Season 2 Episode 3

The Prophet Motive

Aired Unknown Oct 01, 1994 on



  • Trivia

    • When Abis Mal pulls Aladdin and Jasmine onto the boat, Jasmine's shoes are off. When she is tied to the chair, her shoes are on.

    • In reference to the reported goof, Fasir says "Fasir will keep an *eye* out for you." It was also established in the opening monologue (spoken by Fasir, in fact) that Fasir was the name of Fashoom's brother, and there was a painting of his younger self on the wall. He was referring to himself in the third person, and thus identifying himself as Fashoom's brother, Fasir.

    • Something very strange happens at the end of this episode--Fasir takes his blindfold off and says that he's Fashoom as well. Does this make any sense? Not really. Fasir was generally a good guy, and also blind under there, not a cyclops. The only explanation I can offer for this strange scene is that the writer thought it would stick but it didn't.

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