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  • Season 3 Episode 6: The Ethereal

  • The word "ethereal" refers to something ghostly and spiritual; they probably just used the word for a character here because they assumed no kid would know it was a separate term on its own. Well, I didn't....

    Oh yeah, and of course Pompeii, Babylonia and Herculaneum were all ancient cities that were actually destroyed. I don't recall if the Ethereal mentioned Atlantis, but if she did, THAT one's phony(despite what Milo Thatch would have you believe).

  • Season 3 Episode 5: Two To Tangle

  • - When Al is holding on to the pedestal with his left hand, it changes to the same colour as the gauntlet

    - One of the scenes where Al is holding the elixer of life, they draw the glove with a fingernail

  • Season 3 Episode 4: While The City Snoozes

  • The music box melody wasn't created for the show; it's a public domain tune. I've seen it used in ads. The song that played while Genie cooked scorpions in "The Ethereal" was also a public domain song.
    Oh yeah, and isn't it convenient that they stayed up all night on the very night Mirage found that box? She's just a victim of bad timing...

  • Season 3 Episode 3: The Book Of Khartoum

  • Khartoum takes Mozenrath's power at one point in the episode. I'd LIKE to think that Mozie's power returned when (spoiler!) Khartoum and the book were destroyed, but that is never confirmed.

  • About the Philosopher's Stone....unlike a lot of the stuff on this show, this was a real myth believed by a lot of people in early AD. However, its use here is off-base anyway. What the Philosopher's Stone was really supposed to do was change any metal into pure gold. That's all it was supposed to do if it didn't give you "all the powers of the cosss-moooss" like Mozenrath said it would a billion times. Hmm....on another note, it's awfully convenient that it self-destructed for no reason....lazy writers.

  • Season 3 Episode 1: The Hunted

  • When Genie and the Muktar first encounter the mamluks, watch the background. In one part a shot of the inside of Mozenrath's citadel and not the building they were in.

  • After the 'magic-trapping' bola's are around Mozenrath, he's still able to use some of Genies magic, which frees Genie, yet when he trys to use his own, it backfires and hits him.

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