Alaska: Dangerous Territory

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Alaska: Dangerous Territory

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Alaska: Dangerous Territory is a History Channel documentary that takes viewers to the wild extremes of America's northernmost state for a glimpse into the lives of people working some of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Alaska has always attracted a unique variety of people, people interested in searching for the sense of freedom and adventure that was once commonplace in American society but has over the years slowly been replaced by the convenience of modern technology and the big city lifestyle. Alaska offers those with adventurous spirits the chance to live and work in the wild. This series introduces viewers to people working tough jobs in Alaska, where they are constantly surrounded by deadly potential and routinely bear witness to incredible stories. Alaska is home to four of America's deadliest jobs, and this series will introduce those professions as well as a few of the people crazy enough to work them. Alaska: Dangerous Territory is an exciting and revealing series about America's final frontier.moreless

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