Alex Haley's Queen

Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 3

Aired Unknown Feb 28, 1993 on CBS

Episode Recap

Once in the North, Queen is employed again in the house of a wealthy woman called Mrs. Benson. Fate makes her meet Davis again, as he is leading a black strike. Despite being captured and brought to court, he manages to convince the judge to let him and his followers be released. Shortly after, Queen and Davis reconcile, but they have to face racial prejudices again when Mrs. Benson tricks Queen into leading the KKK, of which Mr. Benson is an active member, to Davis' hideout in the woods. Davis is alerted and stands up for his life armed with a gun, but he is devastated and forced to surrender when he realizes that they have Queen's son, Abner. He is killed and Abner is kept inside a cage beside David's lynched body. When Queen finds them the next day, she takes the road again. Shortly afterwards, and as she tries to start her life over again, Queen meets Alec Haley, a widowed black farmer who also runs the ferry. Alec is in quite a similar situation, raising his son Henry on his own. Queen finds a job as a housemaid, this time with a kind man called Mr. Cherry. Queen and Alec keep seeing each other regularly, and they fall in love, getting married. Apart from their respective sons from their previous relationships (Queen has Abner and Alec has Henry), the two have a third son together named Simon who will become the father of writer Alex Haley, the author of Roots and of Queen's life story, tracing back his ancestors' story. Time goes by and the boys grow up. Abner wants to start and independent life and Simon wants to attend college. The family gives Simon all their savings, summing up to fifty dollars. Alec agrees with both the kids trying to find a future of their own, but Queen has serious issues seeing her child leaving the house and she refuses to let Abner go, trying to stop him by confessing that Alec is not his real father. Keeping the fire running in the stove, Queen's skirt catches fire, and she runs out into the wild, where she stays until she is found the next morning. That fire and the pain of watching her sons go, makes Queen suffer from recurrent fears of fires overtaking her life, slowly losing her sense of reality. Her condition forces her to be admitted to a mental institution, where she encounters Mr. Cherry, the man she had worked for years ago. Queen seems to have glimpses of reason, and she asks Mr. Cherry to loan her fifty dollars so that Abner can seek a future in the same condition as his brother Simon. He lends her the money, and both Haley brothers leave the family home. The miniseries ends with Queen relating Alec her early years story.