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  • Season 1
    • It's a Small World
      It's a Small World
      Episode 26
      ALBERT has too much information and not enough knowledge, until ZORA shows him how the media make it a small world, after all.
    • Art for Art's Sake
      Art for Art's Sake
      Episode 25
      ALBERT is rather narrow minded about art until a journey through the history of painting takes a surreal turn.
    • Going for the Gold
      Going for the Gold
      Episode 24
      ALBERT thinks that winning is all that matters but ZORA tries to convince him that it's the taking part that makes sport fun.
    • Oh, Grow Up!
      Oh, Grow Up!
      Episode 23
      ALBERT's nephew has a lot to learn, and ZORA wants to set some rules...while ALBERT wants to bend them.
    • A Taste of Medicine
      When ZORA falls ill, ALBERT takes a fantastic journey to the center of his friend.
    • Is There a Doctor in the House?
      When ALBERT injures his leg, he tries to find medical attention from the medics of the past.
    • Don't Eat Your Friends
      ZORA is puzzled that man keeps some animals as pets but eats others. ALBERT travels back in time to show how this came about.
    • Food for Thought
      Food for Thought
      Episode 19
      ALBERT is blasé about food until he takes a journey through time and discovers just how lucky he really is.
    • One of a Kind
      One of a Kind
      Episode 18
      ALBERT thinks that clothes make the man, but ZORA shows him that idea is no longer fashionable.
    • There Goes The Neighborhood
      Though homes and home-towns have changed radically over the ages, ALBERT and ZORA find that one thing is constant: You still have to get along with your neighbours.
    • Reach for the Stars
      ALBERT wants to reach for the stars but ZORA thinks he ought to explore his own planet.
    • Dream Comes True
      Dream Comes True
      Episode 15
      ALBERT tries to convince ZORA that flight is a dream come true and not a noisy, noxious nightmare.
    • Travelling Light
      Travelling Light
      Episode 14
      ALBERT insists travel has broadened our horizons but each time he takes an imaginative journey into the past, ZORA has a different version of events.
    • A Wheel Adventure
      A Wheel Adventure
      Episode 13
      ALBERT believes that wheels make the World go round, but ZORA turns back time to put a different spin on things.
    • Toys for Boys
      Toys for Boys
      Episode 12
      ALBERT thinks machines make life easier but for ZORA they are just 'toys for boys'.
    • Do It Yourself
      Do It Yourself
      Episode 11
      ALBERT and ZORA's winter holiday chalet is hit by an avalanche. To prove to ZORA that he is self sufficient and able to rebuild the chalet with his own hands, ALBERT goes back in time looking for the right tools for the job.
    • Fire: Friend or Foe?
      ALBERT tries to convince ZORA that fire is our friend, but he only fans the flames of her phobia.
    • How to Order a Pizza
      As ALBERT waits for a home-delivery Pizza that he has ordered, ZORA tries to convince him that the older methods of communication were just as efficient.
    • Talk Talk Talk
      Talk Talk Talk
      Episode 8
      ALBERT'S little nephew HERMAN gets the world's most comprehensive language-lesson.
    • Out of Africa
      Out of Africa
      Episode 7
      ALBERT and ZORA are puzzled about how man spread out into the far corners of the Earth. Did he do it by adapting to nature or overcoming it?
    • Nice Legs
      Nice Legs
      Episode 6
      When ZORA asks ALBERT why two legs are better than four legs, ALBERT is stumped. So they "leg it" back to when man first walked upright.
    • Thumbs Make You Thumbody
      ALBERT goes on a journey through time to find out when his ancestors developed thumbs.
    • Death of the Dinosaurs
      ALBERT and ZORA ask the age-old question: Why did the dinosaurs die out?
    • Dinosaurs Rule the World
      ZORA claims that dinosaurs had 'hearts of gold' but ALBERT insists they were macho-monsters!
    • Life Conquers the Land
      ALBERT thinks frogs are the cleverest creatures that ever conquered the land, but ZORA insists they are merely following in the footsteps of braver pioneers.
    • Birth of the Earth
      ALBERT bets ZORA a jar of sweeties that he can take her back to the Birth of the Earth in his new invention: The Tempus-Fidget!