Season 1 Episode 10

Clarence Montgomery

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 12, 2012 on FOX

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  • Creation Of A Killer: Reverse Shock Therapy

    The episode "Clarence Montgomery" centers around a man incarcerated wrongly for a murder he didn't commit. Clarence Montgomery was a black man who was convicted, wrongly, of murdering his white girlfriend and sent to Alcatraz. Warden James takes an interest in Montgomery putting him in charge of the kitchen where he cooks for everyone, both whites and blacks. Warden James knows that this will cause unrest, it seems as if he wants to build up Montgomery only to tear him down. Using Dr. Beauregard Warden James embarks on a quest to see if shock therapy can convince a man who isn't a killer to become one, it works. Fast forward to the present day...Montgomery is back and is now fully invested in being that killer, recreating the death of his deceased girlfriend and in the process killing two innocent girls.

    Well, this is not a particularly strong episode. The story itself is fair, but there really isn't too much revealed as for what the hell is actually bringing the inmates back to the present day. However, there is a glint of something tangible as to how it all may have started: the inmates who are reappearing in the present day all had blood taken and then re-introduced into their bodies. In the style of unwitting participants in such government experiments as the infamous MK Ultra type, there were sinister goings on among inmates in federal prisons. It is alluded that the blood taken at Alcatraz was "treated" before re-introducing into the unwilling participants. What was done to the blood? We are left to guess, but it is hinted at that it may involve radiation.

    So, this is the "diamond" hidden in the rough: The inmates blood was manipulated causing them to reappear 50-years into the future with no aging in the interim? It seems kinda lame, but I'll hang on for the duration of the season as this must be building toward something, surely, more interesting.
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