladdin's head from his body, and now the others have to figure out how to put it back on.

  • Egg-stra Protection
    Egg-stra Protection
    Episode 50

    A griffin is terrorizing Getizstan because Abis-Mal stole her egg. He believed that the egg gives you special powers. But it turns out, that they just make your hair grow uncontrollably.

  • Night Of The Living Mud

    Aladdin gets some well deserved relaxing time, but when Iago tracks AlMuddi mud into the palace, can he, Abu, and Genie handle it without Aladdin?

  • The Way We War
    The Way We War
    Episode 48

    Nefir and his imps are making Agrabah and Odiferous go to war. The imps are supplying both cities with war supplies and making a nice profit off it at the same time.

  • Smells Like Trouble
    Smells Like Trouble
    Episode 47

    It's the return of the newlyweds Uncouthma and his wife. This time they have a son, and he thinks brawn is the only way to solve problems. But when a real problem comes up and lizards are affecting Odiferious' cheese Aladdin teaches him it's good to have
    brains and brawn.

  • Shadow Of A Doubt
    Shadow Of A Doubt
    Episode 46

    Mirage conjures up a devious black obelisk that can disintegrate anything with just a single touch. She wants revenge upon Agrabah, and sends the obelisk to wipe out the town without anything left behind. Can Aladdin and friends stop her before Agrabah disappears before sundown?

  • Stinkerbelle
    Episode 45

    Aladdin and Jasmine travel to Odiferous to attend Uncouthma's wedding, but someone is trying to ruin the happy couple's wedding day.

  • Mission: Imp Possible

    Nefir slips Aladdin a fatal poison of which only he has the cure for. If Genie doesn't help Nefir get the Golden Silk Of Panacea, then Aladdin is doomed.

  • A Clockwork Hero
    A Clockwork Hero
    Episode 43

    Mechanikles decides to build a robot son, but it doesn't work correctly. Meanwhile, Waheed is trying to become a hero like Aladdin, but keeps messing up, so when he stumbles upon Mechanikles' robot, he gets inside, and realizes that it is operated manually. The only problem is that Mechanikles thinks he's gotten it to work and wants it to be evil like him.

  • The Wind Jackal Of Mozenrath

    Aladdin, Jasmine, and Abu go out on a secret mission to stop Mozenrath's new evil magical creature: a wind jackal. Sure that they've gone on a treasure hunt without him, Iago convinces Genie and carpet to go after them. What they don't know is that Mozenrath's got magic detectors all over his kingdom. And when they get caught, can they find a way to stop Mozenrath from using his wind Jackal against Agrabah?

  • The Seven Faces Of Genie

    Genie experiments by turning himself into seven split personalities, but something goes wrong and those personalities split out of him and rampage all over Ghezistan.

  • In the Heat of the Fright

    Aladdin and friends meet Mirage, the evil catwoman with incredible powers. She uses her agile senses to catch each of Aladdin's friends off guard, one by one. They will have to think with their heads and outsmart Mirage's cunning abilities if they are to save Agrabah.

  • The Secret of Dagger Rock

    On a lovely day Aladdin and Jasmine are about to go on a date, but it is quickly ruined by Mozenrath. He kidnappes Aladdin for Genie, and now Jasmine has to disguise herself as a guard to rescue him for danger.

  • Poor Iago
    Poor Iago
    Episode 38

    Iago can't stand being greedy for money and etc. anymore so he becomes generous, so generous that he steals valuables to give away.

  • The Citadel
    The Citadel
    Episode 37

    Evil sorcerer Mozenrath is looking for someone who can take challenges. He learns about Aladdin, and when he does he kidnappes Genie and Aladdin has to rescue him and destroy a monster called a Thirdak who's trying to eat Genie's magic.

  • The Sands of Fate
    The Sands of Fate
    Episode 36

    Aladdin and co. are caught between to armies of horsemen fighting each other. This wouldn't be such a tough battle if there weren't only one problem. The battle keeps repeating itself everyday. If that weren't the only problem it gets worse. As each day goes on each member of Aladdin's team either gets captured or turned into a horseman. Now it's up to Iago to figure out how to save the day, and to stop whatever keeps making it repeat itself all over again.

  • Power to the Parrot
    Power to the Parrot
    Episode 35

    Iago thinks that Genie's magical job is easy, so Genie gives Iago his powers for a day. Iago has fun with it at first, but then he realizes what a tough job it is to be a genie. Eventually Iago gets himself into a tough scrap that he can't get out of, so Genie takes back his powers and saves him.

  • The Animal Kingdom
    The Animal Kingdom
    Episode 34

    Aladdin and co. find themselves in a village with talking animals. These animals are prejudice against humans and don't trust them, but when Aladdin saves the day they learn that all creatures are either good or bad.

  • Snowman Is An Island

    Aladdin and friends are forced to go through a castle when there's no other way around, and the resident decides he wants Genie to stay and be his court jester.

  • The Game
    The Game
    Episode 32
    Genie has never won a game against carpet, but when he meets two game-loving wizards, how far will he go just to win?
  • Smolder And Wiser
    Smolder And Wiser
    Episode 31
    Abis Mal threatens Agrabah with a fire elemental who causes destruction. The elemental, Magma, is a relentless beast who has no limits. Even if Genie and Aladdin can manage a way to defeat him, they'll still have to beat Abis Mal to save Agrabah.
  • Elemental, My Dear Jasmine

    An evil sea mermaid named Saleen has the elemental power of water. She usually uses this ability to drown sailors, but this time she's caught Jasmine. When she finds out that Jasmine has a boyfriend she decides to hook, line and sink him.

  • Caught By The Tale
    Caught By The Tale
    Episode 29
    Two kids love the stories of the heroic adventures of Aladdin, so Genie, Iago, and Abu tell them some. All goes well until Abis Mal starts telling them some. He tricks the kids into helping him find a treasure.
  • Opposites Detract
    Opposites Detract
    Episode 28
    Aladdin and friends encounter a dragon on a trading mission.
  • Of Ice And Men
    Of Ice And Men
    Episode 27
    After Aladdin and co. take a trip to the frozen north they meet an ice efreet named Frajhid. He gives Agrabah something they've never had: snow, but soon he gets to caught up in this and now he wants the people of Agrabah to be walking in an icy wonderland.
  • The Day The Bird Stood Still
    Abis Mal put a curse in the Sultan's bathing oils to turn him to stone, but Iago uses it instead and has before sundown to get the cure. He does everything that he can to get it. In the end he cleverly reversed the spell on Abis Mal.
  • Dune Quixote
    Dune Quixote
    Episode 25
    Sadira puts a spell on Aladdin so he will love her over Jasmine, but the spell goes wrong and now Aladdin thinks he's Don Quixote. The only way to cure this spell is a kiss from Sadira, but Jasmine won't allow it.
  • Rain Of Terror
    Rain Of Terror
    Episode 24
    Thundra is tired of doing her job of controling the weather, so Iago says that he'll take over her job while she takes a vacation. All goes well until Iago makes a bad deal with Thundra's rival Malcho. Iago gives him Thundra's weather medallion, and it's up to him to him to beat Malcho and get the medallion back for Thundra.moreless
  • The Flawed Couple
    The Flawed Couple
    Episode 23
    Abis Mal and Mechanickles team up to get their revenge on Aladdin. They do it by these magical jewels. Each jewel posesses a certain bad feeling or emotion. The jewels effect everyone except for Aladdin who decides to reverse the curse and use the jewels on Mechanickles and Abis Mal.
  • Moonlight Madness
    Moonlight Madness
    Episode 22
    When Iago finds out about a treasure, he wants Aladdin to help him find it, but Aladdin has already promised Jasmine that they can have a night alone. But once Aladdin hears of the treasure, he can't resist. So he decides to have their night alone on the island the treasure is located. But there seems to be something guarding the treasure...moreless
  • Lost And Founded
    Lost And Founded
    Episode 21
    Abis Mal uses a time machine to go back in time to avoid Jasmine's father to become the Sultan so he can be the Sultan of Agrabah. If he succeeds not only will Abis Mal be the Sultan, but Jasmine's will no longer exist. It's up to Aladdin and his friends to follow Abis Mal to the past and keep him from defeating Jasmine's father in becoming Sultan.moreless
  • SandSwitch
    Episode 20
    Sadira uses a magic spell to trade lives with Jasmine, so Aladdin can love her. Now Sadira is a princess and Jasmine is a street rat. The spell effects everyone except for the animals ( Abu, Iago, and Rajah), so they save the day.
  • Scare Necessities
    Scare Necessities
    Episode 19
    Jasmine receives a cute little animal for a present. The problem is that this little animal was the power to make your fears come true which makes him a target for evil.
  • Forget Me Lots
    Forget Me Lots
    Episode 18
    Abis Mal uses a magic rose called the Rose of Forgetfulness to erase Jasmine's memory and tricks her into thinking she is his daughter, destined to take over Agrabah. However, his plan backfires when Jasmine locks him up too and it is up to Aladdin to remind her of who she really is.moreless
  • Fowl Weather
    Fowl Weather
    Episode 17
    Agrabah is a very hot place, so to cool it down Aladdin wants to take a rain cloud, but there's only one problem. The rain clouds have a keeper. A bird named Thundra , so Iago distacts Thundra with his parrot like charm while Aladdin takes the rain cloud. When Thundra finds out that one of her rain clouds are missing Iago finds out that buissness and pleasure don't mix.moreless
  • I Never Mechanism I Didn't Like
    Mechanickles is tired of Aladdin foiling his plans so he gets an evil hypnotic robot to bring them around to his way of thinking.
  • Strike Up The Sand
    Strike Up The Sand
    Episode 15
    Aladdin saves a fellow street rat named Sadira from Rasoul. After this act she instantly falls in love with Aladdin, but he already has a girlfriend. This ticks her off and she decides to become a sand witch. She uses her powers to make Aladdin fall in love with her, but the power of true love is stronger than her magic.moreless
  • Plunder The Sea
    Plunder The Sea
    Episode 14
    Mechanickles has created a mechanical sea monster thats tearing up the seas of the seven desserts. Now its up to Aaladdin and a rude captain named Captain Al Bahtross.
  • Mudder's Day
    Mudder's Day
    Episode 13
    Aladdin and co. are captured by mud creatures called the AlMuddi, and they need water in order to beat them, but it's hard to find that in a dessert so they use the next best possible way of beating them. The sun!!
  • Web Of Fear
    Web Of Fear
    Episode 12

    A colony of sinister spider like creatures called the Unkhbut have kidnapped Jasmine.

  • Some Enchanted Genie
    Abis Mal steals Genie's lamp. While Genie's on his quest to find his home he meets a female Genie along the way. Her name is Eden, and she is the master of a poor boy. The 3 of them all help Genie find his lamp, and when they catch up with Abis Mal he decides to dump Genie, and be Eden's new master.moreless
  • My Fair Aladdin
    My Fair Aladdin
    Episode 10
    Aladdin feels left out when the Sultan and Jasmine have their royal occasions ever so often, so Iago teaches Aladdin some manners. It works and Aladdin impresses everyone at the royal occasion except for Jasmine who wants him to be himself. Aladdin gets a little conceited, and overcomes this when he has to stop Mechanickles from turning the dessert into glass.moreless
  • Much Abu About Something
    An ancient civilization keeps giving premenitions to Abu. Aladdin of course thinks its for him, and not Abu because of Abu size. Abu proves of course that size dosen't matter when he saves this ancient civilization from a dinosaur.
  • Garden Of Evil
    Garden Of Evil
    Episode 8
    20 years ago the young Sultan had to pass through an evil plant-man's garden to get somewhere. Sultan promised him his most precious treasure in return of his passage. Now that evil plant-man has come back for his most precious treasure: Jasmine!!
  • The Vapor Chase
    The Vapor Chase
    Episode 7
    Jasmine wants to do some good for the poor people so she buys some magic powder that burns better than wood! When Aladdin is skeptical and wants to test it, Jasmine gets offended. What she doesn't know is that she bought it from Abis-Mal, and that when burned, it unleashes the demon Sootinai that will rob the palace, along with Agrabah.Abu sees a small soot demon and Aladdin sees the proof of soot on the floor. Jasmine doesn't believe it's true until Iago tosses lots into a fire. Well, at least that's what Abis-Mal thinks, until he sees Sootinai try to take over the world. The gang must stop him before he burns the whole town!moreless
  • Getting The Bugs Out
    There are some type of mechanical bugs in every mechanical device in Agrabah. The Sultan tells Aladdin to investigate this,and Aladdin fins out that an evil genius named Mechanickles is behind the damage.
  • Never Say Nefir
    Never Say Nefir
    Episode 5
    When Aladdin and the gang accompany Iago to Gezistan to hit up some gambling hotspots, they're confronted with a strange site- a city that gets destroyed every night by a giant pink dancing rhino, only to be built again in the morning by a crowd of imps! Can Aladdin figure out what's really going on in this strange city?moreless
  • Do the Rat Thing
    Do the Rat Thing
    Episode 4
    When Aladdin rescues a rat who snuck into the palace, in danger by a tiger and a rude, stuck up suitor (Prince Wazoo) for Jasmine, Jasmine is curious why he saved the creature. When he tells her the rat is no different than him, Jasmine is confused and Aladdin says she's a princess and doesn't understand what being a street-rat is like. Angered, Jasmine takes the guise of a street rat and heads to the thief guild. There she meets a thief convinced she is a lowly beggar. To save her and Iago, she says she can prove she is a thief. She steals a mirror, telling Iago she'd secretly pay the man later. Afterwards, Fashir the blind fortune tells her wrongdoers gets punished by mysterious forces, then vanishes. Jasmine runs into the thief again. Once she proves herself, she looks in the mirror and says "I AM a street-rat." Iago responds, "Ha if you're a street-rat, I'm a frilled lizard." Afterward, Jasmine clutches herself, feeling strange. POOF! She becomes a rat and Iago a lizard. Unfortunately the mirror broke. Jasmine finds Aladdin and thinks he recognizes her but he doesn't. She and Iago have to find a way to get back to the palace and have Genie change them back, dodging Prince Wazoo, and other obstacles!moreless
  • To Cure a Thief
    To Cure a Thief
    Episode 3
    The clumsy thief Amin Dimoola barely escapes within an inch of decapitation from the sultan's treasury. As Abu is found holding the gauntlet which triggered the trap mechanisms, Aladdin rages that's one theft too many and intends to leash his (too) handy friend, who runs away, followed by ever-greedy Iago. Abu is recruited by Amin, who brings them to the guild of thieves, where his reputation is abysmal, then they set out to steal the gauntlet, which is a thief's ideal magical aid. Without each other, Abu feels as miserable, guilty and lonely as Aladdin, who sets out with the gang to get Abu back, but Amin already brought him to the palace, where no safety can stop the monkey...moreless
  • Bad Mood Rising
    Bad Mood Rising
    Episode 2
    A little king rule's over a recious area, but if the people don't keep him happy his bad moods will cause bad weather for the people. Now it's up to Aladdin and co. to keep him happy all the time until he learns to keep himself happy.
  • Air Feather Friends

    After a whirl of sandstorms blow through town stealing things, Aladdin makes a bet with one of the palace guards- if the sandstorms are really just sandstorms, Abu will become the guard's personal date-picking monkey! Now Aladdin must get to the bottom of what's causing the sandstorms before he loses his best friend!

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