Season 1 Episode 5

Guy Hastings

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 06, 2012 on FOX

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  • The Plot Thickens...Ray Archer Revealed!

    Guy Hastings was a guard whose family lived on Alcatraz. Hastings was in charge of training new guards. As the episode opens he is back to the present day unaged like the inmates who have previously reappeared. He is rumaging through his family's old apartment where he retrieves some person items including a gun he had hidden in the base of a nightstand. As he is doing so a park guard appears telling him he isn't authorized to be there. Hastings assaults the guard and flees. We soon realize he is looking for Tommy Madsen, an inmate, who is the grandfather of Rebecca.

    A flashback is revealing, we see that Rebecca's uncle Ray changed his last name in order to become a guard on Alcatraz where Tommy was incarcerated. During training in the mess hall Ray is attacked by Tommy who tells him he shouldn't be there. Hastings sees the attack and though he doesn't hear Tommy speak to Ray he senses there is a previous relationship between them. In spite of his belief he stands up for Ray allowing him to continue his training. Here we have a curious hole as something caused Hastings to shortly wake up in the infirmary with a mysterious chemical poisoning that he is told has killed many including his family. That's it for Hasting's back story until he appears in the present looking for Tommy Madsen who "they" (whoever is bringing back the inmates?) have told him to find. Hastings finds Ray and assaults him in order to use him to find Tommy. Rebecca and Soto track down Hasting's daughter who is very much alive with her own family. Soon Rebecca realizes that her uncle actually knows some things about the reappearance of the inmates to the present day. She realizes she is in Hauser's task force not by chance, but by design. Hauser, too, is on Tommy Madsen's trail. Was he the first who came back and has he been in the present, hiding, for years? The plot thickens, but with scant clues as to what the heck Hauser knows is in the process of unfolding.

    The episode is good in that it is well paced and holds interest. It is equally frustrating as it brings more mystery with the few dots connected. This is solid evidence of the "Lost" DNA which runs deep in the writing. The problem: those who have watched from the start are confused and divided in their allegiance, so how much more in the void would someone who began with this episode be? In other words I fear the slow moving revelations are not bringing new viewers into the fold, and may, in fact, be leaving a portion of those who have came this far behind. This show demands patience and commitment and though it is now evolving for the better will enough of us be around to give it the legs it needs to follow-through? Frustrating is the word, but I sense a hook if being set for whoever stays the course