Aladdin - Season 3

(ended 1995)




Episode Guide

  • The Great Rift
    The Great Rift
    Episode 8

    When Aladdin finds a trunk with three gems in it in a destroyed kingdom, he takes them back to Agrabah, only to find out that they were really three people(one sister, two brothers). Aladdin apologizes and they have a party, but the joy is short-lived when they find out the siblings are trying to take over Agrabah. Soon Aladdin learns of "The Great Rift," that appears every time the siblings fight. Now The Great Rift is destroying the town, just like it destroyed the siblings town. Can Aladdin stop the siblings from fighting?

  • The Shadow Knows
    The Shadow Knows
    Episode 7

    Ayam Aghoul escapes the Netherworld and now he's using his shadow to remove Aladdin's and his friends' shadows. They all have to get their shadows back or they'll join Ayam Aghoul in the Netherworld by sundown.

  • The Ethereal
    The Ethereal
    Episode 6

    Jasmine has a dream about the destruction of Agrabah. She tells the others, and they think she's crazy until it comes true. An evil being called the ethereal came to judge Agrabah, and she's not happy by what she sees until Jasmine sacrifice's herself for another.

  • Two To Tangle
    Two To Tangle
    Episode 5

    Mozenrath's magic glove is now destroying his body, and now he's decided to switch bodies with Aladdin, but something goes wrong and they both wind up in Aladdin's body. Now Aladdin is struggling to get him out a keep his own body.

  • While The City Snoozes
    Mirage has opened up a magical music box, and now everyone in Agrabah has fallen asleep forever except Aladdin. Can they stay up and shut down Mirage's music box before the whole world falls asleep, while everyone, even Jasmine and his friends are after him?
  • The Book Of Khartoum
    Genie's got a date with his genie girlfriend Eden, but he gets a little sidetracked when Mozenrath kidnappes him for his power to wake up a being called Khartoum. Eden gets angry and by the time she finds Genie Mozenrath decides that two genie's are better than one.
  • Riders Redux
    Riders Redux
    Episode 2
    The Agrabian palace guards are trying, in vain, to get treasure shipments past a gang of Marauders, but somehow the bandits are always able to get the drop on them. Eventually, the representives of the kingdom Agrabah is trying to transport the treasure to decide to call in the Riders of Remon to protect their interest. However, the Marauder leader is using a magic hourglass capable of temporarily freezing time to get the drop on whoever is in charge of protecting the treasure caravans.moreless
  • The Hunted
    The Hunted
    Episode 1
    Mozenrath hires the Muktar to capture Genie, so Muktar hunts down everyone of Genie's friends and leaves Genie for Mozenrath, but struck by Genie's friendship he decides to help Genie defeat Mozenrath and free the others.
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