Alaska State Troopers

Sunday 10:00 PM on National Geographic Premiered Oct 07, 2009 In Season


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    Whats with the Asshole shooting the juvenile moose. Absolutely no reason for that! He could have scared it off by shooting in the air. The animal was not charging him, it was trying to run The jerk stepped out from behind a tree in front of it and just killed it. Was this for the camera, because this is not "Protecting Wildlife"......
  • North to Alaska!

    Excellent show! I think most cops in the lower 48 wouldn't want to take on one day as an Alaska State Trooper. Much less make a career out of it. It's really amazing watching them cope with everything from speeding tourists to grizzly bears.

    It's sad no new shows are being shot. We can only hope that once the troopers get over the killing of two of their own. That they will allow photographers to ride along again.
  • please don't go!

    Is it true ? this is their last season? I really hope not, I love this show & I love being able to see Alaska & how they live, you know it's also very educational for young & old.

    I really pray this show isn't going off the air.
  • Result of bored state Troopers

    I can't believe these guys. I just saw the Troopers arrest some Grandma for selling Oxycontin, They went undercover and treated her like she was some kind of big time drug dealer. Then they Threaten her with 5 years for each offense. I mean the Troopers should be helping her to get the substance abuse treatment she needs. Instead they wanna lock her up and threaten her. This is the problem, this is why are jails are full and we don't have room to put real criminals in Jail. People will find other ways to buy there drugs and Grandma was just selling her own script. Its not like she was trafficking pills. All I can say is Pathetic, I guess they got nothing better to do
  • Alaska State Troopers

    I love this show, I heard a rumor that one of the guys from my home town will be appearing on here is this true ? his name is Chase Bresnahan from Beardstown Il if so please let us know so we wont miss it thanks.
  • Alaska State Troopers

    So that's where all the hot men looks like some hard living know about all of that snow! But I'm so addicted to this amazes me how some of the people survive.
  • Alaska State Troopers

    i love this show, it almost makes me want to move to Alaska.
  • I love watching this show ;)

    It's fun watching it ya see all around Alaska, and how the cops stay warm up there. I pray for there safety cause like they saw everyone has a gun. The cops must have some great shoes cause none of they ever fall and bust their butt :):-)!