Season 1 Episode 5

Guy Hastings

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 06, 2012 on FOX

Episode Recap

Guy Hastings snoops around an empty and rundown Alcatraz housing unit in the present day. He bends down to remove a loose baseboard casing and takes out some old black and white photos. A ranger comes by to escort him out but Guy Hastings punches him and grabs a gun from the same compartment.

Back in 1960, in the same house, Guy Hastings wakes before his wife does. He says good morning and his wife suggests calling into work sick. Not today, Guy says. His daughter comes into the room as well to greet the parents. Guy heads into work. It's a short walk up the hill. Today he's training some new guards. One of the guards is Ray Archer.

In present day, Madsen is meeting with the same, yet older, Ray Archer for coffee. She is trying to find out more about her grandfather (Thomas Madsen), who was a prisoner in Alcatraz. Ray gives her the two photos he has. Hauser brings Madsen and Soto up to speed on the re-appearance of Guy. They have to figure out what Guy is up to. Out on the street, Guy Hastings appears to be watching Ray Archer. Madsen, Hauser, and Soto head to the rundown housing unit and find the baseboard hideaway. Soto suggests looking for Guy's daughter. Guy's daughter explains that Alcatraz was a great place to live. She was just 8 when he "died". Soto asks for a box of belongings that was sent back after he died.

1960: Guy Hastings is seen training the guards again. Archer is there as well. Archer sees Thomas Madsen there who hits Archer over the head a couple of times. Hastings sends Thomas Madsen to the hole.

In the present day, Guy hits Archer over the head, knocking him out.

1960: Hastings takes Archer to see the doctor. E. B. Tiller wonders why Thomas Madsen reacted the way he did and mentions this to Warden James. They decide to give Archer a shot.

In present day, Soto checks the box of belongings given to him by Hastings' daughter. Madsen receives a call that Ray Archer is missing. Soto shows them a photo of the two guards. Guy is looking through Ray's house now. Ray wonders why Guy hasn't aged. Guy asks where Thomas is. Guy says Thomas is alive, same as he. Thomas Madsen had a son and Guy asks Ray to take him to him. Madsen and Hauser decide to head to Ray's apartment. They're one step behind. Madsen wonders why Ray wasn't on the rock before it closed. Hauser and Madsen figure Guy is after Tommy but they don't know why.

1960: Ray and Guy continue their rounds together. Guy asks Ray one more time if he knows Thomas Madsen. Then Guy asks for Ray to prove it when he says it doesn't.

Back in the present day, Hauser and Madsen return to the base at Alcatraz. They eventually figure that Guy is heading towards Madsen's house. Ray takes Guy to a cemetery, where Van and Sally Madsen lay, dead. Ray says he left to raise Tommy's son Van (Rebecca Madsen's father). Guy notices that Van was a father himself. Now Guy wants to see Detective Madsen. Ray plays along thinking that Guy just played himself into a trap. Meanwhile, Hauser tries to piece together the significance of the past events with his dedicated team of analysts. Madsen and Soto discover that Ray Archer changed his last name to work at Alcatraz and that Ray and Thomas Madsen were brothers.

1960: Guy wants Ray to prove he is "unrelated" to Thomas Madsen. Guy has Ray open the cell doors for some thieves. Tommy is purposely left out of his cell. The guards start chanting fight as Ray beats up Tommy.

In the present day, Ray takes Guy to the place where Tommy grew up. Guy is upset that Thomas is not there, but Ray thinks he'll come to this place. Madsen and Soto are on their way and Hauser gets wind of their travelling. Ray asks what happened to Guy. Where has Guy been, Ray asks. Guy says he "hasn't been anywhere". He remembers saying goodbye to his daughter and later on that evening, fog swept the island and the morning after, the guards were told that their families were dead from a chemical accident and they couldn't leave. Then Guy says it wasn't 1963 anymore. Guy sees Rebecca Madsen approaching the building. As she steps in, the two struggles, Guy takes Madsen at gunpoint. Madsen says Guy's daughter is alive with a husband, children, and grandchildren. Hauser again takes control of the situation, arriving just in time. Before they know it, Guy is under control.

1960: Ray visits Tommy recovering in the infirmary. Ray says they are blood and they are in this together. Tommy takes Ray's hand.

Hauser takes Guy to see his daughter from afar in Hauser's SUV. Hauser explains that he can't see her though. Hauser wants help from Guy regarding what happened to the others. Back at Ray's bar, Rebecca Madsen passes by and sees Ray in there. She heads back to the base at Alcatraz to see Hauser. Hauser offered a job to Ray 16 years ago, but he refused. Madsen now knows that her grandfather is important. Later that night as Ray closes, Thomas Madsen appears in the bar. Ray says he told Thomas never to come back here. Thomas complains that Ray gave up the house but Ray argues their agreement is off and if Ray ever sees Thomas again, he will kill him.