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cell phones and the internet

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    Any one else find ot odd that all the 63's always ask our police fellows to toss their guns and phones? However they dont know about the internet.

    Just bad writting, maybe?

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    OK. I realize this is over a week old, but since nobody else has stepped up, here goes.

    While cell phones would be very Buck Rogers to someone from 1963, the concept of a phone wouldn't be. They would understand phones, and be able to easily make the mental leap to portable phones you could put in your pocket, especially if they had read any Dick Tracy comics back in the day. After all, he supposedly had a two-way radio in his watch, even back then. Plus, cell phones would be one of the first things they learned about upon arriving in the 21st century, since it's impossible to walk down a street without seeing dozens of people using them.

    Personal computers, and the internet though might seem pretty baffling, and maybe even a bit scary. The only people with computers in their day were the government, huge corporations, and NASA. The only way an average person could access huge stores of information was to spend a day at the library. The learning curve to become proficient with computers would also be be pretty steep, especially considering the education and aptitudes of typical Alcatraz prisoners. I'm betting they would be trying to get their heads around so many new concepts that the significance of an instant access global information network might take a while to catch up with them.

    Then again, it's only a TV show. Maybe nobody thought about it.

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    Yeh, they probably figured out "people are talking to small phones in their hands" pretty quickly just walking down the street. As the other person mentioned, as cool and futuristic it is for them it's not such a huge leap

    But the "Internet?" That's a big deal. Even the concept of it wasn't around back then. So to them, a small screen like that showing you just about anything... wow.

    A huge Network comprising many other networks, consisting of millions of computers that let you have access to any information with a few keystrokes? Some of those people probably barely knew what a computer was... and I doubt the concept of networks were even brought up back then. Heck, even for sci fi that was probably a rare concept.

    It's like if we jumped forward and found cars that would drive us to our destination without us having to steer: way cool but we can make that logical jump.

    But then encountering something that the average person hasn't even heard of or imagined... or even appeared in Sci Fi yet... we'd be floored.

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    remember the episode about the chemist that watched himself on youtube?

    He thought it was a small TV!
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    I assumed that whoever gave them their missions (Warden James?), or at least some of them, would have been told about cellphones, internet, etc.

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