Alcoa Premiere

Season 2 Episode 5

Mr. Lucifer

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 01, 1962 on ABC

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  • Fred Astaire and Elizabeth Montgomery both don many costumes, manners, and accents as Mr. Lucifer and his secretary, the mythical goddess Hecate (who finds it irritating that the Christian era turned her into a demon) try to corrupt an ideal couple.

    Teleplay by Alfred Bester, from his story.
    They are attempting to corrupt an incredibly sweet couple, the husband a handsome & honest architechtural designer who walks through the rain to vote, his wife a cutely beautiful girl who speaks three languages, designs & makes her own clothes, & goes to three different savings banks in one day to take advantage of sign-up promotions while cashing in her striped stamps. The first attempt is to put the husband in such a grumpy mood that he'd be likely to get drunk & cheat on his wife (w/ seductress Montgomery). The second attempt is to tempt the wife w/ an offer of $50,000 for a design drawing of a yacht done by her husband, but that by contract is the property of his employers. It has a twist ending that I won't reveal. A delightful and very funny show. The greatest part is seeing all the different personas that Astaire & Elizabeth get up to. I was able to buy a VHS copy from someone who runs an Elizabeth Montgomery tribute site and owns a 16mm print of the episode. Definitely worth watching more than once and going to some effort to find. A must-see "10" for anyone who likes these actors or who simply loves classy classic TV comedy.