Alex Haley's Queen

Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2

Aired Unknown Feb 21, 1993 on CBS
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Episode 2
Queen journeys away from the plantation and discovers the delight of passing for white. However, when she is about to marry an ex Confederate soldier named Digby, she reveals her real roots and therefore faces his extreme anger. Abused and alone, Queen is forced into exile once more. Eventually, she gets employment at the home of two spinters and starts a relationship with a black hired hand by the the name Davis, shortly afterwards becoming pregnant of his child. Abandoned by the father and abused by the ladies, Queen escapes the relative comforts of her employers' home, taking her child with her.moreless

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      • (As Queen leaves the plantation)
        James Jackson Jr.: Queen, remember there is some good in everyone.

      • (Queen plans to escape from Miss. Mandy and Miss. Giffery's place)
        Queen: We gotta go, child. This here ain't home. No, no way it is. But I'll go find one. I swear, I'll go find one.
        (Queen escapes at night)
        Queen: We made it away, just you and me now. We free! We free!

      • (Miss. Mandy and Miss. Giffery seek the advice of a lawyer to steal Abner from Queen)
        Lawyer: These good women have told me all about you.
        Queen: Deadly sins, they are trying to steal my child!
        Miss. Mandy: Queen, that is a wicked lie. Go to your room and leave the child here.
        Queen: No, he mine. I can't let you both have it! I can't let you both have it!

      • (Queen asks a priest for help and is slapped by the hard reality)
        Father: Miss Mandy is a good Christian woman.
        Queen: She is stealing my child.
        Father: I can't believe you.
        Queen: What can I do?
        Father: Ain't nothing you can do. She white and you black. Ain't nobody gonna believe you even if what you say is true.
        Queen: It is true, alright?
        Father: I'm sure you are imagining things. I'm sure Miss Mandy is doing it all for the best. And don't you go make any trouble. Life is hard enough for black around here.
        Queen: She's stealing my child and there ain't nothing I can do 'cause I'm black?
        Father: That's the way the world goes. You go home. Talk to Miss Mandy. You'll be a bit better in the morning. God bless you.

      • (Queen doesn't let Miss. Mandy and Miss. Giffery to move Abner from her side)
        Miss. Mandy: Don't be ridiculous. We are not trying to steal your child. We are trying to give him the benefit of a decent life and the promise of a salvation, which is more that you can do. You'll still see him.
        Queen: You can't take him! He mine. The only thing that ever been truly mine. You can't take him!
        Miss. Mandy: If you don't listen to reason, I will have to call to some other courts. Come along, Giffery. You will regret this, Queen.

      • (Miss. Mandy and Miss. Giffery try to move Abner to their room)
        Queen: What are you doing with him?
        Miss. Mandy: I have decided to move Abner into our room.
        Queen: You leave him be.
        Miss. Mandy: I'm doing the best for the child. And you must know that I'm right
        Queen: Best thing for a chid is to stay with his mummy.
        Miss. Giffery: The child can't stay with you. You put his soul in danger.
        Queen: You don't care about nobody's soul. You just want him 'cause you can have no chid of your own.

      • (After Queen has just given birth to Davis' child)
        Queen: Let me see him.
        Miss. Mandy: In a minute, Queen. We got things to do.
        Queen: It's my child, he mine. I wanna see him.
        Miss. Mandy: Wait a minute, you ungrateful girl.
        Miss. Giffery: He's not really very dark. I hope he'll get lighter as he gets old.
        Queen: I want my child. Let me see him.
        Miss. Mandy: He is a very fine, very handsome baby. You must think of a special name for him. (Hands Queen her baby)
        Queen: David. I'm gonna call you David.
        Miss. Mandy: I don't think that's suitable, Queen.
        Queen: But it means beloved.
        Miss. Giffery: Not at all suitable. David was an adulterer.
        Miss. Mandy: We thought Abner.
        Queen: I'm gonna name him David!

      • (Miss. Mandy is jealous of Queen's pregnancy)
        Miss. Mandy: What's it like, Queen?
        Queen: Heavy.
        Miss. Mandy: No, I mean. What's it really like? How does it feel in your heart?
        Queen: Well, I feel full of, complete with love. I think it's gonna be a boy too. I fee him growing inside me, kicking inside me, part of my body, all my love. I don't know what I would do if he won't love me. Can't imagine why he wouldn't. And nobodyy would ever take him away from me. Except God, maybe.
        Miss. Mandy: I envy you so much, both of us do. Don't you think we didn't long to be married and have children?. But we didn't find the right man, either of us.

      • (Queen runs away to meet Davis and escape)
        Queen's friend: What men say and what men do are two different things. You know where you are going?
        Queen: Up North I guess.
        Queen's friend: If you feel the need you come straight back to me, you hear?

      • (Queen starts stealing food because of her pregnancy)
        Miss. Mandy: Queen, what in Earth you doing?
        Queen: Nothin'.
        Miss. Mandy: I saw you take the biscuit. What's the matter? Don't we feed you enough that you must steal from our very table?
        Miss. Giffery: The eighth commandment. I think you better go to your room, Miss.
        Miss. Mandy: After you put the biscuit back.

      • (About being whipped when he was a slave)
        Queen: I want your child.
        Davis: I won't bring a child into this world.
        Queen: You'll have to hear me unless you don't want me to. I will make you.
        Davis: Oh dear, you can't make me. Nobody can make me do anything I don't wan't to, not anymore.
        Queen: It would be so terrible?
        Davis: There's nothing for a nigger boy in this world except pain and humiliation. It will be like that always, and always and always.

      • (About being whipped when he was a slave)
        Davis: What they say, don't feel it after the first few lash , that ain't true. You feel every sting of it. Cross your back like a razor and go on cutting. All you feel is this terrible pain and anger that they have the power to do this to you… just 'cause you are black. (Pause) And you hate them with every ounce of hate you that you got inside you for doing this to you.

      • (After Davis tells Queen about his past as a slave)
        Queen: But that's over now.
        Davis: Didn't change much. We got free, but they still treat me like a nigger.

      • (Miss. Mandy and Miss. Giffery try to convert Queen to their religion)
        Miss. Giffery: Did you go to church this morning, Queen?
        Queen: Oh yes, Miss Giffery.
        Miss. Giffery: Was it a good service?
        Queen: Oh yes. They nearly lifted the roof off.
        Miss. Mandy: Paganism. We prefer quiet appreciation of our Lord.
        Queen: But it was wonderful, Miss Mandy.
        Miss. Mandy: Clapping and dancing and shouting, this is idolatry. You are a good girl, Queen. It is our dearest wish that you should come to our church.

      • (Examining Queen as is she were an animal)
        Miss. Mandy: Excellent, shall do splendidly. So light. And lovely teeth.

      • (Queen goes to Alex for help after being raped by Digby)
        Alice: We've all been raped.
        Queen: I thought you was my friend.
        Alice: You are too dangerous to be anyone's friend. You are living in a dream, you are not in the real world.

      • (Digby tries to abuse Queen and she reveals the truth about her past)
        Queen: I'm nigger! My Pappy was Colonel Jackson but my mummy was a slave one.
        Digby: Slut! Come here! Bitch! You get what nigger bitches deserve.
        (Digby rapes her)

      • (Digby tries to find out about Queen's origin)
        Digby: You are not from this parts?
        Queen: No, my home is... far away.
        Digby: And your family?
        Queen: A very old family, Sir. My father was a colonel at war. He lost an arm. You fought in the war?
        Digby: It was my duty.

      • (About Digby)
        Queen: Oh, he cares for me, Alice. What it makes me feel wonderful. For the first time in my life I feel like somebody really cares for me.
        Alice: Well, let him care for you. Let him look after you. But don't let him be loved. Love is dangerous for women like us.
        Queen: I'm not like you.

      • (About Queen dating Digby)
        Alice: And when he wants to know more about you?
        Queen: He already does. He wants to meet my family.
        Alice: Oh Queen, I could spank you. Digby is obviously from an old family. What you think he is gonna do when he finds he's been stepping out with a nigger?
        Queen: He won't know. I'm gonna tell him my Pappy is sick.
        Alice: Every moment you're with him you are living a lie!

      • (At her flower shop)
        Queen: Is there anything that I can do for you today, sir?
        Digby: A rose. A single, very lovely red rose.
        Queen: What is it for? Something special?
        Digby: No. (Pays for the flower and doesn't let her hand go) This one is for you. (Kisses her hand)

      • Alice: What do you think of George?
        Queen: He is so old, Alice.
        Alice: Well, I think of him like he is my Pappy. And very rich.

      • Alice: What did they do to you back in the big old mansion? Didn't anyone ever say nice things to you? Didn't anyone ever tell you how pretty you are?
        Queen: Only my mummy.
        Alice: Now you see child. (Hands her over a mirror) Your mummy was right. Mummies always are.

      • Alice: When the Yankees won the war, they raped me and they burned down the house. So I came here.
        Queen: I'm sorry.
        Alice: Oh child, it's done. But I swore, if white men wanted me so bad, they would have to pay for it.

      • (To Alice)
        Queen: Nowhere to go. No place for home. I'm just a mistake.

      • (To Queen)
        Alice: If you wanna pass as white you will have to watch your speech. Nothing gives you away faster than slave talk.

      • Alice: We are lucky we can choose. And you'd choose to be black? Black is hard, white is so much easier.

      • (Queen is buying a ticket to travel north)
        Queen: Charleston, please.
        Clerk: Yes, ma'am. Return?
        Queen: No, I'm not coming back.

      • (As Queen is leavin the plantation)
        Queen: You could have helped, Miss Sally. You could have made things a lot easier.
        Sally: Oh perhaps. But it would've been the same in the end.
        Queen: Why, 'cause I'm negro? I'm nearly white. Only got love in the negro blood in me.
        Sally: It's not enough to be nearly white. Even one little drop of black blood is too much.

      • (After Queen has spent the night hiding from white men who wanted to abuse her)
        Lizzie: Your Master has been out looking for you since yesterday. He's sick worried about you.
        Queen: He ain't my master. He my Pappy!
        Lizzie: How dare you speak to me like that?! (Slaps Queen)
        Queen: How dare you speak to me like that?! You treat a dog better than me! Queen do this, Queen do that, cook, watch, clean from morning to night and not even a word of thank or even admit that I exist! Well, I do exist missy, and I have a right to a little bit of love. And if I can't find it here, I will get it somewhere else.

      • (After Queen has spent the night hiding from white men who wanted to abuse her)
        Lizzie: Where have you been?
        Queen: I had some trouble, missy.
        Lizzie: Not as much trouble as you caused around here. No thought first, just off and away. I had to cook dinner last night and clean up in my condition. In the old days we would have sent the dogs after you.

      • (Queen is missing and James is worried, which bothers Lizzie)
        Lizzie: Are you gonna sit down here all night?
        James: Something must have happened to her.
        Lizzie: Well, we would have heard. The Andersons would have sent a message. She's gone.
        James: Don't say that.
        Lizzie: She's gone, James, like all the other negros. I'm glad. I don't mean any harm. I hope she hasn't been hurt but... I hope I never have to look at her again. Because everytime I do, it reminds me that you loved another woman more than me.

      • (Queen faces trouble as new free woman)
        Mrs. Anderson: You are accusing me of overcharging you? If Mr. Jackson has any complaints, you tell him to come see me himself, not to send some bastard slave girl.
        Queen: I am a slave no more.
        Mrs. Anderson: You are just as nigger.

      • (Lizzie announces her pregnancy bothering Queen)
        Lizzie: Given our circumstances, we hardly need another mouth to feed.
        Sally: A child?
        James: That's wonderful, Lizzie.
        Lizzie: I'm praying for a boy.
        James: I hope it's a girl. With Jane gone the house seems too empty. I need a little daughter to live.
        (Queen leaves the room visibly angry)

      • (James acknowledges Queen's effort during the war but still treats her like a slave)
        James: You are very quiet. But then I suppose I haven't said a lot of things I should. Like thank you, for all you've done for us. I should have said something before, but well I... I'm very grateful. We all are.
        Queen: It ain't nothing.
        James: Yes it is. You've been house keeper, gardener, cook and made, all four into one. I doubt my family could have survived without you. Can't afford to pay you much, a few dollars a week. But when things get better.
        Queen: I don't want your money.
        James: Well, I'll have to pay you something. Slavery is illegal now.

      • (The slaves who are leaving try to convince Queen to join them)
        Ozzie: You come along with us, Miss Queen. Ain't nothing for you there.
        (Queen refuses to her freedom to stay with her white family and waves them goodbye)

      • (James returns from the war to see his slaves leaving the plantation)
        James: Ozzie. Davie, you still here?
        Ozzie: As a matter of fact, Master, we are just leaving now.
        James: Well, I could use some help around this place. Although I won't pay you much.
        Ozzie: That's kind of you, master but... Davie he wants to see a bit of the world. He never been off the plantation.
        James: Well, he'll change his mind. Good luck to you.

      • (The Jacksons are economically suffering because fo the war)
        Queen: What you want for dinner?
        Lizzie: Chicken. I'd love some roasted chicken with cravy.
        Queen: Well, Miss. Lizzie. You go out and catch me a chicken and I'll cook it. I can make a vegetable stew.
        Sally: I suppose we'll have to do with vegetable stew.

      • (Northerners, as the Civil War winners, try to deprive Southerners of their land)
        Northern man: Any man who wants to sell his land I'm giving a fair price for it. Cash money, no questions asked, yankee dollars.

    • NOTES (1)

      • Halle Berry suffered a tailbone injury while filming a horse riding scene. She fell off the horse and injured seriously her back to the point that it wasn't clear if she could carry on filming. Despite being in extreme pain, Halle decided to go on. He said the following about it:

        Halle Berry: I've learned not to take it personally. But it's hard. (Berry adds that she gave her) Blood, sweat and tears (for Queen's role). I was working with a broken tailbone, in pain. So when someone just uses a stroke of the pen to dismiss what I've worked so hard at, it's disheartening.

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