Alaska State Troopers - Season 3

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Episode Guide

  • Village Vigilantes
    Episode 14
    Troopers go the distance in this episode of Alaska State Troopers, taking to land, air, and snow machine to bring justice to some of Alaska's most remote locations. Alaskan villages on the outskirts often present challenges for troopers, both tactically and culturally. With the help of concerned locals, troopers are able to track down wanted criminals and solve mysterious cases.moreless
  • Alaskan Standoff
    Episode 13
    A team of Alaska's troopers attempt to serve a warrant to a man who doesn't want to be found. With the house surrounded, and the man refusing to appear, it's a waiting game while the troopers wait for a search warrant to enter the house.
  • 2/12/12
    A fiery gas station explosion lights up the night sky, and Trooper Cronin can't seem to catch a break during his hectic shift. Troopers Altepeter and Young encounter dangerously wintery commutes in their respective patrols, both on land and in the air.
  • Warrant Wonderland
    Episode 11

    Some of the most extreme people live the Alaska and troopers are called to a remote village and engage in an armed standoff; while the SWAT team is called out to effect an arrest on a high-priority suspect; and a constant in the 49th state is dealing with drivers under the influence.

  • 1/29/12

    Alaska's roads are dangerous anyway, but put a drunk driver on them and they can become deadly. Troopers must deal with just that situation during a blizzard. Another situation peculiarity of life in Alaska is that when the weather gets so bad, that wanted men will turn themselves in to have a warm, safe place to stay the night.

  • Midnight Poachers
    Episode 9

    Troopers are in a daily fight against those who hunt the beasts of Alaska illegally as well as those who choose to drive drunk. The State Trooper Academy in Sitka is featured.

  • Gun N Hide
    Episode 8

    Inspections are all part of a trooper's job and Trooper Garcia finds a sizable cache of weapons in a boat in the Mat-Su region.

  • Moose / Man Hunt
    Episode 7

    Alaskan State Troopers' jobs can take them to the remote islands of the state. Officers must conduct a night mission to capture and remove a man squatting on private property on a remote island only accessible by water craft; and troopers investigate the illegal killing of a moose.

  • Madman Manhunt
    Episode 6

    A wanted fugitive is tracked down. Troopers also keep an eye on moose hunters and train public-safety officers in remote villages.

    State Troopers conduct a manhunt for a crazed felon; surveil moose hunters for violations; and conduct training sessions for village Public Safety Officers.

  • Cowboy Fugitive
    Episode 5

    Law enforcement is even more dangerous in the wilds of Alaska, as exhibited by trooper John Cyr who breaks an ankle during a search for poachers in the remote and harsh Talkeetna Mountains.

  • Spring Break Crazy
    Episode 4

    The Hoodoo Mountains once again host the Arctic Man Ski & Sno-Go Classic sporting event for a week and troopers are there to control the party-goers.

  • 12/11/11

    Another party draws troopers to the Kenai Peninsula while state officers travel to the remote village of White Mountain to conduct a probationary check on a registered felon.

  • Grizzly Showdown
    Episode 2

  • Beers & Bears
    Beers & Bears
    Episode 1

    The Season 3 Premiere of Alaska State Troopers takes state officers to the scene of the giant party that happens each year in Girdwood. Troopers are seen conducting a search for someone lost and missing on ice that is rapidly melting in a remote area. And troopers search in a bear infested area for a felon with a warrant.