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  • Season 1 Episode 2: The Return of Jafar

  • There is one giant plothole in this film. Jafar, in his scheme to get Al dead without actually having to do it himself, plans to frame Aladdin. So he sends him and Sultan out on a little excursion, and meanwhile rips up a turban and plants it as "evidence" that Sultan was murdered by Al. When Al comes back, he's accused of murder, and that makes sense, right?
    WRONG...this really made no sense and shouldn't have really worked. Everybody there saw Sultan and Aladdin leave. He couldn't be killed in that building if he wasn't present to have it done to him. If Aladdin comes back sans Sultan, and you're still assuming he did it, that wouldn't mean he killed him in the palace, it would mean he did it OUT THERE. Making the "turban evidence" a total obvious fraud. Sloppy...

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Aladdin

  • On the carpet ride, Aladdin and Jasmine fly past a full moon. A moment later, they see a half moon reflected in the water.

  • Although the script on the scrolls appears to be Arabic, the Sultan and Jafar's eyes move from left to right as they read it, not right to left as they should have.

  • When Jasmine first went into the market place and the guy tried to cut off her hand for stealing, Aladdin stopped him and gave the sword to Jasmine. She then put it behind her back but, when she bowed to Abu she didn't have it.

  • When growled at by Raja, Aladdin says "Good tiger, take off and go," but everyone thought that he said "Good teenager, take off your clothes."

  • Why is it that Jasmine is angry at Aladdin when he is pretending to be Ali and she discovers the truth? When Jafar told her that Aladdin had been killed she had been crying her eyes out. But when she realizes Ali is actually Aladdin she gets angry at his trying to deceive her. If she had been crying over him earlier, she would have been more like "Oh....You weren't killed after all!" instead of "Why did you lie to me!?"

  • Prince Akmed's pants (but not his boxers) are torn when he storms out of the palace yet immediately after this Raja has a piece of Prince Akmed's boxers (but not his pants) in his mouth.

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