Alaska State Troopers - Season 4

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Episode Guide

  • Chopper Down
    Episode 22
    Wildlife Troopers Ernie Brent and Levi Duell must race on snow machines to try to cross an icy river to find a missing pilot whose helicopter has crashed. Outside of Wasilla in the forest, the man could be anywhere--will they reach him before the cold temperatures do?
  • Too Much Pot
    Episode 21
    As the Trooper and the gunman walk in the middle of the frozen lake to get the dead animals, they know that a plunge into these thin waters can kill them both. Back in the streets, an intoxicated man is challenging troopers to a gun battle. Suspecting that he has a hostage, the Troopers surround his house but no one is home.moreless
  • 2/25/13
    In Fairbanks, the freezing conditions have made the roads slick, but Trooper Mulvaney must navigate the dangerous highway in order to lay out spike strips for a suspect who's running from the law in a high speed car chase. Will Mulvaney be able to snag this speed racer before the ice can bring this pursuit to a deadly end?moreless
  • 2/11/13
    Trooper Matthew Determan must rush through backroads in Alaska in order to reach a family feud that is turning violent. Two brothers, intoxicated, are arguing and tearing their house up. Will Determan be able to sort this mess out before one of the brothers takes it too far?
  • Deep Woods Standoff
    Episode 18
    After a recent roadside incident where a trooper was shot twice, Trooper Daron Cooper must approach a reckless driver of his own on a traffic pullover. Cooper is prepared to face the driver, who has been flipping him off and swerving, but will he be able to handle the suspect, who could be armed as well as erratic?moreless
  • Trooper Stalker
    Episode 17
    A gruesome fire the night before left an elderly woman dead, and Massey needs to secure the scene and investigate for foul play until the fire marshal can arrive.
  • 1/21/13
    Ride along with the Alaska State Troopers on a sting operation, capturing every nail-biting moment of the mission. Like a scene from an action movie, Troopers silently and swiftly surround the home of a well-known criminal suspected of hiding stolen guns.
  • Drunk and Dangerous
    Episode 15
    Danger is on the rise as flooding takes over south-central Alaska. A 17-inch storm surge and high winds have left thousands in danger and even uprooted residential homes.
  • Son of a Gun
    Episode 14
    Trooper Lorring finds himself responding to a call of an accident on the Seward Highway. The Alaskan highway is as dangerous as it is iconic. And with a woman pinned in the car's wreckage, while fuel starts leaking nearby, Lorring must think quickly in order to save her life.
  • Fatal Inferno
    Episode 13
    A blazing inferno sends trooper David Lorring racing to save a disabled man's life in Soldotna. But when he arrives on the scene, the fire is burning too strong, firefighters only have a limited water supply, and there are flammable oxygen tanks nearby increasing the danger.
  • Broken Back Highway
    Episode 12
    Trooper Lorring finds himself responding to a call of an accident on the Seward Highway. The Alaskan highway is as dangerous as it is iconic. And with a woman pinned in the car's wreckage, while fuel starts leaking nearby, Lorring must think quickly in order to save her life.
  • Meth Dealer Manhunt
    Episode 11
    See what it takes to be an Alaska State Trooper in one of the most extreme and remote states: whether it's tracking down drug dealers who have fled on foot, protecting wildlife from greedy, armed hunters, or going undercover to bust illegal fishermen, Alaska's finest must use their skills, wit, and guts to bring suspects to justice.moreless
  • Armed & Squatting
    Episode 10
    Wildlife Trooper Jon Simeon finds himself dealing with the most unpredictable animal--man. When Simeon must track down a man who has been a squatter for more than a year on public land, will he be able to keep him calm? Will the squatter be armed and ready to defend his turf?moreless
  • Hostage Standoff
    Episode 9
    Ride along with Alaska State Troopers on some of the most dangerous calls yet--life and death hang in the balance when an armed, belligerent man turns his loaded gun on his pregnant girlfriend, a search and rescue mission unfolds in the forest, and road rage turns potentially fatal when a gun is involved.moreless
  • 11/25/12
    Will Trooper Gabe Rich find himself in the middle of a firefight in this hostile situation? Meanwhile, in Soldotna, suspects caught speeding ditch their car and take off on foot, leaving trooper Jim Buttrey to risk being outnumbered in a heavily wooded area. And finally, across the state, trooper George Kammer is in the middle of sorting out a domestic violence case when he notice.moreless
  • Campground Crazies
    Episode 7
    Alaska State Trooper Joseph Hess must use knowledge from the academy to decide if these are the real deal, or misidentified animal parts. Across the state in Juneau, troopers Jake Abbott and Aaron Frenzel head out on boat patrol to Prince Cove, a popular spot for king salmon.
  • Bloody Warrior
    Episode 6
    It sounds like a tale out of a horror movie when troopers Aaron Mobley and Bill Connors set out to find a man who assaulted someone with a machete, leaving the victim bloodied and with a broken jaw. But after they make the arrest, the drama is far from over.
  • 10/28/12
    It's a criminal homebrew operation and Trooper Tim Smith must head into a dry village where illegal manufacturing of alcohol has gotten out of control. Meanwhile, Trooper Gordon Young hunts down a dangerous thief and must race to the airport to stop the suspect from fleeing.Later, Trooper Jared Noll makes a seemingly routine traffic stop only to discover that the driver is one of the biggest meth cooks in the valley and he's got knives with him.moreless
  • Shotgun Showdown
    Episode 4
    This episode starts with a bang as the troopers respond to a call about gunshots and screams. The hunt for the gunman leads them into the Fairbanks woods, where they find the suspect threatening to blow someone's head off. Then, on the waterways of western Alaska, the team must rein in some potentially volatile fishermen by both boat and float plane. Then, Trooper Stariha is hot on the trail of a fleeing motorcycle who suddenly takes the chase onto the crowded highway.moreless
  • 10/14/12
    Winter has seized Alaska, and Trooper Timothy Cronin gets a chilling call sounding like a domestic violence situation involving a chainsaw. But to get to this rural area, Trooper Cronin has to navigate through record snowfall. Then, Trooper Howie Peterson is greeted by a man at a cabin with a 15-inch knife and a rifle. Finally, Trooper Anne Sears responds to a crime against a village public safety officer and has to fly in unpredictable weather. Time to bring the rifles.moreless
  • Knife Fight
    Episode 2
    Snowflakes fall as Trooper Howie Peterson responds to a snow-machine accident where the victim may be dead or alive. As night falls, he frantically sets out into the backwoods of avalanche country to find the man. Then, a horrific stabbing sends trooper Blake Calhoun on a search for the stabber in a maze of unsecured cabins, where the potentially armed man could be hiding behind any door. Later, Trooper Anthony Stariha tries to catch a speeding vehicle before reaching the populous town center.moreless
  • Extreme Justice
    Episode 1
    Get the adrenaline flowing with this special episode that includes arrests in remote villages; helicopter rescues on frigid, 22 degree mountaintops; and dangerous suspect chase-downs in south central Alaska. Trooper Howie Peterson confronts an intoxicated gold miner who is blocking a road. Then, when snow machine riders go missing, the troopers deploy on a search and rescue mission. The search via helicopter comes across an overturned snow machine and the race is on to find survivors.moreless